Friday, July 7, 2017

Encinitas Beach Kids 🌊

Instead of a toy for their birthdays this year, Mimi and Pops gifted the kiddos a spot in Encinitas Beach Kids. Last year Dana had asked if Declan could do it with Justus, but it was at the end of summer, and I wasn't thrilled with the idea of a commitment. She raved so much about it, there wasn't a doubt in my mind he would do it this summer. So, way back in February we signed the group up. I was so excited that it is for ages 6-8 - the only year Declan and Lexi could do it together. 

Basically it is like Jr Jr Lifguards. A precursor to the real thing.  For two weeks the kids went every week day from 9-12. They LOVED it! I would have loved to stay and watch them every day...truth be told, that was my original plan. I just thought Nate and I would hang at the beach. But after staying the first day, I realized that it would be totally lame of me to do that to the kids. And, it would be much more productive to use that time in other ways. So we opted for the drop off/pick up line instead and I relied on the faint memory of my kids and some input from other parents that observed every so often to learn about the awesome-ness that was happening at Moonlight Beach. From what I gathered, they learned how to do dolphin dives, did pretend rescues, boogie-boarded, body-surfed, made a sand crab water park, made tie-die shirts, learned about all kinds of different wounds, what they're called and what you do by demonstrating on a watermelon ("ottermelon"), heard the story of the Moonlight Mermaid, and built an exploding sand volcano. All in all, it sounded like a terrific couple of weeks! 
Lexi adored it, Declan liked it (I actually think he would have had a little more fun at actual Jr Lifeguards...he may have been a little bored). Except for a bee sting on Declan's foot during the first week, I'd say it was a huge success and we are looking forward to making it an annual camp. The kids weren't even too tired out for pool and beach days after! It was a great two weeks with fantastic friends!
Lets' get this started!!

The first day was so adorable. The kids hadn't seen one another in a few weeks and were all huggy while they listened to the lifeguards. Which, by the way - the camp counselor guards were amazing! 

I couldn't beleive it, but Declan, Lexi, Justus, Evvy and Riley were all in the same group! The Pirate Penguins..."ARGH!" 



Right after camp on the last day we took the kids to Leucadia Pizzeria to celebrate after. It was such a fun way to end an amazing two weeks! 
Justus, Declan, Asher, Lexi, Riley, Evvy, Emily and Nathan
LOVE this group!!! 

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