Thursday, June 1, 2017

Adam's 40th Birthday {in Playa Del Carmen}

Adam's 40th birthday just happened to land on the very first day of our vacation to Playa Del Carmen (post on this to come). Which made it extra fun. Because, let's face it. The first day of vacation is the best day! We ran around discovering the awesomeness that we would be surrounded by for the next week, pinching ourselves and just so excited. I can't speak for him, but I imagine, it must have been a pretty sweet birthday. Here is an overload of photos from the day!

On our way to the beach through the beautiful jungle path

The boys, stepping into the Caribbean together
Heart shaped shades and her thumb ♥
Enjoying an ice cream cone on the beach! It doesn't get better than that!  

 There was seven pools at our hotel. We spent the first day exploring them - we went to the wave pool, the Pirate cove, the swim up bar, and others. I think we were outside for 8 hours straight and could have gone longer. It was the best day! 

 You can't see them, but Declan, Adam and Lexi are under a huge wave of water that falls down every five minutes or so.

We finally dragged our water logged bodies back inside and got ready for the evening. We went over to this area that had shops, a playground, and a merry-go round before heading to our dinner reservation. 

 We went to the bar for some island drinks

 And then off to a steak dinner followed by some birthday dessert for our birthday boy

 Nate had literally fallen asleep with his head on the table a few minutes earlier

 We rode the merry-go-round

Had some birthday ice cream

 And then headed back to the room where we were surprised with decorations from the staff! I had told the concierge that it was Adam's birthday and asked them to do something special. The kids and I had decorated the room earlier in the day, but they took it to a whole new level! 

Here is a video of the kids surprising Daddy from earlier in the day - 

And here we are enjoying the surprise when we got back after dinner! 
A towel cake, flower petals, and candy on the bed...along with MORE balloons! 

Well I guess all the celebrating for Adam really resonated with the kids - especially Lexi. Because everywhere we went she started telling people - and by people I mean perfect strangers - that Adam was 40. She told the taxi driver in Mexico, people at the airport, and when we returned home she told everyone at school: friends, parents, teachers. So I guess you could say she is helping Adam embrace his age. ☺

It was quite an amazing day for our amazing guy!! A very special memory for all of us! Happy Birthday to the best husband and daddy!!
40 years of awesomeness - here's to 40 more! 

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