Monday, June 26, 2017

Austin, TX

Adam had to go to Austin TX one weekend for work. Because I have the companion pass on SouthWest, he mentioned that I come with him. When I realized my mom was already going to be in town and could watch the kids, it was an enthusiastic yes!!! Truth be told, it was my first time in a different state than the kiddos. 
We had an unbelievable weekend. We stayed at a hotel located in this swanky shopping area called The Domain. Adam had to work all day on Saturday and I was surrounded by awesome stores with no one to take care of but myself! It was the BEST day ever. 
And Austin surpassed all my expectations. We didn't do a lot of sight seeing or anything. But the vibe there was so cool, the people were so nice, the food was unbelievable, and it totally lived up to it's reputation with live music around every corner. Or, I could have just loved it so much because I was in a kid-less euphoria....hmmm.
On Saturday afternoon we were having drinks at this place called Culinary Dropout. We had planned to start our night there and move on. We were sitting at his island-type bar when a couple approached us and asked if we would mind moving down a few seats to make room for their larger party that was on their way. We did of course, and they bought us drinks for doing so! Texas hospitality at it's finest! Well, it was the beginning of a super fun evening. We ended up hanging out with their group the whole night, drinking and playing corn hole. I love how so many of the Texas restaurants are built around a game area. It was such an unexpected fun twist. Truly a night to remember.

Such a random fun trip with just the two of us...and our new friends of course!

The only photo I took during the 48 hours. 

Oh, and this one...because...WOW!!! For a person who loves cake, this is a dream come true!! 

 Such a fun place and great memory. I hope we get to go back one day! 

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Fair 🎡

It's June, which means it is San Diego Fair time! Mimi graciously treated us to an afternoon at the fair and we enjoyed every last minute of it! It was especially fun this year because Nathan could ride on 95% of the rides with Declan and Lexi. We did have a moment at the beginning of our day where Declan became kind of sullen. We figured out that the rides that used to be so much fun for him are kind of boring because he is getting older. Gulp. I am seeing this happen it seems almost every other day - some thing that he used to love becoming too young for him. He is without a doubt, GROWING UP. So, we talked. There were plenty of other rides for him to do, but he decided he wanted to ride with Nathan and be there for him. I'm telling you, he deserved the big brother award that day. Because he really made it all about Nathan. Asking Nathan which ride he wanted to go on and going wherever Nathan wanted to go. I've never seen him struggle like that and then make a conscience decision to be happy by focusing on something. I was so proud. He really made Nathan's day. Of course Lexi did too. Right there with him, enjoying every minute of every ride. It is such a special memory. Love these three kiddos and their dynamic...except when they're fighting of course! Ha!  A truly wonderful day at the fair with my favorite people. 

 Early on Declan and Lexi went on the BIG swings. I knew Lexi didn't really know what she was getting into to. I wondered how she would handle it. As I stood below and saw her face, I knew she was not about those big swings one little bit!! 
Before ↓
 During ↓
 Declan on the other hand, was digging it

Back to the kids rides

 This was right about the time he changed his attitude. And made the decision about how he wanted the rest of the day to go. 
 The first handful of rides he would cry every time he had to get off. Until he realized he could do it again. 
 And so we did some repeat rides. This was his favorite. 

 The two Bigs loved this slide

 Fair prizes for the girl

 They loved the mirror house

 This ride was awesome! 

 I cannot believe she went on any swings again after that first go around. Took just a little coaxing. And, her big brother of course!  

 And we kept with the tradition of ending the fair day with the pig races! 

Thank you Mimi for such a fun day and memory!!! 

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