Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May Days

My monthly catch-all-of-the-randomness that happened during May ☺

Starting with a rainy weekend. I loved how he was watching it rain at the window, so naturally I had to capture it!! 
Spray chalk at the dollar bin at Target. Not all it's "choked" up to be....

Especially when your sister sprays you
Not a happy face
Maybe a bit more fun alone
My last adventure with Nate before the bigs got out of school for Summer. Such a peaceful, crowd free morning at teh aquarium. I enjoyed every minute with my little guy.

 I just learned how to do double exposures, so naturally I'm trying them everywhere!

 I had to take this photo of the most pious one in the family. He is the one who makes sure we pray before dinner every night and who had started reading the Bible before going to sleep...all on his own accord. 
A rare morning when I made waffles. They were so excited! 
 These two were cracking me up one afternoon with this tea party. The photos tell the story:

I was contacted by Sud Prize and asked to take some photos and post them on my IG account. They sent me some free Sudz balls for doing it. The kids and I were kind of excited! We'd never tried them before and the kids loved them!! 

Milk bubbles are fun! 
What's going on at the park today?
Double exposure on a cold rainy day, using the  road which ended up looking like snow. 
Loves to color
And play with play dough
We searched the whole park for Dandelions and this was the best bunch we could come up with. Apparently it is NOT Dandelion season!! 

May the 4th be with you...
Mother's day phone snap

Thought they were so clever being a walrus! 

Lunch at school with my Lexi girl
Random puppy at the grocery store that Nate was obsessing over while we waited at the Deli 

Always helping
Snuggly siblings
It seems like we spent most of our weekends in May with this fun group! 

Including one rainy Saturday. The plan was a pool BBQ, but the rain ended up being heavier than we thought. We tried to figure out other options, but decided to go for the BBQ anyway. The kids swam in the rain and had a blast.

My little artist 

This one would be on a device all day every day if we let him. 
A super fun swim day at the Klocks house
Memorial Day fun

And to end this, I submitted a few photos for a contest and one of them was chosen! 

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