Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Snaps

I'll start with a quote from the month. While eating dinner at Rubios with the kids while Adam was out of town near the end of the month, Declan turns to me and says, "I'll give you all of my money if you have another baby." Dead serious. He'd been kind of hinting at the subject a couple of times earlier in the month and then boom. I guess he wanted me to know he was serious. He'd better make a lot of money when he is older and marry a wifey who is on board for a big family. The kid cracks me up.

Anyway, onto some random pics from April...

When your mom borrows bunnies for a weekend for a photo shoot, you share the soft bunny love with your classmates!! 

Speaking of bunny love! 

My forever flower child

I was working at the school on earth day and got to help the kiddos in Lexi's class plant some seeds -

We hosted a random, super fun dinner/evening at our house. The kids and adults alike had a great time! 
Nathan, Declan, Abbey, Lexi, Evan, and Marley
Pizza making evening - we decided that was our last one because they are never good! 

Gorgeous morning light!
Milk bubbles - these two crack me up!
I can barely see Lexi at gymnastics class - I was trying to get some pictures of her on the bars doing stomach strengthening exercises. 
We stopped by the Abbott house  with frozen yogurt for Ella so we could sign her cast.
A Wednesday afternoon at the beach with some of our neighbors and Kindergarten moms. Such a fun group and day!! 

Lexi, Nathan, Jade, Ryann, Zoe, Ella, Alex, Declan, Jacob, and Radley

Nathan had the best time burying Daddy one night with whatever he could find! 

This poor kid. We spent a week trecking all over San Diego looking for a good spot for some Spring Mini Sessions I was doing. It was a lot of driving and walking. 

The good thing that came out of it was that we found the coolest tree swing ever! 

Daddy and Lexi went to the Father - Daughter dance! 

I got to go with Declan on a field trip to the Middway. Although I'd been there so many times, I was able to see and learn new things that were so impressive. 

Because when you find a balloon this fancy, you do a little photo shoot! 

Celebrating Emily's birthday with the Conants and Nichols. 

Mimi sent the boys some new t-shirts. Declan looked so cute in his I had to snap a photo and send it to her! 

And, that wraps up our snaps of April! 
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