Friday, March 31, 2017

March Madness

Just a post to sum up all the in-between of March!! 

It was kind of like's's warming up...., oh and it's Friyay! Heck yay! Let's go to the beach!
Declan, Lexi, Ryann, Jade, and Nate
Radley opted for his own photo rather than be in the group one! 

Because he is just too adorable when he sleeps
 The nicer weather had us out at the park quite a bit! 
Skateboard races was the name of the game.
 Skateboard fail

 Sooooo excited to be with big brother. 
 She wanted to skate with Momma instead ☺
 Racing Daddy
 One of my favorite things about him, right here. ↓

I drew Lexi this awesome rainbow in the garage, which she immediately started coloring in. She was in her artist zone. And her little shadow (aka Nathan), joined right in. Only his coloring was NOT to her liking (understandably). And she was pissed. 
Oh, it's Friday again. And it's warm again. Did someone say dinner at the beach with the Walkers????

Playing hide and seek with a two year old. ☺

We dragged the kids out into the gorgeous Spring blooming around us and went on the most beautiful hike ever! They were not that excited to go, but once we got outside, they were just as mesmerized and excited as we were. 

We found some sort of odd Charger desertion...
And this cool shed that totally freaked the kids out

He went off on his own to try and find the frog he heard croaking so loudly.
We made it to the top of the mountain  hill!!

And carefully made our way back down again.

Always with the airplanes

These two.

And these two.
 Wind in her hair, sun on her face! 

I got a text from a friend who happened to be volunteering at school the day this happened. She said that Lexi didn't even want to go in the room, and asked if she could sit next to the mom that texted me. Then when they asked for volunteers, she shot her hand up!!!! Whaaaaat??? I would NEVER do this. 

Sometimes Jade and Radley come to play at thepark in between Kinder and 2nd grade pick up! 

Tell me it isn't so. Nate and I went to preschool sign ups. I can't even begin to think about this. Lump in my throat. Obviously he is excited. But, when I told him what we were doing that morning, he kept saying, "Momma stay with me". He certainly knows how to tug on my heart strings! 
Declan got to go to the new Dave and Busters by our house for Isaac's birthday! 

He's not quite tall enough to see out of the window yet. 

My 8 year old is too cool to use the spoon. 

And Ms Lexi was more than a little excited to celebrate Riley turning 6 at her Elsa party!! 

I caught him looking at the books in this gorgeous morning light. 

The APEX fun run was sooo much fun this year. We got really lucky becuase Lexi and Declan's runs were right in a row. So Nate and I wen tto help with Lexi's and then were able to stay and help with Declan's too. Let me tell you, it felt like one big party. We all had way to much fun! Both kids ran beyond the maximum number of laps.  Lexi ran 38 and Declan ran 41!!

 Getting a little tired

 Declan checking out Lexi's laps

 Nate was excited to play basketball with Declan during is recess

 Declan took it very seriously

After we got the basketball hoop, there were a lot of basketball days/evenings which meant a lot of scootering for Nathan and Lexi! 

Stella came over for a play date
 Our 2016 book arrived!! Always a great feeling for me!
 A text from Weston's mom at school ☺
 Preston came over for a play date
 On the rainbow bars at school
 We know how to wear this little guy out!
Celebrating Declan's birthday at school with Popsicles
 Zoe came over for a play date and her mom and little sister Emma ended up staying for a very fun afternoon! 

 And that's a wrap on a super fun, very busy month!!!

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