Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Snaps

A catch all post with all the random pics from February. ☺

I just love watching her play. Her face is a dead giveaway of her imagination at work! 
Our third book worm. Ever since he was a little baby he has loved books. In the mornings when I am reading with the kids, he always sits on the other side of me with this book, looking at all the photos of Things that Go. 
Declan's awesome tacher, Mrs Zimmerman sent me photos of the 100th day of school. 

I asked him if he wanted to help me wash the apples. What followed was quite entertaining.  He immediately got his pants wet and thought that was much more fun than washing apples!

All things girly with this one. Painting her toes. ♥
Lover of chapstick
February was the month of Lincoln Log creations! He was super proud of this one and actually asked me to take a picture.
We found some time for a girl date. Love her so much! She loved the color changing water.

So many games of spot it on rainy afternoons! 
The patience she has! She will color one of these pictures for awhile, put it away and pull it out the next day to work on it. Sometimes it takes her a whole week to finish.

Play date with Luke and Cody = huge lego mess and lots of fun! 
Fun with Zoe!

Love that she is helping her brothers up the hill.
Non-stop practicing, 300 dribbles a day.
Bubble fun
Picking Nate up from day care at the gym, this just cracked me up - he was hanging with all the little people (red shirt and jeans). 
She is his other mother...and to be truthful, I think she prefers her ☺

 Daddy makes the best train sets, and Nate is the best at destroying them! 
The kids love our balloon tradition for our anniversary
 Celebrating Misty's birthday with dinner and a movie! 
We are not very good at selfie's.  

My super scientist!! He is so close to 400 points! 
They were just sitting there talking one morning. It was so cute. Luckily I had my phone nearby to document. 

Crazy that we are already into March!!! 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Winter Break

Although I'm the first to say that I'd rather have this week tagged onto August to make our Summer longer, it is wonderful having the kids at home for a week. Of course I did what I typically do and filled every last second full of plans with friends. It was such a fun week catching up with people. It went by waaaaay too fast! It had me itching for Summer!

We kicked off the week with a visit to the train show in Del Mar. I had never been so it was fun to see what the boys get so excited about every year. It was pretty cool, although, I have to admit - about half through the afternoon I did start yawning a bit... ☺

The best part of the day was when we rain into one of Declan's train instructors (Mike) from his train club at one of the booths! He invited Declan to "come on back"! I'm sure it made Declan's weekend!!

I think Lexi was getting a bit bored too.

The Conants were in town from Tahoe - it was the perfect excuse to meet up for pizza at Carlsbad Pizza Port with them and the Nichols. I'd forgotten how crowded that place can be! We still had a great time catching up with everyone! 

We were supposed to see the McHenry girls and Bice kids at Guajome park, but one of the McHenry had the flu. So bummed! Luckily we still were able to see Katelyn and Jacob for a fun morning at the park - complete with crazy duck feeding and a hike. 

It was such a gorgeous hike - although Lexi was completely freaked out by all of the poison oak signs. You can see how unhappy she was in the second photo. ☺ Man that girl can put on a mean mug when she wants to! 

Good thing we worked up an appetite because we spent all of Monday afternoon at the San Clemente Pizza Port with the Jones' and Ceja families! Pizza Port two days in a row...and we literally haven't been in years! Isn't that always how it goes? ☺
Jaimie is brilliant and brought play dough for the girls and the boys were in the arcade the whole time which left us moms with plenty of time to chat. 

Tuesday was the day of all days. It seemed to be the day everyone was available, so we did what anyone would do and squeezed it all in! We met up with the Klock girls at PlayWerx and ironically ran into Jacob and Katelyn there too! The kids were having so much fun, we stayed for over four hours! It was awesome!! Michelle and I sat, drank tea and caught up from a few months of not seeing one another! 

Straight from there we met up with the Conants and Nichols for some bowling. Declan actually won and handled his win in a very sportsman like way. Lexi lost and did not handle it well. I think she was pretty tired. BUt you can see in this photo she is so mad about her loss, she is hiding. Tears followed in the car afterward. Despite a not-so-perfect ending, it was really a fun afternoon of bowling! 

We went straight from bowling to gymnastics and then to karate. And then home to meet up with the Abbott girls who were spending the night. Yes, we packed it in. But the kids had so much fun and except for the end of the bowling game the day went great!

It was so fun hanging out with our cousins. Aunt Kristin stayed and we caught up while the kids watched Moana. The next day was totally lazy. We played with play dough, watched Trolls, jumped on the jumpy, and made cookies. 
Hard to see in this picture, but we colored the girls hair and they dressed up like trolls! 
Lazy cousin snuggle time! 

The next day we were supposed to go to Legoland, but the people we were supposed to go with canceled due to sickness. I offered to take the kids on our own, but they opted for a lazy PJ day. Totally understandable. It was nice to be home and get caught up on a few things. 
Lazy morning jumps! 

I think Nate took this photo of Declan with my phone. I'm pretty sure this is how Dec spent the whole day! 
We had some of the kids school friends over to play! 
Lexi invited Zoe and Declan invited Kal. They all played so well, I hardly had to do a thing all day. It was awesome.  That piece of paper next to Lexi was the list she had me make of everything she wanted to do with Zoe. 
Cute boys in a dirty window from all the rain! 

Adam and I had a night out to go to our favorite restaurant for dinner while G-Mom and Grandpa watched the kids. We walked into find this. I thought it was so adorable.  The kid tuckered out a little early from a busy week! 

A picture I found (I'm sure Nate took if of me). I had to include because I'm sure this is how the kids will remember me. ☺ 
We ended their week off with a fun family day at the Zoo. 

We were eating lunch and Adam was telling them about some blackberries he ate once on a river trip that were growing next to the river and how good they were. They were all listening so intently. It was so cute. 
Our monkeys checking out the monkeys

And acting like a monkey
Forced smiles
A great view of the tiger
And the snow leopard

Nathan was obsessed with this baby monkey. ☺

And, that is a Winter Break wrap! 

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