Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Snaps

Every single free moment I had during January was spent on a photography class I got for Christmas. So, there was a lot of random picture taking in the house. It was kind of an uneventful month - certainly, the most uneventful of the year. And I kind of love it just for that reason. I always use it for projects (ie classes) I wouldn't have time for during any other month. I love how our calendar is usually open and how we aren't rushing from one thing to the next; a stark contrast from December. So here are some snaps from our uneventful January. ☺

Playing with the shopkins she got for Christmas - always a lover of the smallest toys on the market! 

This is actually the third time I shot this for my portfolio - it is so hard to get capture the details and movement because of the back-lighting. Poor girl I made her jump with band aids on so many times! Finally got it though!! 
I thought it would be fun for him to paint on the easel. He had absolutely no interest - just wanted to paint on himself. Of course I grabbed my camera and moved him into the window light. Perfect moment!
We spent Martin Luther King day at train club - it was one of the special days where they got to run the train cars. I was excited because I wanted a picture of the kids on this awesome bench!
They were telling each other potty jokes and cracking up! 

Declan asked Lexi to take a picture of him with his camera ☺

He would sleep here if they could

That was his train, the orange one. He asked me to print this picture and put it in his room.

Just because I love taking photo of her
After train club we rode the train near the zoo - we haven't done that for years - the kids loved it! 

A little scared in the tunnel
Love how playful this one is!

He's always asking where "Lesi" is? We often end up playing in her room when she is at school

 The crash is the best part
Shaving cream fun with this one! 

 He really had more fun putting it on himself than playing with the cars

 His exact words - "look, I Sana Caus!"

I was at the school quite a bit during January taking photo for the year book. Lexi LOVES it when I am at school. Her cute little class
Declan on a play date at Luke and Cody's house
I'm in an IG pod with some photographers from all over the world. It is really fun. Ironically 3 out of the ten of us live here so we finally found some time to get together. 
Rachel, Carol, me at the Promiscuous Fork
Morning at Starbucks with this cutie
We always got to Rubios when Daddy is in San Jose. Declan is always reading. He had just bought the Diary of a Wimpy kid and started reading it in the restaurant. Melts my heart! 
An evening at the Beliching Beaver with the Abbotts!! 
Terrible picture and the only one we took all weekend, but Adam and I went to Laguna Beach for the weekend and did a lot of relaxing, laying by the pool, and eating out. Mimi was so awesome and basically came out last minute when we said we were thinking about going. LOVE her and the freedom she gives us! 
Celebrating 100 days of school. ☺

Finding his belly button
He absolutely cracks me up! 

While Mimi was here she would take the kids to the school playground to play so Declan could practice basketball. They love riding their bikes around the school grounds. It was a fun little thing she started.

Nathan kept telling Mimi "hike".
My little muse. She has taken up an interest in photography and I am eating up the chance to give her a few pointers. ☺

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