Sunday, August 6, 2017

Nathan's 3 Year Old Interview

I just LOVE conversations with this kiddo - we had lots of sidebars which are my favorite (that I didn't transcribe below) and near the end I had to lead him a little bit because he was waning. 

How old are you? 2 How old are you going to be on your birthday? 2 How old on your birthday? 3
What is your favorite color? Yellow
What do you want to be when you grow up? A fire engine
What toy is your favorite to play with? Rubble on the Dubble
Where do you like to go? Trains
What do you like to watch on TV? Paw Patrol Anything else? Yes, Star Wars!! Star Wars!!
What is your favorite book to read with Mommy at night? Do you like Should I Share my Ice Cream or Steam Train Dream Train? Steam Train Dream Train!!
What do you love about Declan? Playing on my kindle
What do you love about Lexi? Playing on kindle What else do you like to do with Lexi? Playing Paw Patrol stuff  Do you like playing at the beach with them? No At the pool? Yes
What do you love about Daddy? uh, playing....Does he tickle you? Yes
What do you love about Momma? Eating marshmallows 😳
What do you want to learn now that you are three?.....Do you want to learn how to peddle on the bike that Asher gave you? Yes
What's your favorite animal? Rubble on the Dubble Do you like sharks? Yes

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Toothless Summer

Between Declan and Lexi there were quite a few visits from tooth fairies this summer. Within one month, Declan lost two teeth and Lexi lost two teeth. Every week golden dollars were being left in their tooth fairy pillows. 

toothless goofballs (taken the night of Lexi's first tooth lost). Declan lost his upper right tooth earlier and you can see his bottom left hanging on by a thread. 
 Not too many days later I received a text from Adam with this photo ↓ and the caption "Scooby is coming tonight". I laughed out loud. Look at those holes in his mouth!! 
And, not too long after that Lexi lost her second tooth - this time while we were getting ready for the day and we could safely put it in her tooth fairy pillow right away! Big sigh of relief after the drama the first time around!! 

Is it just me or does the tooth fairy always remember to visit after she has gone to bed? I can't tell you how many times I sat up with a start in bed and rushed  to take care of tooth fairy business! These two and all of their lost teeth definitely kept me on my toes! 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Annie's Canyon

I'm always keeping my eye out for new adventures. When I happened to come across some cool photos on Instagram of a place called Annie's Canyon, I immediately looked it up. When I saw that it was a kid friendly hike, I put it on the calendar for the very next Saturday! It was by far the most fun hike we've taken the kids to yet. Basically you walk on a flat trail for .5 miles to get to the canyon, then you walk .25 miles up this super steep canyon but the walls on either side of you are so tall and beautiful, it is completely safe. The kids who were whining during the first .5 miles, were completely mesmerized as they hiked up the canyon.  It was truly incredible. I guess the canyon had been closed for years due to excessive graffiti. But a nice lady named Annie, gave a generous donation for clean up and now it is open! Such an awesome, fun morning!!! 

Declan had to investigate the frogs he heard...he's got an adventurous spirit, that is for sure! 

 Fun tree climbing
 Arriving at the canyon

 At the base - the kids were pumped at this point, although not really excited to pose for a picture. 

 At the top. It truly was so fun! 
Because this tree is too perfect not to! 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hot Fun in the Summer😎

Another catch all of Summer time fun! 

I think we began this tradition either last year or the year before - Newport Dunes. One of my favorite days of summer by far! Jaimie brings the kids paddle board, I bring the kayak. We buy one wrist band each and let the boys and girls take turns on the inflatables. It is a win-win all around. Such a great, memorable day for them (and us!). 

He is so comfortable in the water this year! 

 And Trevor! Talk about comfortable in the water - he kept taking the paddle board and kayak and paddling so far out. Jaimie would have to hurry and rescue him. His courage was so impressive! 
 Micah on the lower inflatable, right in the middle of the picture
 Declan sitting on top of the yellow one
 Micah and Declan together on top of the yellow one
 Declan sliding down

 Micah sliding down
 He had to swim back, which totally scared him, but he did it! 

 The boys taking the girls out for their turn

 the girls on the platform


 One of the many Trevor rescues that happened that day! 

 LOVE these six so much! 

That night we had the Rowes over because they were visiting from Oklahoma! Oh my goodness - Elise and Nathan took to each other like peas and carrots. They were so cute playing. And Declan and Lexi were so excited to have Isla spend the night! 

 Smooch! ♥

Just another day at Tamarack beach with the Nichols and the Conants. I'm telling you, it doesn't get better than San Diego summers!

Look at Justus owning it! 

 And Declan - I love watching how they advance each summer! 

Love how Dana takes the kids out further and teaches them about the waves.

 California Beach kids ♥

post beach shakes regularly

We met the cousins at Alga Norte for some swimming. It was a great day despite it being unseasonably cold! 
He was obsessed with the high dive! 

 Nothing but crazy for these two! 

 You can barely see Lexi swimming in the lap lane with Emma and Lily. They were there forever - Lexi thought it was the coolest. I was impressed with her endurance!
 They earned their reading shirts! 
 Adam offered to take the kids to see Cars 3 this summer. The older two didn't want to go, but Nate was all about it! So we met Daddy at the movie theater one afternoon on our way home from a bike ride. Nathan was SO EXCITED! 

Summer texts ☺

A day hanging with Marley at his pool!

 Lazy mornings building cities are the best.
 We had the Terpestra family over for pizza. Adam and Grant will be coaching the boys football team together this fall. Practices will be ACROSS THE STREET at our park. How awesome is that???
Sara and Lexi love playing together - they are the cutest! 
 The Jones' were camping at Camp Pendleton all week, so we made the 5 mile drive to get some beach time in with them. ☺

 Nate loved watching the tanks go by! 

 Very impressive hole! 

To end this post, a picture of the kiddos at the spaghetti factory. They earned a free dinner there through the reading program so we enjoyed a night out. It was so much fun! 

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