Saturday, December 30, 2017

Mimi and Pops come for our first Austin Christmas

A couple of days after G-Mom and Grandpa left, Mimi and Pops rolled in. Which, was just what I needed! It was so nice having family here over the Christmas season - I cannot begin to imagine how much lonelier I would have felt without all the love surrounding us. It was truly fantastic. Of course they immediately swooped up the kiddos and took them to the hotel with them for a couple of days. I used the time to catch up and Adam and I had a little date night. It was awesome. Mimi was so sweet and sent me a few pics of the happy kiddos living it up in the hotel! 

All December I had my eye on the Trail of Lights - it seems to be Austin's biggest thing to do for Christmas. Luckily Adam got some tips at work on how to do it well, which includes a Zip pass. Mimi and Pops were up for the adventure of it. So, we went on December 23rd - the closing night. I've written a little bit about all of our "moving blunders" - well this night was just the opposite. Somehow - with a little research and a lot of luck, we did this just perfect. We went to the city for an early dinner and found out that we could keep our receipt on the dash and keep our car in the lot for the night! Whaaaat? It was a short walk from there to the Trail of Lights and we didn't have to deal with any traffic. Plus, dinner was delicious! 

 I mean, seriously! The cuteness! 
 The Trail of Lights was amazing and definitely enjoyed more with the Zip Pass, which gave us early access and less crowds. I can't imagine going without it.

 Love how Austin Texas is highlighted on the globe
 Definitely hard to see in these pictures, but the Austin fire department display was so cool! 

 Nate was too scared to go on the Ferris wheel, so Adam took pictures of the crew for me while Nate and I stayed below

 fun on the merry-go-round

 such a beautiful city line

 because it is so hard to get pics of this guy, I'm so thankful whenever I snag one...
The next couple of days were Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The day after Christmas we attempted the Zefer train but it was shut down due to freezing weather. Then we tried the new library, but it was also closed. So, on a whim, I suggested the Cathedral of Junk. Oh yes, you read that right! At some point I had looked up the saying "keep Austin weird" wanting to know, what was so weird about it? Well, the Cathedral of Junk was listed in the top 10 reasons. I was curious.
It took us awhile to find it and we were definitely in a seedy part of town. I was getting ready to throw in the towel, but then we spotted it. Pops and I went to check it out first, making sure we could take a look - I read to late that you need reservations. Luckily, we were welcomed in by "the junk king" himself.
We spent about 45 minutes here, completely delighted and overwhelmed by how much we were enjoying ourselves. When I first walked in, it just looked like a mountain of junk and I thought we'd be out of there within 10 minutes. But, it was well planned out - color coordinated, with rooms, stairs, bridges, hiding places, and so much to see! What a fun afternoon we had! 

 the city made him submit plans for a building permit

 because of a bank commercial filmed here he was able to quit his job and focus solely on his cathedral of junk

 Later that day Jeff, Emily, and Emily's mom Ellen came over for the afternoon. It was fun, relaxing, and cozy! 

Unfortunately Mimi and Pops had to leave the next day, but we were so lucky to have them here - even if it was for a short while! 
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