Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving in Arizona

This year we spent Thanksgiving break in Arizona with Mimi Pops, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Emily! It was a wonderful week - filled with lots of relaxing, family time, and holiday spirit. Adam and I even were able to sneak away a few nights to go to dinner and see movies! It was glorious. As usual, Mimi and Pops go above and beyond with their love and generosity! What a truly special week it was! 

We spent so much time at this awesome park - sometimes heading over there twice a day. The zip line was over the top. I even road on it a few times! 

Declan liked to play chicken with the rider, running along side of them and then ducking so they would ride over him! 

We had plenty of lazy mornings, spent playing on the leap pads/ipads.
Decorating Mimi's window

We did some shopping at a fun, creative store! Loved these snowmen made out of tires!
More park time!

Mimi always has lots of arts and crafts for the kids to do! 

Thanksgiving day was filled watching the Macy's day parade, cooking, and more relaxing. It couldn't have been more perfect! 

Family picture time!

Uncle Jeff loves to wrestle with the boys!

Aunt Emily brought some fun crafting to do with Lexi. Lexi was over the moon! 

We had many discussions on the drive up, trying to figure out if Duncan would show up in Arizona - it is his tradition to show up the day after Thanksgiving. We were so excited to wake up Friday morning and see that he did make it to Arizona!!!

We enjoyed a particularly fun evening of bowling and Mexican food! 

Lexi's face. OMG. Apparently her turn did not go well! 
Always taking care of little brother!!

These two. Football and wrestling. All day long!
We had so much fun at the gingerbread house display a couple of years a go, that we went again. It was just our luck Santa happened to be there! Mimi brought Nate over and he immediately began crying!! It kind of surprised me. And then I got excited because I knew we'd have another good Santa picture this year! 
The only photo I have with all of them, and Mimi and Pops eyes just happened to be closed. :(

Christmas prop fun!

On top of an incredible week, Mimi and Pops gifted us their old couch. They were getting a new one and ours is in bad shape from the last couple of years (aka Nate). We happily took it off their hands! So, Adam and Declan drove the U-Haul home. Declan was quite excited about riding shot gun! 

The kids were so disappointed because they shot that Duncan would definitely ride home with us. Luckily, at the very last minute, we discovered him in our glove box! Phew!!

Thank you Mimi and Pops for an incredible week!! You always out do yourselves and make life so shiny and fun!! We adore you! 

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