Sunday, July 31, 2016

the beach house

Aunt Kristin had a hook up to stay at one of the beach houses on base and graciously extended the invitation for us to join her! Ding, ding, ding! What a wonderful couple of days it was. I'd describe it as a level up from glamping. You could not beat the location of our house. We had the bay just to the left of us, the playground to the right of us, and the beach in front of us. All a very short walk. The kids played hard, moving from one location to the next. The second day they were so sunned out, we took them bowling in the morning to break up the outside time. It was perfect! Something I didn't take a picture of and wish I would have was the helicopter pad that was near our sight. The first evening we were there, they must have been running some drills. Helicopters kept landing and taking off. Nathan was crazy excited. And when I say crazy, I mean CRAZY. This craziness was probably enhanced by the fact that he didn't take a nap earlier in the day. We were inside watching a show and he just couldn't stand it. He wanted to be outside watching the helicopters. 
Anyway, what a fun little get away! Thank you Aunt Kristin for including us!! ☼
Bay Play

 Beach Play

 Taking a little rest with Ella

 Our first night of building the campfire was a huge fail. We bought some kindling the next day and were much better off the following night ☺

Some attempted fishing
 Early morning bay play before the crowds arrived. It made for some great seashell findings!

 Time for pizza and bowling!

 The Goad crew came up for a visit the last evening to eat hot dogs and roast marshmallows. Look a that roaring fire!! 

all snuggled up
5am moon shining over the Pacific

Good times at Camp Pendleton!! 

shake it

I'm not sure what it is about Summer that makes us so addicted to shakes. I blame it on the beach. It's the perfect snack after some concentrated effort in the sun. The car pays the price for treating these kiddos of mine. 

We're just a hot, sandy mess around here! Thank goodness for Soapy Joes! 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

good times & tan lines

For some reason a visit from Mimi during the summer never really works out. Luckily, this year it did! It was so much fun having her with us during our many adventures. It felt like the old days - before the kids were in school. When we'd just take off and enjoy whatever we decided to do that day. A lot of our summer traditions lined up to the week she was with us. It was magical sharing them with her! We love our Mimi. In fact, I'll never for get when she left. Lexi was the most upset I've ever seen her. Hysterically crying, running down the street. Oh, it killed me. The kids love their Mimi something fierce. As do I. 
First up, our trolley ride. This was something we had to skip last summer due to a change of schools and going back much earlier than I anticipated. We made sure it happened this summer. It is one of our favorite days!
The trolley group
Nothing but smiles during the ride!

He's been really into spitting lately. It's driving me crazy!
And a day at Main Beach in Laguna. The surf is always strong here, but the kids don't mind!

We travel extremely light on trolley ride day so we did not have any buckets. We improvised with lunch bags for sand crab trapping. The kids LOVED it. 

They got the black and white memo

Ready for shakes and the trolley ride back to our cars

Barbies at the bar, naturally
cute photo bombers

Definitely one of our favorite days of summer!
A night out for Adam and I since Mimi was in town!

We spent a fantastic day at Moonlight Beach with Jacob, Katelyn, Kady, and Samantha. Katelyn was all about taking care of Lexi in the water. Which basically gave her courage to go out even further than she normally does. She had so much fun!!

Jacob and Declan caught so many waves. They basically stayed in the water the entire time. Declan finally came out freezing and with a rash on his tummy from the board. Go big or go home!

his determined face

Love these next three pictures of Mimi and Nathan

She snapped some of me int he water with Nathan, which I am so grateful for!

We hit up a summer concert with the Nichols and Conan's at Solana Beach. What a beautiful, fun night! 

I've been wanting to take the kids back to these amazing swings since we first discovered them. I figured Mimi would love it so we made a little adventure out of it! What a night. Followed by shakes from Sonic afterward. 

And we couldn't let summer go by without our annual trip to Tanaka Farms for watermelon picking! 

yay, he dropped his

always a fun, memorable day!

We made our way to the Harbor for a fun, easy beach night!

Mimi, Lexi, and I enjoyed a girls night. First we celebrated Kylie's birthday at her super-fun gymnastics party. And then we went out to dinner. Love my girls!

trying to muster courage - she did not end up jumping. 
what's with the face?

And to end this, a day at train beach with some of our favorite people ☼

It was a BIG WAVE day

Which meant it was great for catching waves!

Micah worked so hard to dig this gigantic hole!
We of course stuffed them all in! 

I am so grateful we had this week with Mimi. It was so much fun having her with us! 
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