Tuesday, May 31, 2016

@ Home

I've been working on a little project that has me taking way more pictures of the kids at home. Just what I need, more pictures to sift through. ☺ Ha, ha! Seriously though I love that it is forcing me to capture them in a different way. 

I asked her what she was thinking about, and she replied that she was feeling sad that she wasn't four anymore. I remember her saying the same thing last year when she turned four. Apparently this girl does not like getting older. 
Lots of reading by big brother. ♥

Someone inherited mom's love of cake.

Please ignore our horrifying white trash yard. Ugh! 

 Getting our craft on!

This one - not the easiest to snap napping pictures of. 

hoola girl!
His favorite place to play trains
and cars
While Lexi doesn't want to grow up, it can't happen fast enough for this one. 

I'm not sure what I like better, peony season or the fact that he likes cereal milk.
She loves writing stories and then reading them to me. 
It was a dig into the dress up drawer kind of a day. 

For the love of  band aids! 

more trains...

He is always stealing her helmet and scooter from her. I know what someone is getting for their 2nd birthday!

 The park has been where its at this month. Almost every night we are out there. What a gift for these kids. 
 Cracks me up, Declan playing football with all the big kids. He is significantly younger than him, but no one seems to care. Love it. 
Her new thing
 In "the forest" 

So we did this for the first time with Nate. I think he liked it.  

Imaginations hard at work
Paper dolls kept her busy for hours. 
Grandpa and G-Mom came over to babysit one night. The kids were pretty excited!

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