Thursday, April 28, 2016

Party Like a Princess {Lexi's 5th Birthday Party}

The princess party. Well, lets get more specific - the Frozen party. It was bound to happen, and what better year than the big 5!? It was perfect in every way. A great group of little girls to help her celebrate, and of course Elsa! I'm quite certain this was the best day of her short little life. 

Every little detail had her spinning with excitement - from the moment we sent out these cute little invitations -
 To searching the internet together to find a Frozen cake to make. I was a little nervous about this one - but it turned out awesome, and was relatively easy. Luckily my mom was here helping us celebrate Declan's birthday when we found the instructional video for this cake, and she found exactly what I needed to make this happen. Which made the hole task a lot less daunting. Lexi and I were pretty excited when this came together! Even Declan couldn't help but comment on how awesome it was! And that's saying a lot, because according to him, he "hates Frozen". 

She asked to have her picture taken in front of it!
We added a few more details, 

Lexi finished getting ready and walked downstairs, oh -so - demurely! 

Everything was set and we took all of our pre-party pictures. The only thing left to do was wait for the Queen to arrive!

Elsa arrived, along with Lexi's friends. It all happened at once - you know how it goes. Elsa immediately took over the party - which was awesome. She read the girls a story, but paused in the middle of it to sing Let it Go with the girls. Luckily, everyone knew the words - ha, ha, ha! 

Lexi was mesmerized

After singing, the girls played a game of hot potato Olaf

It came down to Lily and Lexi ☺We deemed them both winners

Then Elsa crowned the birthday girl

 And then started in face painting a lot of little faces!

 All of the girls were mesmerized by Elsa. She never broke character once. She was awesome! 

 Lexi gave Elsa a sticker paper she made for her prior to the party - she accepted it graciously.
 The girls posed for some group pictures
 Brynley, Riley, Quinn, Kiley, Lexi, Emma, Ella, Isla, Sydney, Avery, Lily, and Olivia

 Finally it was time to sing happy birthday!

 Those were some tricky candles! Luckily Elsa gave her a little help! 

 Elsa had to head back to Arendelle, so we took the girls to the park to break open the pinata!

And that ended a perfect princess party! Lexi fell asleep within five minutes of the last girl leaving.  I can only imagine what her adrenaline was like earlier in the day for her to fall asleep so quickly. Usually she is not one for dress up, but she refused to take that dress off and napped in it. She also gave me so many hugs that day and kept saying thank you. What a doll! I think she had a pretty fantastic birthday!  

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