Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Happy Easter

Easter was kind of a whirlwind this year. I'll admit, I didn't exactly love that it was the day after Declan's birthday. It usually falls close to either Declan or Lexi's birthday - but the day after? The closest yet! One year I'm sure it will land on one of their actual birthdays. Despite it being kind of busy for me, we had a great Easter! The kids loved that the Easter bunny did a scavenger hunt for them again this year, complete with bunny clues and we spent a lovely Easter day at the Goad house, celebrating with the Herkert family. Luckily that questioning of the Easter bunny that Declan was doing near the beginning of the month never came up again. Phew! 

Scavenger hunts are fun, but make for terrible pictures because their faces are always turned the wrong way when they react!
First clue!

 Now that baskets and gifts are found, time to indulge!

 Love these next few pics -

 The Goads put on a spectacular Easter - complete with a celebration for Declan's birthday and two egg hunts!
The back yard hunt -

 Cupcake time!

 Front yard hunt!

 Nathan enjoyed his waffle from the waffle bar a little too much - we had to do a quick shirt change.

 Trying out his new board

What a great Easter!
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