Sunday, January 31, 2016

Snaps of our January Haps

After the hustle and bustle of December, the quiet of January was a relaxing change. I spent a lot of it purging and reorganizing, getting set for the New Year ahead. We also finally enjoyed some cold, winter weather - just what I was in the mood for! Overall, it was a good month. The only month of the year that we don't really have very much going on, and I appreciate for just that reason. 
Here's some of the things that we did in between our relaxing days - 

One day I suggested we take Nate tot he park with the crazy birds. The kids thought this was a fantastic idea, and couldn't wait to show their brother how to feed these insane birds. We enjoyed some park time while we were there too.

Going down face forward...he's getting so big!

Crazy birds

Such a great big sister she is!

We met up with Ella and Krissy for a little open gym time! Always a fun hour spent!

There he is pushing Lexi. I swear the kid does not know that he is only 1.
One of his favorite past times while we are at home.
When Jaimie asked me if we wanted to meet them up at Goat Hill Junction one weekend, I answered with a quick yes - knowing the kids would be super excited! This is always a special treat - and even better because it is free! Nathan got to ride the train for his first time too. I opted to stay off the second ride to take some pictures, hoping he would ride without me, but that didn't happen. So there aren't any pics of him on the train. No biggie though, I'm sure we'll be back soon! 

It kills me how old Lexi looks in this picture. Where did my pig-tailed toddler go? 

Even though it wasn't exactly beach weather, we enjoyed a fun MLK day off at Baby Beach. We basically had the whole place to ourselves and enjoyed every minute!

It's going to be such a fun summer with this one!

We've been hitting the park a lot in the evenings. 

Airplanes are his new obsession!

We met up with Avery from her class for a fun pizza lunch date at That Pizza Place

We met up with our cousins for a fun day at Legoland!

Declan is still thoroughly enjoying karate. I have to admit there is a huge part of me that is sad we aren't doing baseball this year, but he is gaining so much from this on so many levels and truly enjoying it. 

Nedless to say, princess ballet is still a hit and we look forward to Tuesdays for this reason!

A picnic and some play at the park after!

The new thing - celebrating 100 days of school by dressing up like a 100 year old. I bought some grey hair spray for Declan's hair but he wold not have it. The glasses were enough for this guy!

Making each other hearts to hang on their bedroom doors.
Dinner at Ruby's in San Clemente with Mimi!
Pajama Day at school is the best day!
And Star Wars birthday parties are even better! 
Shoe shopping at Nordstrom is never dull. 

Now onto February and all of the fun it has in store! 
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