Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Afternoon

Christmas afternoon was a perfect follow up to Christmas morning. The crew arrived at our house around 11am, and what followed was a very relaxing, fun day. Lots of putting together toys and battery insertion! It was so nice spending the day at home. I have to admit, by the time afternoon rolled around, I was so tired I could barely get off the couch! It was a crazy week leading up to the big day and it hit me hard. Luckily everyone was in a kick back kind of mood! One of the best parts was getting to look at Jeff and Emily's wedding pictures - they had just received them the day before. It was so fun reminiscing! 
Mimi and Pops arrived with a big, fun gift for Nathan!!

I think he is pretty excited!
Uncle Jeff and Aunt Emily had a fun surprise for all of us - amazon fire sticks but with a fun twist - lets just say we've been enjoying some very recent movies from the comfort of our couch! 
And Uncle Jeff adorned the kiddos with shirts from the google campus. Love.
Light up laces for their kicks ;) Nice!

the boys - checking out the capabilities of the fire stick
yeah, he didn't get out of this car for awhile
girl time
Trying out the new bike! I was so worried it would be too big for him, but it was just perfect! He was so happy and excited. We took Lexi to the school a few days later to try hers, but it is going to take a little work. ☺

Anyone for karaoke?

She kept going off on her own, playing with her toys. She loves playing by herself.
Such a fun day!

Some airplane flying with Uncle Jeff

Someone is tired!
They loved the truck too!
Group pic! What a fantastic, blessed Christmas. We truly are so lucky to have all of these people in our lives, celebrating with us!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning. Hands down the most amazing, best morning of the year! The kids ran screaming into our room at 7:00. They had already been downstairs and seen their new bikes! Adam and I were shocked. We completely forgot to go over the "no going downstairs until the parents are ready rule". Adam and I were slightly disappointed. We discussed and strategized about those darn bikes. Should we keep them outside and bring them in, or should we put them by the stockings? We couldn't wait to see the look on their faces. And, of course - we missed it! We didn't let it set us back too much. We made them wait upstairs anyway, while we turned on the Christmas lights, brushed our teeth, etc. etc. I love this waiting part - it is so cute! The anticipation is a beautiful thing. It's what we work so hard for all month. ☺ Priceless...

Oh look! They got new bikes. Cough, cough...

 Stocking madness!

 Onto the tree and the unwrapping frenzy! Thanks to the huge mail delivery from Joann the week before, plus Mimi and Pops gifts - there were a lot of presents under that gorgeous tree! What an amazing morning it was!
 This kiddo was waaaaay into the opening and the chaos! He totally got what was going on and made Christmas especially fun this year!

 new blankets ♥

 a real fishing pole!
 loving her new, "clean" blanket
 Declan discovered that Duncan had left a little Christmas morning note for us! 

 sibling gift giving time!

 And, just because - a Christmas morning picture of our three littles
 unwrapping frenzy of new dress up dresses!
 double fisting it
 Joann bought her this Minnie Mouse necklace in a little box that plays music when you open it. Lexi was obsessed with it. Just her style.
  One can never have too many Legos...or can they?  Our house is slowly being overtaken by them!
And conversely, one can never have too many Frozen toys. I mean, I can never get enough of that song...ugh!

 Taking our traditional monkey bread break. ♥

 Refueled with plenty of sugar, ready to go at it again!
This gift was a fun one. After Daddy saw Star Wars, he asked Duncan to ask Santa for a Lego Tie Fighter so that he and Declan could fight against one another. We weren't sure if Santa would deliver, it being so close to Christmas with the request... but much to everyone's delight, he came through!!

 Declan got some new boxing gloves for Karate - the boys got a kick, (or should I say hit?) out of them!

 Another very generous gift from Joann - Star Lily. Lexi was very excited to receive this!
 Another Joann gift! The little dog sneezes and his ears go up - it gave Nate quite the laugh! 

 We finished the morning up with a picture by the tree - happy faces all around! 

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