Friday, October 30, 2015

costumed cuties

Halloween 2015

pumpkin play

So October flew by. I can't believe it is the day before Halloween. We've been busy having fun doing October things. Ignoring the sweltering heat, we put our best foot forward to enjoy as many Halloween activities as possible! Here's a glimpse at our pumpkin play over the past couple of weeks.

The Carlsbad Pumpkin Patch |  Someplace I wanted to try last year, but we never got around to it. It was a perfect play date with Quinn, Ryan and their friends Maddy and Cameron for an easy play date while Declan was at school.

 The pumpkin painting was a huge hit! 
 Lexi sat at that table forever working on her pumpkin.
 Some running around the corn maze concluded our fun day!
 Bates @ Night |One of my favorite October activities - Jaimie and I met at Bates on a Friday night to take pictures of the kiddos in their costumes. Followed by Friday night fun on the farm! Love hanging out with this crew! 

 Group picture attempts. Nathan is following in Declan's footsteps - he does not like group pictures! 

 Ready for the hay maze at night!

 Hot weather and rain at night makes for some fun play time!

The Rise | We met up with the Goad family to try something new this year: The Rise. Kind of like a jack-o-lantern farm. I didn't really get any good pictures. But it was definitely fun - like nothing I'd ever seen before.

 Declan was so excited when he spotted this pumpkin - it had a picture of the Middway carved in it.
 A dinosaur jack-o-lantern!

Neighborhood Halloween Carnival | No complaints here! We just rolled across the street for our annual Halloween carnival, which included lots of games, a cake walk and no shortage of treats!

 Love this deadly donut table

 As if he needed to win the cake walk after that donut he made!
Bates | Lexi, Nate and I met Ella, Kristin, Ryan, Quinn, and Amanda at bates for some fun during the day. We had to make a stop at our favorite tree!
 There may have been some bribery to snap this picture.

Nathan LOVED the petting zoo!

McAuliffe Halloween Carnival | The kids and I walked across the other street one Wednesday afternoon to partake in the fun of the school carnival! 

 No winners at this cake walk!
 He wanted in on all of the games!

 We ran into Harlow, one of Declan's classmates.
 Bates @ Night | We headed to Bates at night one more time. This time with Daddy, the Rowes and the Klocks for a fun evening of pumpkin fun!

 maybe a little too heavy yet....


 Halloween @ school! | And, finally - I had a busy morning this morning, running from one school to the next. Lexi's school had a little parade which was so fun to wacth. She is having a fabulous year this year. A great group of friend sand we love her teacher! Then off to Declan's school. They just got to dress in their costumes so I visited to take some pictures for their scrapbooks Mrs Huggins is making them.

 Sidney, Riley, Brinley, Avery (who seems to be Lexi's new best friend at the moment), Lexi, Hazel, and Evvy. Avery's mom told me that she is actually Malificent for Halloween but when she found out Lexi was a mermaid, she decided to dress as a mermaid for the school parade so they could be twins. ♥♥ I love little girl stuff. 

 the parade

 class picture!
 Declan was in his reading group when I visited his school. Here he is with Lila and Chris. Cutest little kiddos!
And that is an October well done! 

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