Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lexi's Dance Recital Pictures

It seems like forever ago that this little one was dancing her heart out in her recital. It kind of was. They lag with these pictures a bit. Oh well! Better late than never. Lexi is very excited to watch the video this Friday am I!


The words and pictures in this blog post will not even scratch the surface on telling the story of how much I adore my mom. She was here for a week and a half during the middle of September; during which I was a whirlwind of activity - addicted to getting things crossed off my list. Things that had been on there for over a year. Now that Nate is walking it was easier to hand him off and truly let me be hands free for awhile. The thing that happens during Mimi's visits is that she truly takes over with the kids and I am busy doing my thing. So, not a lot of pictures are taken during this time. Which is always a regret.
Whenever she is here I marvel at her ability to step in being so committed to the kids happiness while at the same time being there for whatever I need. It can't be easy stepping into this buzzing house and finding a place, but she does it. All with a dimpled smile and no complaints. Her energy and demeanor are incredible. The kids are head over heals about her, as am I.
Just a few highlights from her visit

Excited to watch the kiddos play soccer!

If this doesn't say it all. Usually Declan rides his bike or scooter to school, but the entire time Mimi was here he wanted to walk so that he could talk with her. 

Having Mimi here allowed me to take pictures in Declan's classroom when they did a fun apple tart activity.
 She's so good at tuning into the kids. The whole time she was here she kept encouraging Nate to do things - push the garage door button, turn on and off lights, ring the door bell, and slide her credit card! He was in heaven. A little Fall clothes shopping!

We went to the beach early on during Mimi's visit. I brought my camera but the batteries were dead. Luckily Mimi had hers. AND, she took some video of me and Nate in the water -something I have been wanting all Summer! 

 She bought the kids umbrellas in preparation for El Nino (which, I wish would hurry up and get here!)

  Play dough fun!
 During a trip to Target Mimi thought it was so funny how taken Nate was with the talking R2D2

 Crazy hot and humid weather sent us to the pool! 
His first taste of an ice cream sandwich!
 A break from swimming in the game room

 Couldn't get enough of the water slide!
 Four eyes

Thank you Mimi (with every inch of me) for all that you do. I am so lucky you are my mom. I'll never be able to repay you, but I'll certainly pay it forward!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


While driving up to Emily's bridal shower two Saturdays ago, we got a call from a certain little six year old who's voice came over the blue tooth in the car - so excited and proud, "I scored a goal!". His very first. And from what I hear, he almost scored a second. This simple goal has been a game changer for this kid. He is running harder, playing more aggressively, and talks about soccer often. He has tasted success and he's addicted.

Last Saturday Lexi and Declan played at the same time. Mimi and I kept bouncing between the two games. The whole time I was hoping that I'd be there to see Declan if he scored another goal. Well, he scored two that day! I was able to see one of them. How he does accomplishes it is kind of funny. 
He's in the mix getting the ball down the field, but as soon as the ball starts getting close to the goal, he breaks away, runs straight to the goal and waits for it:
 Usually JJ or Javey successfully kicks it (pretty much making the goal), but Declan gets the last little kick, scoring the goal.

 When Adam and I realized his strategy, we got a good laugh out of it. But it truly has changed his confidence level on the field. He's putting it together and having fun. His excitement is so much fun to watch! Hopefully these are the first of many!

Nathan's 1 Year Stats

We always enjoy our well visit trips to see Dr. Miller - well, except for the end of course when he has to get shots. That part is just not fun! 

Anyway, our little one year old is continuing right along his little bell curve...

Weight - 23.4 lbs = 70th percentile
Height -31" = 71st percentile
Head Circumference - 47.6cm = 81st percentile

Healthy, happy, excited, and learning so much everyday. 
I almost forgot how much fun age one is! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Taking matters into his own hands

Mimi's fresh vibe with the kids always seems to discover new tricks. Whether it be something to help me - like new foods to introduce, or noticing the way one of them does something that I overlooked, or even shaking up the routine a bit only to discover new abilities! She had the kids at the park one evening while Adam and I escaped to enjoy some alone time. She was so excited to share with us when we returned how much Nate loved the slide and how aggressive he was on it. The next night I was at a photo shoot so Adam and Mimi were at the park with the kids. They both couldn't believe it when Nate decided to go feet first down the slide instead of waiting for one of them to help him. It was so unexpected! Adam ran in to get his phone to record it. I'm so glad he did! We've got a little dare devil on our hands who happens to think he is a lot older than he actually is!

Love it!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

summer faves

I usually like to do a Summer tribute on the blog at the end of the season - sometimes a slideshow or a shout out about why Summer was great. It's my favorite season. So much growth happens in these 3 short months. I love the feeling at the beginning - the excitement of knowing you have what feels like endless time to fill however you please. I love knowing we will be seeing plenty of our long time friends on countless beach days. I love lazy Summer mornings, relaxing afternoons, and exhilarating evenings. It just doesn't get better. A few of my favorite memories from Summer 2015 - 

☼Playing with Nathan in the waves - hearing his laugh. Feeling him try to jump out of my arms to be free to enjoy the water. And, basically just watching him explore and enjoy the beach.
☼Taking the ferry to Balboa Island - one of my favorite Summer memories.
☼Watching Declan take boogie boarding to a whole new level by going out in the bigger waves
☼Watching Lexi focus and try to teach herself how to ride the boogie board
☼boogie boarding with Adam - could not stop laughing that evening.
☼Cousin Jordyn's visit
☼Weekly trips to the library with the kids and discovering Rita's - a new favorite treat spot.
☼Dying our seashell collection from last year - turned out better than I imagined. I think we are going to make frames out of them.
☼Reading the Summer journals the kids kept on the last night of Summer and reminiscing about all of the fun we had. Our first year doing this. It is definitely something we'll be doing every year.
☼Dinners at the beach. Enough said.
☼Getting a new kayak - so. much. fun.
☼Our first Fourth of July at home - easy, relaxing, and fun to spend time with friends.
☼New adventures like Zoomars, the Sawdust Festival, and O'Hana Cupcakes
☼Celebrating Nathan's First birthday at the beach, a perfect day. Love that little one year old.
☼Watching Nathan learn to walk - absolutely adorable.
☼Beach days with new friends and old friends - such a simple statement, but a really big deal in my book.
☼Lindsay's Library - watching both kids excitement and confidence grow in reading more than I could have imagined.
☼The lemonade stand - what an incredible experience both for the kids and for me. We met so many nice neighbors doing this!
☼The lollipop hotel - the kids talk about their lollipop hotel adventures for weeks. So special.
☼Summer rain - a new adventure for us and so memorable.
☼Lexi's Dance Recital - who doesn't love a good tutu show?
☼Summer smiles and just getting to hang out with my kids. Can't beat it!

Honestly there were a lot of things we didn't get to on our Summer bucket list this year. This isn't like us. But, my main focus was relaxing this Summer after  kind of stressful year. I resolved that we wouldn't squeeze two activities into one day and that we'd have plenty of unplanned days on our calendar. We needed kind of a kick back Summer. But trust me, those items we didn't get to are moving to the top of the list for 2016! 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lexi begins 4s Preschool

On Monday our Lexi girl started her 4s preschool year! And I can't help but think (as I seem to everyday of Mommy-hood) how are we already here? Despite the fact that I found out the Thursday before school started at back to school night that Lexi would have Riley, Evvy, and Hazel in her class - our girl was very scared to begin her first day of school. She could not wrap her head around the fact that Mrs. Hansen, not Mrs. Hollister would be her teacher. All morning on Monday her eyes were puffy with tears and she kept repeating that she didn't want to go. The thing about Lexi is she has a way of tugging at my heart strings. She doesn't whine and tantrum. She is quite in her complaints and I can tell she is truly scared. Luckily, her tears didn't last long. As soon as we arrived we found her friends and slowly she started smiling. Then we ran around her classroom discovering every nook and cranny of fun. Within ten minutes she was laughing and excited! I did watch her wipe away a tear while sitting in circle as I spied on her through the window after I left, but other than that she has been all smiles and laughs when it comes to preschool. This morning she couldn't wait to go and is always excited to share details of her day with me when I pick her up. I'm looking forward to a great, final year of preschool with her! 

Good thing Mimi was here to get a smile out of her for her 1st day of school picture! You can certainly tell there were water works happening prior to Mimi dancing around like a goof ball behind me to elicit that smile!

 She is very excited about Gulfy the class fish!

 She gets to sit right next to Hazel and across from Riley and Evvy
 She chose frozen yogurt as her first day of school treat!
And, the traditional after school conversation -

When I picked her up from school today Mrs. Hansen made a point to tell me how patient and nurturing Lexi is with the other kids. That she goes to great lengths to make sure everyone is getting along. I could not be prouder of her. Love that little love bug with my whole being!
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