Friday, August 28, 2015

We've got a walker!

After a few weeks of walking along walls, and holding his brother and sisters hands to walk around the house, Nathan decided to conquer his fear on Tuesday night (8.25.15 for the record) and took seven steps to me. Totally unprovoked - he surprised us all and just did it. Of course all four of use were cheering our heads off! I don't think the kid realizes how good he has it. Well, once he started, he hasn't stopped - walking more and more each day! It is so fun to watch how excited he gets. I love the walking with hands up stage. ☺

Little Nathan! We are all so proud of you. I cannot believe you are officially a toddler now! I'm looking forward to a crazy year chasing you around little man!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Soaking it up

So, basically I'm still feeling sorry for myself that our Summer was cut short. Especially when I muddle through photos of our last couple of weeks of schedule free days. I just love adventuring with these kiddos of mine and our friends. But, if I have to look on the bright side (like they say), toting two kids around during the day is way easier than managing three. Even though Declan was the oldest and pretty easy - it's just easier with two. And the fact that he is just across the street and we don't have to hop in our car to drop him off or pick him up is kind of a game changer in our lives. This combined with the fact that Nathan is beginning to take some killer afternoon naps all add up to a sweet little routine emerging. Way more kick back from last year. But still, I'm sad. I miss Declan and he is having a harder time adjusting than I thought he would (not to the school, but being gone all day). Which, quite frankly just makes my heart hurt. Ugh. 
Anyway, back to our last couple of weeks of Summer. We LOVE it!

We took the kayak out at Camp Pendleton - looking for a bay closer to home to tool around in. Of course after our day on the bay, I found out we went to the wrong location. So, we'll have to go search again. But this one worked well enough. The kids were certainly entertained! 
 Lexi, Cassidy, and Samantha
 We had to develop a system for 
 Stop cuddling me and just put me on the boat! (Nate's thought bubble)

Summer movie with the cousins! Yes, I took Nate - which basically meant I was roaming the halls the entire time. Luckily Amanda and Ryan kept us company! ☺
You know, it just isn't easy getting a movie theater picture
Dolphin Tales 2
 This lasted as long as it took me to push the button

 First soccer practices 
someone is showing off

I'm so glad we were able to squeeze in SeaWorld with the Jones'. It was the perfect day - full of fun new twists on our usual SeaWorld routine.
Nate and Trevor tried out the kids play area for the first time - it was a hit!
 We were bad moms and let the big kids play in there too. 
 Dec & Nate rough housing, so cute!
 Jaimie took the boys on Journey to Atlantis - twice! the girls and I hung back watching our crew and trying not to get soaked! 
 Totally blew out these pictures, but they're too cute not to post!

 And, here they come!

I think the ride kind of freaked Declan out a little

 Love these six!
 Looks like two Herkerts were not so happy about this picture
 I took the guys on the helicopter ride which was a lot like Star Tours at Disneyland. We met up with everyone after the Polar exhibit

 boys will be boys

 Waiting for the pet show to begin
 Intrigued by the pet show

 And the final ride - Jaimie was awesome and took the kids on the river ride - they all came off completely soaked

 Such a fun day! Wish we could meet up with this crew at SeaWorld more often! 

We spent an awesome day at Moonlight with the Mezzadri twins. These kids were getting their boogie board on! Seriously the waves were perfect for little riders. Even Lexi took up her skills a notch. While the bigger kids were out in the waves, she went off on her own and practiced. I could tell she was motivated to understand how the waves worked with the boogie board. It reminded me of when she was two and decided to learn how to ride Declan's scooter. Off on her own, figuring it out.  


 Look at Ellie go!
 Not having fun or anything!

Stacie caught this awesome slow motion video with her camera

 Future boogie boarder

 Declan and Lola started knee riding. And then Lola started standing! 

 A perfect day!
We tried something new and went to the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach with Jones's, Cejas, and Ansevins
 We stopped at the art spot where the kids made some cute turtle project

 This nice lady let them choose a "gem" to take home

 They threw pennies in the wishing well

 and listened to live music while we ate lunch

It was a fun day, but probably not a repeat!

We hit up Tamarck with the Abbotts, Riley's family from Lexi's preschool, and Christian's family from Declan's kinder class. It was a fun day with a great group of friends!

I had to say good bye to a dear friend and her family who traded in San Diego beaches for Sonoma wine. :)
Who knew this would be our last day of Summer? Well, I kind of knew there would be a chance, but certainly didn't really think it would happen! We were lucky to spend it with the McHenry girls and the Abbotts living it up at the Welk! 

Despite going back to school we've been squeezing in Summer activities here and there. I mean the weather is HOT, so we're making the best of it.
We are so blessed to have such great people to share our Summer days with! 
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