Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Sand and sunscreen. It dominates our lives right now. It is ridiculous how many almost empty, sand crusted bottles of sunscreen I have in our beach bag. And, lets talk about Nathan's head. The kid won't keep a hat on to save his life. Soooo, he is doused in sunscreen every day. So much so that even after I bathe him, he still smells like sunscreen. It has been a good Summer so far. Relaxing, playful, friend filled. We've been hitting the beach a lot. Most days I don't even take the boogie board out of the car. 
Our smallest grom has developed a great love of the ocean. Most beach days I am in the water, holding him up in the surf, while the waves splash over his pop belly. Or, holding Nathan while pulling big brother around on the boogie board in the shallow surf. I wish I had a picture of both. I've been in the water more this Summer than any other Summer past. And I can't help but think, what in the world was I doing before? Taking more pictures is what. Naturally it has taken a much more concerted effort for me to get pics this summer - holding a sandy baby and managing three kids. The camera is lucky to see the light of day. I want it all documented though, so I make sure to grab it - even if its for short time.
The older ones are catching their summer stride too. Lexi is consistently as deep as her brother this Summer and we even got her her own boogie board to play around with. Good stuff. 
I'm definitely digging the Summer vibe with this tribe. 

We hit up the Botanical Gardens with the Klock crew before they flew off back East. it was a hot morning, but always fun!

Showing me the "heart leaf" she found
Time to cool off in the stream

Nathan had a little play date at the house with his buddy Max
We've been steadfast witht he Summer reading program and are sad it is coming to an end. One of the prizes last week was a free shaved ice at Rita's! Our first taste - we are hooked!
An afternoon at G-Moms and Grandpops. Lexi love of reading is becoming more and more apparent. The girl will sit down with a book any time of day.
Good old fashioned checkers

Beach Days! We spent a fun morning at Tamarack with Riley, Quinn, and Quinn's friend Maddie (plus all siblings and oms of course). It was really fun for the preschool friends to see one another again. Definitely a special day for our girl!

Quinn, Riley, Maddie, Cameron, and Lexi

After the heavy rain, we decided to go to Ruby's on the Pier for dinner. It was so refreshing - the smell of rain still fresh in the air, a beautiful sunset, and family time - you can't beat it!

lots of dolphin spotting
We were seated on the top level - always adds something extra to dinner sitting so high up on the pier.

Nothing but Daddy love. 

Obsessed with the fisherman and their catches

Back to the beach. Our troops. So happy to have little helpers this year!
Brothers. He loves to carry Nate around. Nate loves to be carried by Declan.
On his way to the ocean
Forever friends
We met Katie and Lizzy who are moving to Sonoma in a few weeks :(
The waves were rough, big and the current was strong. I wouldn't even let the kiddos boogie board.

Going to miss these girls big time!

We met up with the Mezzadri girls at Mission Bay for some kayaking. We always love to catch up with these girls. Always an adventure!

 You can't tell from this picture, but Lola is actually paddling pretty far from shore. So impressive.

 Nathan made it very clear he did not want to be left out of the fun! No problem!

A day at La Jolla Shores with the McHenry girls and their friends. I mean seriously - what a beautiful day!
 Group pic - love that Nate is waving for it!

 Can't keep this kid away
 Assuming this is a mouth full of salt face

 sand crabbing
 insisted on being buried

 ♥ the hand holding

We went straight from  the beach to the airport to pick up Cousin Jordyn. We'll keep our adventures with her for another post...

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