Monday, June 29, 2015


Just a few recent Declan conversations I don't want to forget - 

Declan: Mom, are you a kid or an adult?
Me: What do you think I am?
Declan: I think you might be a kid. 

Best thing he could ever say to me.

And sticking with the subject of adults... after being on the losing team of the froggy game the other night, Declan was furiously brushing his teeth...

"I am so mad. Like really mad. I am as frustrated as an adult!"

The kid does not like to lose. 


Nathan's second favorite word is "Momma". His first is "Ba, ba, ba". Even though he calls a lot of things Momma, I know that when he says it to me, it is with direction. I know this because he kind of yells it at me when he is mad or frustrated. Absolutely cracks me up. Oh, how I love this boy of mine. Of course I had to get the precious ten month old saying "Momma" on video:

Saturday, June 27, 2015

suds in the sink

Hard to believe that I took these pictures almost two months ago...and am just now getting around to posting them. Such is my life these days. Anyway, watching Nate in the bath is a riot as he explores everything and tries to catch water. Watching him in the sink was even better. Nothing beats a baby in a sink bath. Ridiculous picture overload happening here.

birthday leftovers

Way back in February I dragged the kids and my mom to the yellow flower fields to take some birthday photos of them. As I was cleaning out 6 months of pictures (yikes!) I stumbled on them and decided to post a few out-takes. Basically, this is just a post heavy on pictures and light on words. ☺

Declan was NOT into it at all. I was lucky to get a usable birthday picture of him.
 Lexi, on the other hand was full of facial expressions and silliness! 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Father's Day Letters by Adam

Since my favorite job is being a dad I thought I would start the same tradition as Lindsay's Mother's Day Letters.  I am so thankful for my three little ones and the love that we share.  Even though it can get chaotic at times we sure do have a good time together.  Thank you for a wonderful Fathers Day. 

Declan, you are my first, the day I met you is the day I became a father.  I remember so clearly the first time I held you.  I was not overwhelmed or scared.  It was a tremendous feeling knowing I had a son.  Being the first you have had to deal with the learning curve of your parents and the responsibility of being the oldest child.  You have handled these things very well and I am so proud of the growth you have shown especially this last year with school and a new baby in the house.  As a father I must admit that I have learned just as much from you as you have learned from me.  Your fun loving, outgoing attitude is a joy to be around.  Last night at dinner, while you were taking forever to eat, I was telling you how much you reminded me of me.  Your inquisitive nature, your love of joking around, and the fact you look exactly like me.  You told me you wish I was your age so we could play together.  Believe me, sometimes I wish that were true.  We would have a great time playing together.  But for now you will have to deal with a 38 year old trying to act like he is 6.  In all honesty for men these ages really are not that far apart.  Love you lots champ.

 Lexi, my only daughter, my princess, the apple of my eye.  It is hard to put into words the bond which exists between a father and a daughter, especially my feelings towards you.  You are such a fun loving girl who wears her emotions on her sleeve.  I love your laugh and the way you make up games.  I have been chasing you since you could crawl and even yesterday we played the rar game (this is the game where I growl like a monster and chase you).  You have a beautiful heart and I can see in the way you help out and take care of Nathan you are so similar to your mom.  You are more cautious when entering uncomfortable situations.  Your first year in school was a hard challenge for you, but you found your groove and made friends and began to really enjoy school you had a difficult time at the end of the year.  Watching you go through this process is hard for a dad because I always want to be there for you and protect you.  However, I am very proud of the way you grew this past year.  You are sandwiched in the middle of 2 boys, but I don’t think that matters to you at all.  You are growing into a very lovely little girl and I am excited to see you continue your growth.  Just know that you always be my Lexigirl. 

 Nathan, the youngest, the game changer.  Hard to think that a year ago you were not with us.  I won’t lie I was a little unsure of myself before you came along.  I did not know how we would do with 3 little ones.  While you have brought a new set of challenges you have filled our house with more love.  You have an infectious smile and love the attention you get from your siblings.  You are moving around and so curious about the world.  I forgot how quickly a determined little baby can move.  I do just love the way you crawl towards me when you see me and how anxious you are for me to hold you.  We have a good connection.  Your mom and I went back and forth about having a third child, and with you here now I don’t know how we got along without you.  I am anxious to see you grow and see your development with Declan and Lexi.  Being the youngest you will be able to take advantage of your mom and me.  But if you keep up your happy go lucky attitude we won’t mind at all.  Love you lots palooka junior.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Kickin' Off Summer

Despite the San Diego weather taking a little while to get the memo that summer is officially here, we wasted no time donning swimsuits and slapping on sunscreen (even with the heavy morning fog that took forever to lift)! 

Our first day of Summer vacation we hung out at Christian's neighborhood pool...which just happens to be right next door to the Peacock Farm. Of course a Peacock came wandering in, completely entertaining the kiddos. We now refer to it as "The Peacock Pool".
Dec and Christian
The Goad crew met up too! Quinn and Lexi being silly together
Love the hand holding in this picture!

The next day we headed to the beach to celebrate Quinn's 4th birthday! Despite heavy clouds in the morning, the skies parted in the afternoon, making for a fantastic day to celebrate Miss Quinn!
Declan caught 2 fish!
Present opening!

Uncle Len took some of the kids across the street to fish in the bay. Apparently they caught a baby octopus!

birthday smooch!

These two have become exceptionally close in the last couple of months. They play together so well! She always makes him laugh. It is so fun to watch her as a big sister.

The best part of kicking off Summer was Mimi's arrival! Yay!! It has been awhile since she visited (at least by our terms). Her very first day here we were going to ride the Amtrak North - just for a change of pace - until we saw the incredibly high price of the tickets. So, we opted for our normal $11 ride to downtown San Diego. Always a good time!

Declan has been into learning about WWII lately, so it was fun to stop at the Middway Memorial and check it out.

 I guess the train ride did him in!
And now for a crazy amount of carousel pictures!

We've been tearing through some Nate the Great books we got at the library lately. Here's a small section of this blog post dedicated to our own Nate the Great!

Riding in the push car is his new favorite past isn't complete until Declan or Lexi jump on and ride with him!

Usually I pick him up from day care at the gym either crying in one of the babysitters arms, or looking like he wants to cry in one of the baby sitters arms. On this particular day I was greeted with a big grin! Such a fun change of pace!

We hit up Alga Norte one day with Mimi. We couldn't keep this little guy out of the water. Seriously, he is crazy about swimming! 

Diving practice
 Quite a few camps were also there too - which was kind of a bummer until we ran into Declan's friend Brett from school.
Cannon Ball!
 Nate taking his first real dip int he water. The kid loved it! All smiles and wiggles to get back in!

 Brett and Declan
We helped Elise celebrate her first birthday! Crazy to think someone else's first birthday is right around the corner!

 Father's Day love ♥

 Daddy spent the morning golfing. They wanted to decorate the window with hearts for him while he was gone. Completely their own idea. So sweet!

A pretty good start for one week in!

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