Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Happenings

How is it that I am already turning my calendar over to May? Seriously, did this month even happen? All month I kept thinking I need to do an April catch up post...and I'm finally getting around to it - squeezing it in in the final hours. We had a lot of big stuff happen in April (or at least big for us). Easter, Lexi's fourth birthday, a camping trip, the purchase of the house - it's no wonder the month felt like it was over before it began. Anyway, here is a summary of our "smaller" moments over the last month.

This is my favorite thing happening this month: baby plank (or downward dog? ☺). This little one is all over the place these days. Pulling up, scooting, falling over backward, getting into everything and anything. We still can't say he is officially crawling, but he is very close. 
most squeezable tushy in town

We had fun at Haley's pool party, helping her celebrate 5 years!

 Such gusto!
 How many kiddos can you fit on a tramp?
A summer teaser - a day at the beach with the Mezzadr girls and their cousins. So. much. fun!!!!

 Ellie's boogie board skills are so impressive - she'll probably take after her Daddy as a surfer one day!

 And Liam who is Lexi's age, killing it on the board!

This kid loves the swings so much. I took Lexi and Nathan to a park nearby our house one evening while Daddy and Declan were at baseball practice. His silly swing laugh almost makes me wish their were swings at our park across the street. Almost
Her dance recital is right around the corner! Can't wait to see our girly on stage again!

Coach Adam gave 110% this season. We only have one game left! 
Breakfast with our butterflies ☺
Crawling practice
A trip to the Flower Fields with Ben and Noah was so much fun and got us in the mood for Spring!
A tiny snail found on the way in proved to be quite exciting!
A wagon ride
 and the scavenger hunt are musts on the list.
Group pic - everyone smiling and (kind of?) looking!

 My flower girl ♥

Grandpa took Declan fishing one day. Lexi was supposed to go to, but backed out at the last minute - which probably worked out for the best. Declan had an incredible day with his grandpa. He's still talking about it. Apparently they stayed at the lake for 3 hours! And then went back to Grandpop and G-Moms for some train fun. 
A little picture of the fishing crew

We went with the Rowe family to a Hullabaloo concert at Isla's preschool, meeting at their house prior for some adult drinks and trampoline jumping. Trampoline's are all the rage these days!
Baby Love!! Elise + Nathan
 Love Lexi's crazy hair in these next pics!
 And the smiles and high jumps!!

 The concert was fantastic! It was so much less crowded than evening concerts we'd been to in the past. Loved it!!

Random rainy Saturday! Our little guy enjoying the fire.
The coaches son has to wait for the end of the season to earn the game ball. He was ecstatic. The pictures tell it all...

Quinn and Ryan came over one morning for a play date. The girls had fun crafting.
 The boys had fun doing boy things.
I got to visit Lexi's class and talk about photography. It was a special morning - one I know that she loved. Of course I did too.  Here's a little picture we took, showing the kiddos how cameras capture movement.

Heat wave = a pool visit after school! Love these lazy afternoons with the kids. I definitely don't take them for granted. In just months Declan will be in school all day. The thought of it makes my chest heavy.
Another fun play date with Quinn and Ryan! Warm weather calls for beachy mornings. Poor Declan had to miss because of school. I felt bad for the little guy. He took it in stride though.

French fries are the best!!!
 Amazon prime = no shortage of boxes at our house! They always provide hours of entertainment!!
Translation - Herkert kids group meeting topic - what should we do with the box today?
 Oh yay! Lets stuff Declan in it!! He's the most laid back.
Wait! That looks like fun! I want a turn!!!
And to end, we finally have a Lego/baby on the move solution. Declan wants to be where the action is. Nathan is the action. Legos and baby do NOT mix. We finally put them on our dining room table. I mean that's what we bought it for, right? Ha, ha! One big, coexisting, happy family!
That about closes up April. Okay May, we are ready for you!
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