Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Feeling Spring-ee

Strawberry picking, flower fields, and beach days are giving us a little spring in our step. I love the excitement of the change of seasons and activities.  Lately I'm feeling like I can almost touch summer and the long lazy days ahead! Of course Declan being on Spring break last week added to the excitement. We are on an official countdown for June!

Our weekly Wednesday morning play date with Riley at the Botanical Gardens.
Crafts are a fantastic way to begin any day!
I'll never tire of this gummy smile!

peek-a-boo Nathan!

We decided to take a quick Sprinter ride one day after school to the Oceanside station to pick up some of the cardboard train banks the kids love to play with. A quick way to kill an hour and put smiles on your kids faces for the rest of the day!

Before heading off to Spring break they gave out Trimester Awards at Declan's school. He received the Champion Award for the second time this year. If he gets it one more time this year his name goes on a plaque in the office. 

After the ceremony we celebrated with Christian and Lily by going to Firehouse Subs for dinner. We were quite the group - 3 moms and 8 kids. 

You know it is Spring when a box of caterpillars arrive on your doorstep. The kids were so excited! We immediately opened them up. Declan named his Sean and Chrysalis. Lexi named hers Egg and Shine. Daddy named number five Chuck. They are now in the Chrysalis form and will probably emerge as butterflies sometime next week.

Declan is finally using the Lego table I made for him a little over a year ago! 
One night I walked upstairs and found this scene. Love how she is always by his side.
We headed down to Balboa Park one Sunday (being that we are pass holders). This time we investigated the Museum of Man and the Model Train Museum. 
Nathan in front of the beer exhibit (naturally)
Checking out the Monster exhibit with Daddy

Lunch by the pond proved to be entertaining when a bird swooped down and caught one of the coy fish. 
The train museum was a major win. We've been here so many times. But this time one of the workers informed us of a a train club for little boys. The only criteria is you have to be six. It meets once a month for two hours, teaches the kids how to build tracks, run trains, etc. On top of all that it is free. Sign us up! We are in and Declan is pumped!
Getting a prize for finding Waldo in the model train room

We were excited to go on our first (impromptu) Strawberry Picking adventure of the year with Christian (a friend from Declan's PM Kinder class), his brothers, and their friends. It was a perfect morning for it. The kids got their fill of strawberries, mud, and dirt. Good stuff. The perfect recipe for childhood fun if you ask me.

 You better believe we let this little one participate in the strawberry goodness!

 After picking we headed off to G-Moms and Grandpops to play with their trains. After about an hour, Declan tossed his cookies on their side yard. The beginning of a 24 hour stomach bug that hit Adam and myself later that day. Ugh!!
 But before the flu got the better of us, we had a great time controlling the trains. Nathan was totally into it - it was all Grandpop could do to keep him from jumping out of his arms onto the table.

 And Declan had two trains going at the same time, perfectly timed.

Being that it is Spring, we decided to sprout some beans and plant them. It was a project I did a few years ago with Declan. their a little older now so I thought they'd really enjoy it. We picked out our beans, put them in wet paper towels and hung them on the window to sprout.

We hit up the Flower Fields with the cousins one day. It was hot and crowded so we called it quits a little earlier than usual. But the kids loved playing on the play ground and the scavenger hunt. I'm looking forward to taking them back on a less crowded day soon!

My favorite kind of day...South Ponto on a hot, Friday morning! We went with the cousin crew again, plus the Christian, Nixon, and Crew. We couldn't have asked for a better morning.
Nathan was all about the hold that was dug for him!

 Happy, sandy baby
 Wait mom - I think I can smile bigger!

A great so-cal day!
And nothing like a few baseball pics to finish off our Spring post!

Happy Spring!

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