Saturday, February 28, 2015


So we surprised the kids during dinner on Wednesday night with a little announcement...the following day they would NOT be going to school! Instead we were taking them to Disneyland! This was a little different approach than we've done in the past. We usually do the countdown but thought it might be fun to surprise them. After doing both I have to say, I enjoy the countdown and the build up a little more. But, the kids were over the moon. Mimi was nice enough to stay with Nathan during the 14 hours we were gone. As I understand he was fantastic for most of the day, but the end was a little rough. It was for me too - he is still nursing and I was definitely uncomfortable during the end of our Disneyland adventure. But, it was totally worth it. This was so different than the other times we took the kids. Usually the majority of our time is spent in Fantasy Land. This time we were all over the park with very little time spent in Fantasy Land. Lexi was just tall enough to go on some of the bigger rides, and so we rode! We were like little kids running around all day. It all went by way too fast. We went on Star Tours, Space Mountain, Autopia, watched the Jedi's train during lunch, It's a Small World, stood in a long line to say hello to Minnie while Declan and Daddy rode the Tune Town Coaster, rode on Pirates and the Haunted House, took the raft over to Tom Sawyer's Island, rode on Big Thunder Mountain (twice), the Monorail (Declan's favorite), Dumbo (Lexi's favorite), the Carousel, the Tea Cups, the Rockets, the Jungle Cruise (by far the longest wait and a near potty accident while in that line made this ride particularly interesting), and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. We got the kids their first pair of ears, ate junk food, and really just loved being together. It was truly a day of freedom. Our annual trip to Disneyland is one of my favorite days of the year. 

The whole way up the kids were talking about how they couldn't wait to ride the bus (from the parking lot to the park). So easily entertained these two. So I had to take a picture of them on the bus.

 The very first ride we took them on was Star Tours. They were a little scared but Lexi thought the funny guy that broke through the window at the end was hilarious. 
Trying on the Vader ears after the ride
Next up we went on Space Mountain. I still can't believe we took them on this ride. After we asked both of them if they liked it - they said yes. When we asked if they wanted to do it again, they said no! Such troopers these two. 
Here is a phone picture of Lexi and Daddy waiting in the Space Mountain line.
Autopia is always a favorite!

 I rode with Declan who took the driving part very seriously. He also kept warning me not to bump into the car in front of us because it wasn't allowed. Such a rule follower!
 honk, honk, beep, beep
We decided to watch the Jedi's train while we ate lunch. The kids always get a kick out of it!

 We headed over to it's a Small World. The last few years we've been to Disneyland was during Christmas time so it was fun to see the non-Christmas version of the ride.

 Lexi and I waited in line to see Minnie. It was so worth the wait for both of us. She was excited to see Minnie and I loved watching her reaction. She requested to go to princess houses too. I think next year I'll have to plan on some time set aside to do that, but was able to push it off one more year. 

Tea Cup fun!!

 The line situation wasn't bad at all. Most lines were about 15 minutes or less (except Minnie and the Jungle Cruise).
The first pair of ears. We discussed the ears all day. We tried  on lots of different ones. After Pirates Declan chose a pair of pirate ears (his runner up was R2D2 ears) and Lexi chose some fuzzy classic Minnie ears.

 Tom Sawyer shenaningans

Gun shooting

A Storm trooper gave Lexi a high five while we were waiting in line for the rockets. I missed it by a split second...

 Also while in line for the rockets we saw the Frozen Float go by
 rocket fun!

 We got the captain's seat in the monorail - Declan's happiest moment of the day. ☺
 New shirt for Daddy

Family pic on the way to Big Thunder Mountain
 Ready to ride! This is my favorite Disneyland ride. 

 I turned around and snapped this of Declan as the train climbed up the ice cave...
 Dumbo with my girl

 Carousel - cracks me up how they always want to ride this when we can ride one at the mall.

It was such a fantastic day. The best part for me was giving Declan and Lexi some undivided attention. I held Lexi in line most of the time - I rarely get to hold her these days as Nathan is always in the Ergo. The freedom of running around with these two was just awesome. But, we all talked about how we are all looking forward to bringing Nathan here one day soon. This was probably our last Disney trip as a family of four!

lets go shopping

It's so much more fun sitting in the cart rather than the Ergo...
Love that gummy smile. ☺
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