Friday, January 30, 2015

on the up and up

Sitting practice. It won't be too long before this one is seeing the world from a new view. 

Little Nathan - wasn't it just yesterday you were a tiny bundle in my arms and I was worried because you weren't smiling yet? Now look at you! Almost sitting and so smiley about it. Truly, I've never known a baby to smile as much as you do. I love you so much you happy, curious ball  of energy. I'm going to soak up these final weeks of baby superman before you are officially sitting. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Big Bear {skiing, sledding, and whatnot}

Last weekend we headed up to Big Bear with the Rowes and the Shields.  Adam's late grandmother's sister (aka Aunt Rita) let us stay in her big, beautiful cabin. With six adults, four kiddos, and two babies there was room to spare! It was a great weekend. The dynamic of the group was perfect - each kid (and baby) had a partner in crime, and the adults had  fun catching up, relaxing, and playing Cards Against Humanity. Even though there was very little snow, we took advantage of the man-made kind. We put the kids in skiing lessons for the first time and found a fun sledding hill. It was an all around fun little get away, sure to be repeated next year! 

And now, picture overload (naturally) -

We arrived Thursday night and woke up the kids bright and early the next morning to arrive at the mountain by 7:30am! They were so excited, they didn't care.
Isla and Lexi girl ready to hit the slopes!
Getting geared up at the ski rental place
The boys, ready to shred ☺

I was kind of nervous to see how Lexi would take to ski school, as she generally has a hard time with the beginning of any type of lesson or change. She did much better than I could have hoped. There were a few tears as we said good bye, but much less than I expected. The rest of the lesson was all smiles!!
Early morning slope picture - Luke, Isla, and Lexi
They fell a bit behind the group so Daddy carried Dec and his skis.
Isla, Lexi, and Declan
Ready to hit the slopes!

And off they go!
We hit the lodge for some warm drinks before heading out to watch the little ones. Surprisingly Adam and I didn't board. The conditions were awful and since it has been 5(+!) years, I didn't want to risk an injury. Plus, I really wanted to see how the kids did. I will say being up in the mountains definitely gave me the itch to go on a real boarding trip!
Babies lounging in the lodge

I blew out this picture, so had to cover it up with a black and white. Couldn't not post that smile though!
The magic carpet - for days it has been involved with our pretend play. Riding up the hill on the magic carpet. I dare say they enjoyed that better than going down the hill!

 Declan had teh hardest time gaining speed. Most of the time he shuffled his skis in order to get down.
 Jeremy, Adam, and Brian
 shuffle shuffle
 Isla went up on the chair and skied down the big slope!

 up the magic carpet she goes

 Lexi and Luke
 bombing down the bunny hill

 Catching some speed with the instructor
 meanwhile, on the sidelines...

 taking a little break

 little snow baby

 Nearing the end of class and he looks done.
 Hanging with Uncle Brian

 By noon these kids were cooked! A well deserved lunch at the lodge!
 Time to head back to the cabin for a relaxing afternoon.☺
These two kept one another entertained 
 I was fully prepared for constant phone requests during the down time at the cabin...instead the boys spent the majority of their time playing War!

The next day we headed to a different kind of slope - the sledding hill. We knew there wasn't a chance of finding a hill to sled that didn't involve man made snow, so we kept the sleds we brought in the shed and headed to the inner-tube park!
 The only bummer about this was that Melissa and I had to stay on the outside of the gate with the babies while the rest of the group caught some rides. At least we had each other to chat with, and I was able to snap some pics by standing on a lunch table. Good thing I had my zoom lens!
Daddy and Dec - getting ready to ride the slide!

 Uncle Brian and Isla gaining speed!
 Daddy and Declan getting smoked by Jeremy and Luke!
 Adam was much eaiser to spot once he lost the jacket! Jeremy, Heather, and Adam
 What's up in the parking lot, girl?
 Lexi actually stayed with me for about 10 minutes before we convinced her to take a ride with Daddy. She never returned to the parking lot. 

 Gotta love the magic carpet on the sledding hill!
 Super man style ☺

 Heather and Declan racing Daddy and Lexi
 Parking lot year we'll be riding the tubes!
 Cabin girls
 Of course there was some phone play...hooking him while he's young. Ugh!
What do you do when your 5 month old is wide awake in the middle of the night? Take a picture of course!

 Had to  get a picture of the kids with the bear out front!

 We went on a walk to a nearby park where Nathan experienced his first ride in a swing.

In just five years he'll be doing this!
 Some more park fun...

A little game of horse shoes

 The kids thought they hit the jack pot when we discovered this dried up river bed - the small things excite those from the concrete jungle of Southern California.

 Relaxing after a full, active day!
And a group picture to finish up our Big Bear post! Can't wait to do it again next year (maybe with more snow!)

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