Wednesday, December 31, 2014


We completed our family.
Learned to ride a bike.
Learned to write our name.
Saw the Grand Canyon.
Celebrated a 37th, 36th, 5th, and 3rd birthday.
Welcomed Nathan.
Went to the beach almost every month (it was a hot year).
Started Kindergarten.
Started Preschool.
Loved. Laughed. Cried.
And just like that it was over.

We're looking forward to 2015 and all the changes and growth that come with it.
Happy New Year!!

Christmas with the Cousins

After a wonderful Christmas morning we headed over to G-Mom and Grandpops for more Christmas fun! Eating, drinking, merry making...and more present opening! It was exceptionally fun and chaotic this year. We had seven speaking children and the gift exchange was a sea of wrapping paper and squeals. We adults tried to control it with our "youngest to oldest rule" nut truth be told there was absolutely no order to this unwrapping session. Just excitement and paper flying everywhere. It could have been a Christmas commercial. I loved every minute of it!!
Lots of time was spent around the trains. Grandpa keeps adding to it,truly making it a village you'd want t0 live in!
 It wasn't long before we rounded up those little rascals for some Christmas cheer! I'll let the pctures speak for themselves.


 We ended the evening under the street light trying out Dec's new remote control car given to him by Quinn & Ryan. I'd say it was a hit!!

Another Christmas come and gone. I'm sad it's already over.

Christmas Morning Magic

I'd be lying if I didn't admit to having butterflies in my stomach Christmas morning. The kids ran into our room at 6:30 on the dot. We do this crazy mean thing where we make them wait upstairs while we get ready - brush our teeth, turn the lights and music on, etc. I love watching as their anticipation grows while they wait.
 His first Christmas. What is all this craziness?

It wasn't too long before we unleashed the unwrapping fury!

Nathan opening his first Christmas present

 A vibrating teether - just what he always wanted. ☺
Working on their stocking stuffers
 New slippers, eating a chocolate Santa for breakfast - what better way to start Christmas day!
With stocking stuffers done, we moved onto the tree. Christmas smiles.

 Since she is batman obsessed we got her a batman toy. I dare say it is one of her favorites. When she first opened it she thought it was for Declan. When we told her it was for her she was so excited!!
 Daddy bought Declan his very own bat in preparation for baseball season. I bought Lexi some new ballet slippers for her dance class that begins next week. It was one of the last gifts I picked up on a whim at Target. I couldn't believe how excited she was about them.

Princesses were her next favorite gift. She is always carrying around a little princess and batman together. When she asks you to play with her, she always keeps batman for herself and hands over the princess.


Adam and I did our best to drag out the morning as much as possible. We took a break to enjoy our traditional Christmas morning monkey bread.
Batman and Elsa in hand
 Back to unwrapping

 Beautiful Christmas chaos

The Santa gifts were an Elsa Castle and a remote control helicopter (which predictably is already broken).
Nate got a new bouncer which he was more than ready for and absolutely loves!
It was a lazy, wonderful morning as we played with our presents. It truly is magical to watch the unabashed joy of kids on Christmas morning.

 monkey bread break ☺
We brought Declan's new remote control helicopter outside to try before we realized there was a reason the box said inside toy.
 Taking a spin to get rid of Christmas morning wiggles.

 Back inside we finally got the thing working.
 Adam sat with Declan for a minute, showing how to control it before Declan insisted on doing it on his own.
 He had that thing mastered in no time. Completely shocked me.
 Before it broke, Lexi and Declan loved flying "missions". Have to see about getting a replacement part. It really was a cool toy.
I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas morning with these three kids. It truly was a special year. Listening to them converse with one another and enjoy it together. Plus, the addition of Nate added a whole new exciting element. We truly feel so blessed.

Update! I wanted to get a family picture in front of the tree on Christmas morning - but completely forgot in all the unwrapping madness! So, this morning (1-1-15) right before we took down the tree, we did a self timer family pic in front of our sad looking, sagging tree. ☺A week late, but whose counting?
 Adam and Nate didn't get the funny face memo.
 We took down Christmas today. Declan and Lexi had a really hard time with it. Declan kept saying "the house doesn't look beautiful anymore" and Lexi actually cried...because, well, that's what she does. Ha, ha!
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