Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fall Tidbits

This is one of those before-we head-out-for-Thanksgiving-I-better-catch-up-on-the-blog-types

We've been watching Charlie Brown lately - you know, the holiday trio - the Great Pumpkn, Thanksgiving, and the Charlie Brown Christmas. I mean nothing feels more like Fall than that Charlie Brown theme song chirping in the background. Anyway, the other day Declan and Lexi were building a train track and I hear Lexi get frustrated with Declan and call him a "blockhead". I had a good laugh to myself before I refereed the situation. ☺

Aunt Kristin, Ella, Lexi, Nate, and I hit up the Legoland Aquarium one day last week after dropping the kinders off at school. The girls weren't particularly into it this day, so I wasn't exactly motivated to take pictures. It was more a catch up with Kristin kind of day.

My little Pilgrim and Indian. The early school years = crafty Thanksgiving hats and noodle necklaces. Sigh and smile.
 I have had a blank wrapped canvas sitting in the toy room/office for over a year now, so we decided to get our Fall craft on with a finger print tree.
 I kind of love the finished painting!

This poor kiddo. He's barely three months old, and his brother and sister are already using him as a choo choo train. He didn't like it much.

We ran into Uncle Mike and Aunt Kristin at Costco. Naturally we did the Costco lunch together.  Mike took this cute pic of the kids and was kind enough to send it to me.

 Since we'll be spending Thanksgiving with my mom, we decided we'd better get on the ball and decorate for Christmas since it will be December when we return. I love this day. Jammies until way past noon, Christmas music playing, and lots of excitement as we pull out our boxes of cheer! We dressed Nate appropriately for the occasion.

 These two tackled the job of getting putting our advent calendar together.

 She loves her snow globe G-Mom and Granpop bought for her when she was just a baby!
 The village - Daddy's pride and joy. We all kind of love it too. ☺
 Tackling the big job of banister garland.
 Mr. Christmas himself.
 Hot chocolate cheers!
 Daddy hooking Nate up with his first taste of whip cream.
 We spent Sunday with the Rowes and Shields. Hanging out, watching the football game, reminiscing. Good times.
Baby Love
 Declan, Luke, Isla and Lexi entertained themselves the whole afternoon. 
Bounce house fun!!

 Melissa pulled out the shrink-a-dinks! Brilliant. I'm thinking Santa might have to bring some to the Herkert house.
 Anxiously watching the shrinking process!
We spent Monday with some of our favorite people at one of our favorite Fall locations: Irvine Park with the Jones. All feels right with the world when you get to spend a little time with your best friends. Seriously such a fund day.
We did a lot of bike riding and scooting. 

 The girls giving Nate some love.
 Crazy kiddos!

 Group shot attempts are always interesting. ☺

 Our vision for this one was perfect - the picture itself...not so much.
 We couldn't leave without a train ride!
 Train chaos.
 The conductor was nice enough to take a picture with the kids.
 Before we left we let the kids run around in the trees. Best part of the day by far.
Kylie and Lexi spent their time collecting sticks to build a giant nest.

 And, the boys climbed trees.

 These two got to know one another better. They should. After all, they are going to be best friends.

Such a great day!

Now we are ready to go stuff ourselves and lay around doing nothing. Gotta love American holidays.

3 months, 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 11 years

It's that time of year for the cousin picture!
Always a little chaotic, but so worth it!
 This year we thought we'd include those responsible...G-Mom and Grandpop!
 And since we were all there, why not update the family picture?

All of this picture snapping was hard work! We celebrated our triumph of getting everyone together with pizza and wine. So. much. fun!
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