Friday, October 31, 2014

bat girl

She has a crazy obsession with batman. How does a three year old who is so girly and loves princess and dresses that spin so much also love batman? At Art Soup she always chooses to make bats or batman type projects. Anytime she get to choose what to watch, she chooses the old school batman cartoons. It is kind of bizarre...and also kind of cute. 
In my attempt to stay on top of the clothing situation with three kids (not an easy task by the way), I was going through some bins in the garage - moving Fall clothes in and storing Summer clothes when I stumbled upon Declan's old batman jammies. Would you believe they are just her size.
In Lexi's world she just won the lottery!

pumpkin play

I am waiting for the day when they carve the pumpkins themselves! Actually, I do enjoy the carving part...kind of. But the preparation is for the birds. Yuck. Ugh. Over it. Until I see their gleeful faces. So excited about the jack-o-lanterns. I mean nothing screams gobs of candy is just around the corner than pumpkins turned into jack-o-lanterns!

 checking out the finished products
scary pumpkin face Daddy!


Thursday, October 30, 2014

around here

In the past week:

Nathan laughed out loud.

I found out Declan chases girls during recess with his friends Connor and Christian because they like to make the girls scream. And so it begins.


I dropped Lexi off at preschool two times without any tears!

Big stuff. Good stuff. These are the things I'm hanging onto, because honestly there were quite a few times over the past couple of weeks I felt fit to be tied. Our dishwasher broke and the repair person couldn't come to our house for a whole week. This is super inconvenient for a household that runs their dishwasher practically everyday (so not green over here). And, while I'm bitching...Declan's homework feels like it has quadrupled since we began school a month ago. Afternoons can be a bit tricky helping him while managing the two younger ones who still need attention. We're finding our balance, although at times it isn't pretty. In fact, it's darn right ugly. Those are the dirty details. Now, on the brighter side, here are some of our fun, light-hearted October snaps.

We met up with Jaimie, Micah, Kylie, and Trevor on a Sunday at Irvine Park Pumpkin Patch. Despite the crowds we had a spectacular day hanging out and catching up with our friends. 
It was definitely too crowded for a train ride, so we just gave it a wave instead.
Love these four pumpkins

We let the kids each pick one thing to do. The boys chose the tractor race, the girls chose pony rides. That doesn't mean we can't photo op the tractor with them!
And off they go!

A tradition. If I had the patience I'd go back and find the pictures from every year measuring his height...yay, not going to happen tonight.
Cutie -pa-tooties

Lexi and Kylie were old enough to ride the big horses...graduating from the ponies. I didn't think much of it until I saw Lexi's head bobbing around and her pig-tails flying. I couldn't stop laughing. She seriously looked liked a rag doll being thrown around on the horse. And she, of course, loved every minute of it!
thanks to Jaimie for this next little group of awesome pictures!!

I had to get some video of miss bobble head

Lexi and I met up with our new school friends Marla and Hailey while the boys were in school. Lexi really wanted to show Hailey what Art Soup was all about. It was a hit! We love making new friends!!

Lexi's new saying these days is "I'm still hungry mom. What else do you have?" The problem is the girl doesn't like anything I offer her, so she's hungry all of the time. Anyway, I had to snatch up these Hungry Caterpillar jammies. It was too perfect a fit!

One night Declan took my hand and said, "close your eyes mom - I have something to show you". And then he took my hand, leading me to the family room, where this little guy was waiting to say hello on my coffee table (Adam helped Declan put Nate up there in the bumbo). Declan wanted him to be able to see better. He was so proud. Cracked me up!
So, I mentioned I've been having a bit of a rough time lately. Last Friday was pretty hot. So after Declan got out of school, I took the kids over to the pool for some fun in the sun with just the four of us. I needed some bonding time, where we weren't running around in the car or doing homework. Just some good old fashioned play. It was such a fun afternoon. We put Nate in the pool for the first time, which pretty much wore him out. He slept for hours, so we played for hours. Such a great day and just what we needed! 

Me and my boys☺
Nate's first time in the water - he appeared to like it - in other words, he didn't cry.

Declan loved diving for his toys - this day was the most I've seen him do this.
Post cannon ball ☺

silly under water selfies
Hellllllo fat face! Despite despising this picture of myself, I had to include because I love Lex in it.
 Declan had a few days off of school for parent teacher conferences. You better believe we made the most of it! First up was a coaster ride with Isla, Elise and Melissa to downtown San Diego. We walked over to the Children's Museum where we met up with Holly, Noah, and Ben. Such a fun day!!
Excited little coaster riders!
Can you feel the silliness?
Always excited to bring Nate in on the fun!
Photo op on our way to the museum.
We were greeted byt eh chicken man on the way in.

Nate wanted to have a little fun too!

Lexi and Ben were all about making a big mess in the paint!

Our cute group, minus the three babies who were Ergo bound. Wish I would have snapped a picture of the three of them.
A little jumping before the (unanticipated long) ride home
The ride home turned out to be a little more than we bargained for. Two stops before ours we had to get off the train and board a bus. One of the stations was closed due to "police activity". The kids thought the bus ride was awesome. Melissa and I did not. It is kind of a long day, and by the time you are two stations away from getting off the train the last thing you want is a 40 minute bus ride. I chalked it up as an adventure. At the least the diversion kept the kids entertained.
Next up! We enjoyed a crowd-less day at SeaWorld with our cousins! It was so fun and relaxing. It truly felt like we were the only ones there. 
The kids loved putting their hands in the water and letting the fish "kiss" them. Declan especially was taken with this exhibit.

Giant stuffed penguin = photo op
The orcas were especially playful!

Declan and Lily fed the incredibly noisy sea lions

We hit up the rides since there weren't any lines! Delcan and Lily were tall enough to ride Abby's SeaStar by themselves. Could they just stop growing up so fats please! It is killing me!
too. much. fun!

We'll end this post with a little Halloween fun. Lexi made these ghost snacks at preschool and kept asking to make them at home. Of course she loaded hers up with chocolate chips. Truth be told, I'd do the same thing!

And that wraps up our Fall fun around here!
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