Sunday, September 28, 2014

taking stock {36}

Making : room for 3-6 month clothes for nathan - every few weeks this kid jumps a size
Cooking : (baking) pumpkin bars - one of my favorite fall recipes
Drinking : green tea
Reading: the mouse and the motorcycle with declan
Wanting: to lose 10 lbs
Looking: forward to a new routine and a little bit of time with the new twosomes - declan and nate and lexi and nate while the third sibling is at school
Playing: with my childhood doll house with lexi (daily) and peek-a-boo with nathan...enjoying every minute of both
Wasting: time editing photos because my computer is running sooooo sloooowww
Sewing: i don't sew...but i am organizing baby clothes to send to my grandma who is going to make me a quilt out of them.
Wishing: that i could slow down time
 Enjoying: the memory of a much needed date with adam last night
Waiting: for a photography payment
Liking: declan's new swagger...he's holding himself differently these days - with a little more attitude and confidence. you know, big kid stuff.
Wondering: how it is possible to have so much laundry
Loving: the fact that i have three kids - i am still giddy over this
Hoping: to feel more settled
Marveling: at a seven week old babies smile - amazed that it is just as captivating the third time
Needing: more time
Smelling: the new mattress smell from our bed - after two years of saying we needed a new one, we finally got one
Wearing: clothes that are easy to nurse in
Following: news updates from a close friend
Noticing: cooler temperatures at night
Knowing: that this year is going to be a much different year than the previous five
Thinking: how awesome it would be if my mom lived near me
 Bookmarking: ideas for christmas gifts
Opening: bins of halloween decorations and watching the kids gleefully help me decorate
Giggling: at lexi's drama - everything she says involves eye rolls and big hand movements
Feeling: lucky - that I have three beautiful, healthy children and that the kids get to go to oxford prep

Nathan's Baptism

Yesterday we celebrated the baptism of Nathan at St Patirck's church. It is a church we have grown very found of over the last three years and were excited to have Nathan's first Catholic ritual performed there with family, my friend Jen, and her daughter Gracie Jo.

 To be honest, the kiddo did not make it easy on me. As the ceremony began, Jen was holding him and I watched his face change from relaxed to concentrating and I knew. Oh no! We had a potentially explosive situation on our hands. I was worried it would get on Jen and on my Grandmother's 80+ baptismal gown. I grabbed him from Jen, figuring navy was safer than white stripes. I lifted up the gown (as you'll see in all the pictures) to save it just in case and hoped to make it safely through the ceremony. We did - barely! After, I high tailed it to the restroom to change a very fussy baby!
 But, enough about that. Onto some of the highlights.
Lexi helping me change Nathan into his baptismal gown when we arrived at the church. I've ementioned it before, but it is worth mentioning again. My grandmother, all of her eleven kids, all of their children, and now the great-grandkids have been baptiszed in this gown. Declan, Lexi, and now Nathan included.
A group picture of Adam's dad (the Godfather), the priest, Adam, me, Nathan, and my friend Jen (the Godmother).
Declan in a silly moment
The Godparents: Jen Ceja and Richard Herekrt
I was honored when Jen accepted my request for her to be Godmother. She truly is one of the most genuine, kind people I know and an inspiration as a Catholic and a mother.
I know Adam was also honored to have his father as Nathan's Godparent. Also a devout Catholic and inspirational man.
I just love this picture of these three:
Party of five
After the ceremony everyone came back to our house for lunch. I managed to take a few pictures...
 Kiddo chaos!

 A perfect morning celebrating our little guy!


Every once in a blue moon, we get out. It revolves around Mimi being in town - and even then, our outings are pretty modest. Maybe dinner, maybe a movie. Most of the time it is just being out that is the treat - we could care less what we are doing. Well, last night we used my birthday as an excuse to go a little bigger. We drove our lazy behinds all the way downtown to San Diego to go out for a delicious (and  when I say delicious I mean mouth watering, talking about it in the morning, lick-the-plate) dinner at Oceanaire (thanks for the recommendation Amanda!!) followed by seeing the musical Kinky Boots. What a night! Our cab driver cussing up a storm about Uber just added to the fun. I have to give it to Adam, he suggested seeing Kinky Boots and when we found out it was in town over my birthday weekend, it clenched the deal. The musical far exceeded our expectations - and that's saying a lot, as I was actually expecting something great. So lucky to spend "rarely" nights with this guy. ♥

Thank you Mimi for watching all 3 of our kids. No easy feat - especially at bedtime!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Declan's first week of kindergarten {round 2}

So, we finally started Kindergarten! It has been a long time coming. Going a week, then stopping. Then attending a handful of events at our new school - we were more than ready by the time the first day rolled around. So ready in fact, that I completely forgot to cry. Gasp! I didn't even realize it until I was in the car driving away. Honestly I am so darn ecstatic and overwhelmed with gratitude that our kiddos get to go to this school that tears are the last thing on my mind. Every time I drive up and see all the university flags lining the morning drop off route I am so overwhelmed with excitement that I get butterflies in my stomach. But, enough about how I am feeling. Onto our new Kindergartener. Looking darn snazzy if you ask me. Every Monday the kids wear their "formal attire". Eh hem, lock up your daughters!

Mimi, Lexi, Nathan, and I dropped Declan off for his first day. I mean everyone needs a posse on their first day of school, right?

We immediately saw cousin Lily and Aunt Kristin and had to snap a pic of the dynamic duo.

The parents were invited into the classroom for about ten minutes, which translates to picture opportunities for me ☺
Mrs. Knudsen and Mrs. Reyes did a fantastic job decorating!
Love that he looked at me ♥
 Getting his name tag
 Each classroom is named after a university. The PM kinders (Declan and Lily's class) are the Oregon Ducks and their mascot is Puddles. The AM kinders are the Oregon State Beavers - "a class divided". This university naming is no small thing at OPA. They live and breath it. During the week Declan often referred to himself or the class as the Oregon Ducks when relaying a story. Like, "the Oregon Ducks went on a scavenger hunt today". Love it!
A few things I don't want to forget about this week. 
The first day Declan met a new friend he was ecstatic to tell us about. His name is Christian. The second day he met another new friend named Conner. From what I gather, they are "his buds". Whenever I drop Declan off they have saved a place for him in the drop off line, and whenever I pick him up, they are usually walking together. The first week and already a little trio. Love it.
The blonde kiddo walking next to Declan is Christian. Also, this is the uniform they wear Tuesday-Thursday. On Friday's they wear their university shirts and jeans.
 It has been a whirlwind week. Life has changed quite a bit for us, but in a good way. In a way we were ready for. Declan has about 30 minutes of homework every night. Even on Fridays. So far he has been very good about completing it. He even panicked this morning when he didn't see his homework folder in his backpack (it was in another pocket). I love that he already understands the importance of turning it in and takes pride in it.
Here he is working on it, using the Oregon Ducks pencil his teacher gave him.
I've seen so much growth in him in just this one week. Little things he says or talks about. He is so excited to share parts of his day with us. When we make the 15 minute drive to and from school I make sure to leave the music in the car off. We have had such fun conversations. He has so many questions. I can tell he is processing what he is learning about during the day. We have entered a whole new phase. I have to admit there were times over the past five weeks that I worried about whether we had made the right decision about sending him to this school. After this first week, I can't believe I even questioned it. What an experience this is going to be for all of us. 
Here's to the class of '23 at OPA! They will be the first graduating class to go Kinder - 8th grade at the school. I can't wait to see what the next nine years is going to bring!
Go Ducks!!

Delcan John, I've said it before, I'll say it again. We are so proud of you!! What a great week. I love picking you up, seeing your beaming face. I love watching you with your friends, knowing that over the years we will get to know these kiddos and their families well. Your excitement, flexibility, and love of learning make me proud kiddo. We love you so much!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

easy as pie

We had three separate apple picking dates scheduled this year. All three were canceled due to hot, hot, hot weather.☼ I won't lie. I was bummed. I love our annual apple picking trip, despite the fact that it is usually a hot excursion and not at all how you'd envision a typical Fall apple picking day. I just like to think of it apple picking, so-cal style. ☺ But really, the end of August, beginning of September was much hotter than normal and we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it. Until I noticed a sudden drop in the temperature! Melissa had mentioned that she wanted to try it out this year since she was on maternity leave, so I texted her late Thursday afternoon to see if she'd be up for a drive out to Julian Friday morning. Lucky us! She was in! Yahoooo! We left early Friday morning and would you believe it? As I drove up the "mountain" the temperature gauge in my car said 63 degrees! I was actually worried I hadn't dressed the kids warm enough when just three days before I could barely breath it was so hot. By the time we got there it had warmed to a pleasant 70 degrees - perfect weather for apple picking! So, I am happy to say, we got to enjoy our annual apple picking extravaganza! And just in time. Declan began school the following Monday! Some snaps of our apps....
Group pic! 
Isla on her first apple picking adventure!

 Apple kisses - smooch! ♥
 What's that you say?

 There was just as much tasting as picking
 Good apple? Bad apple?
 Just plain apple-icious!

  Apple re-charge! (because apparently we haven't eaten enough at this point)

 Photo ops

  fuzzy pic, but she's just so darn cute!
 You better believe that the kiddos were so excited that this was Nate's first apple picking day! We had to document. And who better with than his partner in crime, Elise. I mean cute, right?
 It should be noted that he was exactly 6 weeks old. ☺
 Now, what to do with all these apples!?
 In years past we usually make crisp (yum!!) or caramel apples. This year the kids were dead set on pie. I'm not a huge pie fan (yummy, but generally not worth the calories in my book), so I have never made one. I looked up the most basic recipe I could find on, cheated and bought the pre-made crust, and voila! Apple pie time!

 Pinching the crust
 All business these two
 The apple dump

 Very excited to "put the blanket" on the apples.
 easy as pie!

 Now that is one pretty pie!

I was going to take a picture of the kids eating it. But you know what? They didn't. I put some on a plate along with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream. They ate all the ice cream and no pie. So that just might be the first and last pie I ever make. ☺

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