Sunday, June 29, 2014

the sleepover and fair fun

Last week Declan had his very first friend (non-cousin) sleepover...and it was awesome! I mean, I'd say that he thought it was pretty great, but he wasn't the only one. George, one of my favorite little friends of his came over for a play date...and I barely saw the two of them all day. Planning on spending the day entertaining, what a pleasant surprise it was that these two little 5 year olds pretty much just wanted to do their own thing. I ended up accomplishing quite a bit due to my unexpected free time! Most of the time they were pretty good about including Lexi, although I do think there was some jealousy (evidenced by tears) on her part that someone else had the attention of her very attentive older brother. Overall though, the day was spectacular! Lucky us, George was able to spend the night too! And we just weren't ready to let him go the next morning, so we were very excited when his mom agreed to let us take him to the fair (a play date we had planned with the cousins). The fun just kept on coming!

Pretty much the only activity that required my attention was the filling of water balloons for a water balloon fight in the backyard. They had so much fun we ended up having two. That was quite a few water balloons to fill!

Love that Lexi just chucks hers into no-man's land
uh-oh - an attack on mommy!

every once in awhile I see a picture of Declan that reminds me of his younger self - this happens to be one of those
Oh the cuteness of three year old piggies! I just can't get enough :)

We spent a lot of time at the park. George asked to try Declan's bike out. To my surprise (and his mother's) he pretty much taught himself how to ride a two wheeler! His bike still has training wheels on it. Look at this kid go!
Most of the day these two were in Dec's room creating Lego cities
Puzzle time!
After BBQing, we made our traditional sleepover dessert - Pazookie!
I was curious to see how the night would play out. It started out with George sleeping on the top bunk. After some moving around a bit, both boys ended up sleeping on the bottom. We didn't hear a peep from either one all night!
 Early morning silliness!

We headed over to the train station early the next morning, to ensure enough time for train watching and to pick up the beloved card board coasters. We were pleased that Lily and Ella had the same idea :)
The fair crew (minus Quinn who wasn't there yet)
Train riding fun!

Mass exit with our excited kidlets!
Some serious lovers of trains, these two!
Next we caught the bus to the fair - the excitement never ends for this crew!

All the city transportation fun had the Abbott girls needing a snooze
I am savoring moments like these - the hand holding. So innocent. I know it will be over all too soon!
Our first stop was the pig races! In fact we had to book it over there and even though we rushed, we only saw the last race. :( Bummer. At least we saw something - those pig races are hilarious. The only picture I caught ironically is missing pigs.
Pony rides were next on the agenda!

We had just enough time for three fair rides before we had to get back to the bus stop to make our 3:00 train. Kind of a tight day, but so much fun! Next year I am thinking a wrist band and fair rides all day because these kids had a ridiculous amount of fun running from one ride to the next!
The expressions on the first car ride are priceless!

Next up some roller coaster fun!

The final ride was on the helicopter. The little girls were cracking me up - they didn't move it up and down, but instead stayed bouncing along the bottom - laughing the whole time!

When I put Declan to bed that night and asked him what his pafvorite part of having GEorge sleep over he said, "When we peed together. George calls it crossing swords." OMG. What?!!

And that about sums up a great 30 hours of non-stop summer fun!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Oh Baby! Week 34

I figured since we are spending so much time here, a beach picture would be appropriate this week!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 34 weeks
Size of Baby: Baby now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds (about the size of a cantaloupe) and is almost 18 inches long.
Total Weight Gain: 25 lbs 
Maternity Clothes: There are a few dresses I bought last summer that happen to work well for maternity and I'm pretty much living in those. I'm sure they will be way too stretched out to wear after the baby arrives.
Movement: Movement seems to be slowing down a bit as the baby grows bigger by the minute (at least that is what it feels like!).
Sleep: Fantastic - feeling pretty tired at the end of the day.
Food Cravings: Not much, just feeling full these days. Although summer fruit does seem to hit the spot.
What I miss: Absolutely dying for a long, endorphin-filled run. It takes me a ridiculous amount of time to complete 3 miles on the treadmill these days. 
Symptoms: Lots of pressure in my lower abdomen and occasionally achy feet near the end of the day. 
Memorable Moments:
*Loved catching one final glimpse of the little one in my belly at the 4D ultrasound this week!
*Also Declan had his very first friend sleepover which turned out to be a huge success.
*A doctor appointment this morning pretty much kicked my rear into gear as far as preparing goes. For about two weeks I've been feeling an abnormal amount of pressure - something I am quite certain did not happen in my pregnancies with Declan and Lexi. Before I even mentioned my concern to the doctor, she commented that the baby seemed to be further along because the heart rate went from 124 beats per minute to 140 while we were conversing. She said the change in heart rate was a reaction to stimuli and an advanced sign of neurological development. :) Then she checked #3's position. She seemed a bit taken back and announced the she could feel the shoulder, but not the head because it was so low.At which point she advised me to take it easy and not to carry too much. This is always laughable advice for me being that I have two small kiddos. Anyway, lets just say my baby preparation list for July will be tackled with a bit more urgency!
*Aside from all of the excitement and baby stuff, I am thoroughly enjoying beach-filled summer days with our friends and the kids. Doesn't get much better than this!
What I'm Looking Forward To: More beach days with friends and a trip up to my dads next week to celebrate the 4th of July!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pinch Me!

It's officially summer. Our season. We plan to make the most of the next 8 weeks (such a bummer that Declan begins school mid-August - ugh!). We already have our summer playlist blaring in the car, Lexi's hair went from blonde to white blonde sometime in the last week, and we're all sporting some mean tan lines. You'll find us at the beach or the pool, truly enjoying schedule-free, sun kissed days!

The first week of summer break kicked off with a celebration of Quinn's 3rd birthday party - poolside no less! 
Declan and Lily - always ready for a hug!
 Cousin Zack - never too old for some on the shoulder action
 pool chaos!
 longing for some of that sugar!
 the birthday girl ready to make a wish
 cousin cuteness happening right here!
a little water gun video

Declan's sunflower that he planted in a cup at preschool and then brought home to plant, finally sprouted a flower! He was so excited! He wanted to put his name tag on it from preschool. Love this innocent excitement. I wish it lasted forever!

We wasted no time dragging our sunscreen-slathered bodies to the beach a couple of days last week! First up was Moonlight with Ben and Holly. Ben, almost two reminded me of Declan at that age. No fear! It was adorable to watch!

 Look who is sporting some braids!

 Ben was ready to follow Declan into the waves on the boogie board!
 And just like that, we are into the swing of summer!

 Rockin' out to the music in our head :)

Footloose and fancy free ;)
This picture may just have a surf board in it next summer.

The next day we headed to the beach again! This time we met up with Kylie and Trevor. Micah is still in school - I was a little nervous Declan would be bored, but the girls were right in the water with him! Age seems to be an unimportant factor at the beach this year. Awesome
Beachy friends forever. (Lexi is taller than Kylie, but she is standing on the upside of a hill - giving the illusion that she is much taller!)

 Goofy kiddos - just some more pics for their wedding slideshow! he, he, he

Wave jumpers!

 a little bit of water might help get this impossible job done!

 Trevor - alert and happy beach baby!
 BFF smooches - so cute!

All of this activity has led to some impromptu naps for our non-napper :) She walked herself upstairs on this particular day and took it upon herself to initiate a little afternoon snooze.

We hit Legoland with George and Carol. Unfortunately the family that we have grown to love is moving next month. :( We are trying to squeeze as much George time in as possible these days! Legoland was a little over-crowded for my spoiled taste, but nothing terrible.
 Meeting Emmett...Dec has yet to see the Lego movie so he really has no idea who this Lego character is, but was excited non-the-less.
 A bit moody this day, it took awhile for her to shake out of it and finally give me this smile!
 Look out - 5 year olds on the road!


 waiting in line laughter
 we rode the fire ride for the first time and had a blast!
 cute little trio
 George and Carol (aka Mrs Cooper)
 Declan took this cool picture of George and his mom
 treat break
 such a great day!
One evening I was working on my computer and these two crazies kept riding by the window simultaneously saying, "hi mom!" and then cracking up hysterically.
finger painting fun!
starbucks cutie pie -
Movie nights in the park finally started up again! We had some very happy little ones when we saw the movie sign announcing a showing for Saturday night!

We ended the week with a family BBQ in Dana Point. An annual event that we always look forward to - we had quite the crowd this year! I won't go into names, but basically it is Carie's Mom and Dad, her sisters, their families, her step brother and his family. A fantastic group of people that we love getting the chance to spend time with!
 The kids were delighted to find that it was a great day for kite flying!


 The best seat in the house!
 This kid. Mister social. Man, was he ever in the mix that day. Getting into every game - bocci ball, bad mitten, volleyball. As we were getting ready to leave, he said, "Wait mom. I need to say bye to everybody." and proceeded to give everyone a high five before getting in the mini van.
He actually won a game of bocci ball!

Kevin brought his drone a hovering helicopter. Declan is looking through the glasses to see the view from the helicopter. Pretty cool.
 Being chased by the helicopter was oh-so-much-fun!

As if having the drone there for entertainment wasn't enough, Kevin actually edited and sent the video of the picnic to us! I love Declan and Lexi being chased by it at the end. I' kind of digging these drone things.

Grandpa gifted the kiddos some of his used cameras (for as long as I can remember this guy is gadget happy and has all the latest and greatest). The cameras were very generous of him. The kids couldn't be happier.
Lexi learning to use hers.
Taking some snaps of big brother
Grandpa with the trains with is kiddos!
 The BBQ was a great way to end a very fun first week of summer!
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