Friday, February 28, 2014

a novelty

Any kind of weather other than 72 degrees and sunny is a novelty in these parts - especially this year. It feels weird saying it, especially when most of the country has had more than their fair share of weather this year, but we were so excited when we heard "a storm" was coming our way! We canceled all of our plans and declared it a "jammy day". The perfect way to soak some wind and rain.

Absolutely obsessed with looking for the thunder. 

We love a good snuggle day - especially since they don't come along that often!

Oh Baby! Week 17

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 17 weeks

Size of Baby: Baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip), and is around 5 inches long from head to bottom.

Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs- so far the weight gain track is following my pregnancy with Declan (40lbs in the end) verses Lexi (30 lbs in the end). We'll see how this goes.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but this is probably my last pic in skinny jeans. Think I am going to retire them and move to my looser fitting ones.

Movement: Flutters here and there.

Sleep: Sleeping so good. The one thing that works in my favor during pregnancy.

Food Cravings: Turkey sandwiches were my go to this week. Dinner time is still tough - I usually end up eating a salad and toast.

What I Miss: Not feeling like I have to pee the entire time I am running.

Symptoms: Happy to report absolutely nothing this week! 

Memorable Moments: I always have a few of these: 1) Walking through Target one day while Declan was at school, Lexi busts out with this statement: "Momma your tummy is getting bigger". Leave it to a two year old to tell you how it is.  2) A doctor's appointment is always exciting, especially bringing Dec & Lex. We listened to that sweet little heart beat on Thursday (140 beat/second). 3)The delivery of Lexi's bed spurred a week of purging and cleaning out with multiple trips to goodwill and the library (for donations). We also made a pretty good switch - Declan agreed to give Brody his train table (kind of sad - the kids logged countless hours on that thing) and in return we are borrowing his baby swing. I was proud of Declan for recognizing it was time to move on. The good news is Brody should be finished with it right around the time #3 might be interested, so it may not be gone for good. A pic from my phone of dropping off the train table to his little friend:
We made so much progress on organizing that I decided to take advantage of this rainy afternoon and hit the clothes bins from the garage. As I am writing this right now, the kids are helping:

What I'm Looking Forward To: Not much - getting more organizing done and getting closer to reaching that half way point!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

big girl stuff

Seamless. As in the big girl bed transition. This girl makes life way too easy. I guess she was ready because truly I think she is actually sleeping better than she did in her crib. Last Friday the bed we had been talking about for months arrived! Lets just say Friday afternoon was very exciting for the Herkert kids as men walked in and out of the house bringing in parts of Lexi's bed and then setting it up. But, lets back up a bit. When we first mentioned a big girl bed to Lex sometime in early January she replied without missing a beat, "I want one like Declan's with a ladder". It was the perfect suggestion on her part. One, because it gives us an extra bed in the house (even with #3 on their way) and two, we are covered if #3 is a boy or a girl because eventually there will be room sharing with two of the three kids. So Adam and I were on the hunt last time Mimi was in town and found the perfect bed and to top it off, it came with a killer deal. Sold. Time to put this thing in motion.

A few pics of a happy little girl with her new bed:

 No problems breaking it in. All day Dec and Lexi kept discussing how he would spend the night in her room to help her get used to the bed. I was amused by their plans and wondered if it would really happen. About ten minutes before bedtime, Declan decided his bed would be more comfortable and ditched the plan. When it was finally time to turn out the lights (and turn on the nightlights) I was a little worried about our girl - hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst. She gave us the best. At 7:30 she climbed right up that ladder, excited to go to sleep. When I protested the top bunk, she insisted saying that it was too dark underneath. After a few minutes I agreed, being that she had been walking up and down Dec's ladder over the past year without a fall to date. I made her promise to call me if she needed anything and not to walk down the ladder. I wasn't too worried about our little rule follower. She went to bed without a peep. She did call me sometime in the early morning hours (I couldn't say exactly what time it was). I laid up top with her for awhile as she seemed a bit disoriented, then suggested I sleep the rest of the night on the bottom bunk for her. This eased her anxiety and truthfully I was happy Ms Independent needed her Mommy a little. The second night Declan decided to live up to his promise and the two siblings fell asleep together on the bottom bunk. I could hardly believe it when I woke up the next morning and realized no one had called my name in the middle of the night! They slept like this the entire night together. The sweetest.
From then on out our nighttime routine has been completely normal and she has been sleeping like a champ. Now onto nap time. Our girl has always been a great napper, so of course I was concerned to rock this boat. Again, my worries were for not as she continues to knock out 2 hour naps.

 So all in all that was much easier than I thought it would be. Truly she does seem to sleep better in this bed. Before it would take her at least a half an  hour to settle down. Often we were downstairs watching TV while simultaneously listening to Lex talk to her stuffed animals. Now she goes down without a peep. She had definitely outgrown the crib. So proud of our little big girl! 

While we are on the subject of big girl things, I thought I'd give an update on potty training progress. First off, I loathe potty training. It is my parenting pitfall. I am aweful at it. I thought she would be my easy one. We have been diaper free (except at night) for about two months now, but continue to have accidents. Lets just say, I never leave the house without a change of clothes. The irony is, she wakes up in the middle of the night if she has to go to the bathroom. And she has never had an accident napping (that she rocks diaper free). Our tricky part of the day is 11ish. We are usually out and about and both of us are guilty of forgetting to make the preemptive potty break. Kills us. Kills me. It has killed too many pairs of underwear as this previously nauseous momma could not handle the clean up process. Oh well, we have definitely made huge strides and I'd say in a couple of months we'll be accident free.  Moral of the story: don't ask me for potty training advice. I'm not good at it! I do have to say that despite the messes I've had to clean up (or throw away) over the last couple of months, I adore her little diaper-less tush and am guilty of giving it way too many squeezes.

And that brings us up to speed on the growth of our little girl. Funny how a baby on the way is the catalyst for making the baby grow up. Makes me just a little sad. As they say, the days are long but the years are short (or something like that).

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

good times

We've had a sick-free household for two whole weeks and been taking full advantage of the freedom this allows. So we are back to running around, keeping busy and what not. Just the way I prefer it. 

But before we start on picture over load, a funny story. One night I was editing some pictures and the kids were in the next room watching the Olympics - not by choice, but because Daddy had the remote control. All of a sudden they run into tell me I'm snowboarding on TV. Awesome! Truth be told, I wish I was snowboarding - it doesn't even have to be on TV. The fact is, they think I'm the only Lindsay in the world, so naturally the Lindsay on TV would be me, right? Oh man - I got a play-by-play of how I was doing. They thought it was especially hilarious when I ate it. They couldn't wait to tell me how hard I fell. Bummer I didn't medal. Maybe in four years.

If they had an Olympic category for the amount of pictures taken in a day, I'd enter. Case in point:

First up a Sprinter ride to the San Diego Children's Museum in Escondido to meet up with Ben and Holly.
Lexi, still waking up
 Declan, his happiest place
 Captivated by the fan blowing scraps of material up the tube
 Rockin' out!

 To market, to market

Becoming quite the builder these days

 Ben loving the wind tunnel too

 Taking a thumb sucking break in the fort we built
 Static electricity makes for some interesting looking piggies :)

Apparently Opening Day for baseball does not include an actual game - it is more like a party. Either way, it was fun seeing our team in their bright orange shirts, "baseball ready".

 We ran into the Abbott family at the festivities, who live close to the park. Yeah! It made the bounce houses and festivities more fun with our cousins to hang out with!

 And here is the best part of the whole day. We had to bring a cake for the cake walk. This was the same week as our Valentine's Day party and I was not in the mood to bake one more thing, so we cheated and did the store bought thing. Declan was so excited to pick out a cake for opening day and was disappointed to find out we didn't get a piece of it. We were on our way out and he was so bummed, so I said we could try one round of the cake walk. Well, guess who won? That's right - Declan! And guess what cake was still available? Oh yes, the one we bought. So, we picked it up and took it home! Lucky guy! Funny thing is, he took one bight and said it tasted funny. His first taste of store bought - obviously not a huge hit!
Yeah for Presidents Day! The perfect excuse to see our OC friends. Even better when the weather is spectacular and we can make the most of a beach day!  Absolutely our favorite days. Is it summer yet?!

Their not having a good time or anything!

 Our newest beach member on his first day at the waves. Adorable Trevor ;)

 The - do you really have to take a picture of us right now - looks

 So cute in their blue tutu bathing suits
 Getting very brave in the waves!

We enjoyed a morning at Open Gym with the Henry girls.

 Getting their bounce on

 Catching air

 The best part of the day was watching these two as they ran around, almost inseparable. We've been on so many play dates together and it was like they just discovered each other for the first time. Too cute.

Ella spent an afternoon with Lexi and I... these two girls are a riot. Yen and yang. They got a lot of attention grocery shopping at Trader Joes.
 We stopped by the mall for a carousel ride, because why not? It is too much fun to see these smiles :)

And our last adventure from the week, a trip to Legoland. Mimi and Pops gave Declan an early b-day present of his very own pass. Can you believe I was still passing him off as a two year old? True story. He's now an official pass holder, so we may be frequenting more often since I don't have to have a knot in my stomach and tell him to stay in the stroller until we walked into the park. 

Happiest cousin pair ever.

 Quinn braving the big slide - backwards. Very impressive!

Lexi was having a tough day that day so there wasn't a lot of picture taking. A missed nap really messes with that girl. Anyway, so much fun! Thanks Mimi and Pops!

That about wraps things up around here. Good times had by all!
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