Friday, November 29, 2013

The Thanksgiving Feast

This year Thanksgiving was especially exciting for us, as we finally had enough room to host the party! And party it was! It was a festive day, filled with family, enough food to feed a small army, and of course little chiefs running around! I got all of the tips and tricks from Aunt Krissy and Aunt Jen (who have hosted in previous years) to make the day run as smooth as possible. Every year we truly do feel so thankful to be surrounded by the wonderful people that are our family. So much love, so much noise, so much food, so many laughs, so much chaos, so much fun! Everything that makes Thanksgiving what it is - we've got it - and then some.
It makes me a little teary. We truly are Thankful.

Adam and I got ready for our guests while the kids did a pretty decent job of keeping themselves entertained (thanks to technology of course).
 Let the fun begin!
 Penny, Grandma, and our youngest little turkey, Ryan.
 G-Mom and Ella
 The bird. You know, what it is all about.
 Jeff, Emily, and Grandpa (with the fireworks as my kiddos call him).
And, their they are - the little chiefs.

 Declan made me paint a 4 and a 5 on his and Lily's hats - you know so everyone knew how old they were.
 Time to party like a pilgrim.

 I had fun putting the kids table together ;)

 I managed to snag him for a quick pic.
 Family picture time
 Grandparent Love

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Emily
 Declan really wanted to feed Ryan.  He usually is not the type to take a lot of initiative, but he certainly does when it comes to Ryan - jumping right in there and asking to help or hold whenever he can.
 Sweet Emma took this picture of me and Adam
 We didn't mess around
 Uncle Len makes some mean gravy from scratch!
 Uncle Mike and Uncle Jeff
 Luckily the forecasted rain stayed away until today, allowing the kiddos to play outside
 And this is how you feed 25 people Thanksgiving dinner :) Everyone brought something to make this feast mighty tasty!
 The boys
Time to gobble til you wobble!
 We had three adult tables and one kid table.
 Father and son
 Uncle tickles are the best!
 And baby giggles are even better!
 And now that the Thanksgiving Feast is over, our Christmas season officially begins. With the cousin Christmas pajama picture of course!
The girls comparing reds.
Christmas picture time!
  Declan decided to join the picture at the last minute. I would have been so bummed if he didn't jump in the annual red and green snap shot - smile or no smile ;)
 Winding down with some Christmas movies
 Peace out! We are officially onto the Christmas season!

35/52 {tangled}

We're getting into the Christmas spirit around here! I bribed the kids with Starbursts to take this picture - they weren't very excited to be tangled up together. But, they were excited when I took the battery operated Christmas lights and wrapped a string around each of their beds! Twinkling lights in their rooms adds a bit of excitement to bedtime!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

taped together

Driving home from SeaWorld today Declan and I had a conversation that I will most likely never forget. It went something like this:

As the Christmas version of Canon in D came on the radio, I said to Declan "This is the song Mommy walked down the aisle to when Daddy and I got married." Knowing he would need a little more info on the concept of a wedding day, I continued..."That is the day that we promised to love each other forever."

Declan: And me too?
Me: No, you came later. But, Daddy and I made you out of love (corny, I know).
Declan: (After a few seconds of quiet - I could almost hear those wheels churning) - Did you use tape to put me together? Was I broken? 
Me: (Repressing a laugh) No - Mommy had an egg in her stomach and Daddy gave her a seed to make that egg grow into you.
Lexi: In a defiant voice "I'm not an egg."
Me: No you aren't, but you started out that way (knowing the conversation was going way beyond their comprehension at this point).
Declan: Does Jaimie have an egg in her tummy?
Me: Yes, she did but it has grown into a baby now. We get to meet him soon.
Declan: Oh, I think I am going to grow a train in my tummy. (He says laughing hysterically at his own joke).

Of course. I should have predicted that one.

Friday, November 22, 2013

things to remember from november

We have finally been enjoying some cooler weather. I am loving every minute of it. It gives us an excuse to wear jackets and boots, to enjoy fires, coziness, and lazy days. And now for highlights of our Fall fun!

Daddy went up North to Valencia last Saturday to celebrate his cousin's baby's first birthday. Not wanting to subject the kiddos to the long drive after a week of sickness plaguing our house, we stayed local and met up with the Jones' for some toy train fun! Micah is sitting behind Declan and doing his best to avoid being in the picture - I think he succeeded!
 This is a lame picture, but I had to include it because Lexi was hugging Micah and kept putting her head on his shoulder saying "Micah" in her very best sing-songy voice. It was border-line flirtatious ;)
 Micah, still avoiding the camera!

Cold weather has inspired some library trips:)

We took George and Carol to Legoland with us and had so much fun. It was George's very first time going (he has two older siblings that are past the age of all that LL jazz). His mom didn't tell him where he was goin until he actually arrived. He immediately asked to call his dad to tell him where he was. If that isn't the cutest thing, I don't know what is!
We waited in a long line to ride the safari ride. Lexi pulled an unusual two year old move for her and cried the entire time we were in line. Poor thing. Poor people around us. Poor me. I think she was still recovering from being hit pretty hard the previous week with the stomach flu. Anyway onto some pics -
 This ride is one adult and one kiddo. Declan reluctantly went with a Legoland employee because there was no way Lexi was going to. I was so proud of him.
 Tear stained cheeks
 There's no way these two train lovers were going to miss an opportunity to ride the train together!
 Our girl finally snapped out of it!
 Driving the cars

 Happiest (dirty faced) kiddos ever.

 Blurry, but I love anyway.

 Getting ready for the bouncy ride!

 Lexi thanking George for some Legos he bought her
 Best buds. Love these two together. Love their friendship. Such a great day!
Our first fire of the season. It's exciting for us warm weather Califorians!
 We can't take a pic these days without a silly face!
We were supposed to meet the Cejas at Baby Beach one morning, but it was too cold - even for me. So we accepted an invitation for a house play date instead!
Alex and Lexi
 Running out some energy outside!
 Cooper getting in on the action
We took Baby Ben and Holly to the Legoland Aquarium. Always a great hing to do on a cold day. 

 Checking out the tidepools

 Love his contemplative look

 From this point on Lexi and Ben blew through the exhibits. Declan seemed to be the only one interested in the fish. ;)

 Nothing says Thanksgiving more than preschool celebrations that include turkey hats and noodle necklaces! Had to snap a pic of this little ensemble.
Warming up with their very first taste of Starbucks hot chocolate ;)

Typical Starbuck frequenters - with their too cool for school att - ti - tudes.
 Cold = cuteness! Love this bear jacket ;) A perfect piece of winter clothing for someone who loves to wear hats!
 Days at home have us attempting this again. As you can see, we are all excited about it!!
Our thank you leaf collage is almost complete! I made this Thanksgiving garland a couple of months ago with the intention of decorating the window with leaves that the kids wrote what they are thankful on. This project ended up being much more interesting than I originally anticipated. I loved finding out what they were thankful for. There were definitely the predictable ones: family, friends, etc. It was the unpredictable ones that I loved - computer, snow, pumpkin. I would write out the word that Declan said and he would copy it onto the leaf. I would just write Lexi's word right on the leaf and then she would scribble on it with pencil. Such an easy, great project. This window seat window is one of my favorite things about this house. It is so fun to decorate for each holiday!

One more week until Thanksgiving, and then Christmas season comes marching on in in all its glory!!
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