Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Pumpkin carving time! We went to the pumpkin patch a lot this year. And more often than not we came home with a pumpkin - creating quite the little pumpkin family in our front yard. Cute until it's time to carve those puppies. In all honesty, not exactly my favorite job of the season - hence the reason I tried to pawn as much of the work off on the little people as possible.

They eagerly jumped on the job of getting those pumpkins into the house. Declan figured it would be easiest to roll them, and Lexi followed suite.

 Next up I told them how much fun it is getting all of the pumpkin seeds out...
 These two can't be fooled. Their interest lasted all of two minutes before they ditched their posts at the table and left the rest up to Daddy and me. I believe the exact statement from Declan was "This is not fun. I'm going to play with my toys."
 Daddy didn't waste much time before power tools were plugged in.
 The kids thought it was hilarious when Daddy chased them around, roaring through his scary pumpkin face.
 An hour and a half later we have finished products! This is the only picture I have of all five, and the settings on my camera were incorrect, so it is hard to see. The cauldron (second from camera left) had to be pulled for a little tweaking. It should be good to go by the big night!
 Our pumpkins - ready to greet the trick-or-treaters
 And completely intriguing to the munchkins
 They had a great time inspecting the ghoulish lights.
 And joy

We are finally ready for Halloween night!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sugar High {lights}

The final week of the Halloween season was filled with crafts, pumpkins, play dates, and ...sugar.  Luckily, all of the Halloween treats sneaking their way into our lives have given us the extra energy for all of this ghoulish fun. Ha, ha, ha. I'm nailing this parenting thing. Nailing it.  
Seriously though, a peek at our week.

Apparently we like pumpkin patches around here, because we go - a lot.
Our final Bates play date with the Henry girls.

Pony Pals
Declan, Katie, Lizzy, and Lexi
 Lunch in the wheel barrow - always a good idea.
 Wagon riders

 The entertainment for the day was an obsession with filling this wheel barrow full of pumpkins.
 Although little sister couldn't pick up the pumpkins, she was there for moral support.

Call us crazy, but we decided a little salt air would do us some good - despite the chilly air and clouds. We headed to Baby Beach to meet up with Jaimie and Kylie for some water fun. The kids were beside themselves excited for a beach day. 

 Having a blast catching the smaller waves ;)

 A big hole provides tons of fun...
 Time to jump!

 Pretend fishing is the best.
Such a great morning - but we definitely missed Micah. :(

Time to do some errands! Declan has discovered the escalator and always wants to ride it before we leave the mall.
Love the proud I'm-doing-this-by-myself look on his face.

One of my favorite days of the week was a little train ride down to San Diego with just the three of us. These days are always so much fun and relaxing. The kiddos love the train ride and it is always exhilarating to walk around the city. The kids are so happy they immediately do whatever I ask of them. 

Waiting for the train, doing their happy train dance.

 An upside down pic of Lexi sitting on my lap
 Riding trains is serious business

Selfie with Lexi girl
 Walking around downtown
We headed to the Midway to check out the jets
 Declan was more excited than I've ever seen him at the Midway
 The kid loves airplanes with teeth

 One of the docents teaching him how to do the thumbs up sign
 Lexi was having a Mommy day, staying close to me most of the time
 Up on the flight deck

 At my request, dragged his sister aboard
 A cutie in the window

 Back on dry land, Declan checking out the trolleys from a Starbucks window

 On the way home the train had to stop for another train passing by. We couldn't have stopped in a better place. Ths little bulldog put on quite the show. He was skateboarding back and forth on these slight hills.
 If he lost speed and didn't make it back to his owner, he would pick up the board and walk it back. This was the first thing Lexi told Daddy about that night. It made quite the impression with her!

We tried out a new place that has been on my list since Spring. Samantha and Kady had a school break this week so we met them at Art Soup. I had heard great things and it definitely did not disappoint. In fact, it far exceeded. The kids were all about this crafty little joint. Such a fun play date and so great to see the McHenry girls!

I mean really, who wouldn't love to paint a car?

 Onto the walls!

 Declan painting his hand to make a hand print
 So. Much. Fun!
 Little Picassos

 Cutting and collaging
 Time for crafts! This by far was the most impressive part to me. They had so many ready made crafts and lots of people to assist with supplies. The kids were entertained for quite awhile.

 Lexi made a purple monster and a cute little snail.
 Her first encounter with glitter. Love at first shake.
 Declan made a rainbow.
All of their heavily glittered projects are sitting safely in our garage. These beauties probably won't make it to the art wall. Although the kids are glitter fans, I am not.

We met up with Ben and Holly at Open Gym to tumble out some of our crazy energy.

 It was a jumping kind of day

 This kid owned the high jump. I couldn't pry him away.
 He learned how to roll after the jump and was so proud of this!
 Swinging sister
 Ben checking out the Halloween chalk on the trampoline
 They love when I cover them up with "french fries" and then they kick themselves free

And that concludes one sweet week. So ready to give away our 18 lbs of candy on Thursday night. I'm trusting our neighbors weren't lying when they said we needed this much. It should be a fun night!
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