Tuesday, July 30, 2013


After running a few errands this morning while Dec was at VBS, Lexi and I had some time to kill. My feet have been dying for a good pedi, as summer has definitely taken it's toll on them, so I decided it was as good a time as any to introduce Lex to the joy of being pampered!
She's pretty excited!
Maybe a little nervous?

 She's got it down
 Probably not a good idea to suck your freshly painted thumb. I'm just sayin'...
 After finishing her nails, she sat on my lap while I finished up. Such a fun morning!
I tried snapping a pic of the finished product, but when I told Lexi to make our toes kiss, she pummeled mine with hers. Nice. I ended up with a blurry picture and smudged polish before we had to hurry to pick up Declan. :) A mother's life!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Sun & Underwater Fun!

Just the usual Summer fun going on around here. A couple of weeks ago I made a summer play list for our car and put Catch A Wave by the Beach Boys on it. I should have never explained the song to the kids because it is all we listen to now. The minute we get in the car they start chanting "Catch a Wave". Although I am so sick of the song, I do love hearing their little voices belt it out. I guess you could call it our summer song. So here we are, catching waves! We can't seem to get enough water play this summer!

Last week we hit up Moonlight with Ben, Katie, and Lizzie. The sun came out just as we arrived, giving us some fantastic beach weather. 

Hard at work
 Ben and Holly in perfect Ben-sized waves :)
 Just for a fun comparison, here is Declan at her age. Same beach, 2 years ago -
Lexi and Lizzie, running amok ;)
 The boys at the beach
 Blue-eyed beauty
 Running them ragged
 Boy language
 Beach Baby Ben

Just another day at the beach!

On Wednesday we took a water break and tried out the Big Air Trampoline Park with Micah and Kylie. The kids couldn't get enough of the bouncing!

 Following our big air fun, we took the kids to a nearby park for lunch and more play. 
Hot messes, Kylie and Lexi.

Back to the Beach! We couldn't stay away too long ;). Happy to see our good friends again, we met Kylie and Micah at Train Beach on Thursday.
Starting the day out with icees gave us some big smiles...
 ...and green tongues!
 We couldn't keep these kids out of the water. Such a fun day!

We decided to ditch the sand for a day and headed to the Welk with Kady, Samantha, Ellie, and Lola where we snagged some fun underwater snaps.
 Declan and Ellie
 Samantha and Kady couldn't get enough of the slide. Thankfully Declan is just under the height requirement. I dread the day he can ride it as ms Lexi will most certainly have a conniption fit!

 Lexi - I am convinced she loves having her picture taken underwater!
Big splashes!
 Here they come!
 The girls having some splash park fun!
 Ready, set, ...
 Getting ready for a group jump!

And just because I am having so much fun with Lexi with her dance class, I am going to squeeze some tutu pics in here from this weekend...

 Following Ms Abby's every move
 Learning how to curtsy

I love Sunday morning with her :)

Today Declan began Vacation Bible School at his Preschool. He is so excited about it. It is from 9-12 this whole week, which kind of throws off our routine a bit. Luckily the timing worked out well for us today. Some high school friends of mine from Park City are in town so after he got out of school, we ditched Lexi's nap and headed to Oceanside beach for some catching up. A nice full day, and so worth the nap ditch!
 Sand crabbing team work!
 Declan and Reece

 Bad break
 Starting over again.
 Lainey and Lexi figuring out the wiffle ball thing
Wish I would have thought to snap a pic with Erin, Casey, and myself. I am ridiculous about always having my camera with me, but am so bad about turning it around sometimes :( 

And that wraps up our week of  "catching waves".
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