Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Snippets

We're checking things off our summer bucket list and it isn't even July yet! 
The swing of summer has officially grabbed evidenced by our sandy shoes, the sandy car, and a sandy house. But I'm not complaining. I love every minute of it!

The best parts of summer are staying up late, seeing friends, and using the beach as a substitute for a bath. All of the above defined our week. :)

We were able to meet up with Stacie, Ellie, and Lola on Wednesday at La Jolla Shores - we love seeing these girls. the kids wasted no time finding some fun in the sand!
 Running to the waves?

 No! Who needs a whole ocean when you have a puddle?!
 Lexi getting in the mix!

 La Jolla Shores has the added bonus of a park!


Such a great day - we're looking forward to many more summer play dates with the Mezzadri girls!

That night Aunt Kristin, Ella, and Lily came over for pizza - both of the hubbies were busy with other things, so Krissy and I took advantage of not making dinner. We had a pizza picnic in the park followed by a trip over to Golden Spoon for some frozen yogurt. Late summer nights are the best. :)
 Both Lexi and Ella ended up as diapered darlings after some messy pizza.

We headed to the splash pad the next day with Cassidy and Samantha, but quickly changed plans when we saw the crowds and felt the heat. We happily accepted an invitation to swim in the Klock's pool as an alternative! No pictures of the kiddos swimming because we were in the water. But here are a few pre-swim. :)

 Lexi giving Samantha some love :)

We hit up the beach again on Friday...with a new member added to the group! Baby Brody, just one month old, ventured out for his first (of what I'm sure will be many) beach days!
I'd say he's loving it!

 Declan always has to check out the babies :)

The tide was low so the kids ventured out further than usual. They had so much fun - purposely falling and letting the waves carry them.

Stop everything - the train is going by!

The entire time we were at the beach a pod of dolphins stayed within our line of sight. We even saw babies!
Lexi, who just cut two of her two year molars was not as into the water as she usually is. She was much happier hanging with Kylie and Brody closer to dry land.

Adam and I ended the week by taking the kids to see Monster University. This is Declan's third time at the movies, and Lexi's second (although she was barely one last time we went). They both did great. I did take Lexi out of the theater the last half hour. She is not much of a movie/TV girl, so I'm impressed she lasted as long as she did!
 Captivated by previews. :)
 Entertaining herself while Daddy and Dec finish the movie.
 And the head band comes off!
Yeah for summer!

Friday, June 28, 2013

14/52 {piggies}

It took us a little while, but we finally joined the rubber-band club. Although, you probably won't see too many piggie pics on the blog. She asks me to "put piggies in my hair" in the morning, and within 5 minutes they are out! Ha, ha! No matter - I just love seeing those little blonde handlebars run around the house - even if only for a few minutes.



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kickin' Back in AZ

Last week Declan, Lexi, and I took a little road trip to Arizona. Actually to be more accurate, Mimi, Declan, Lexi, and I took a road trip to Arizona. Mimi drove from Arizona to California and then back to Arizona with us - just so I didn't have to drive alone with the kids. She is amazing and I love her to pieces. The kids were so excited to finally go to this mysterious place that always pulls Mimi away from us. Half way through the drive Declan stated that "Mimi lives too far away". I couldn't agree more. :) I wish her zip was a California one, but we are lucky to see her as much as we do!

Prescott was awesome. Perfect 85 degree weather, lots of swimming,  relaxing, outdoor play, and did I mention swimming? Onto the pictures...

Homemade bubble solution makes awesome bubbles!!

 Popsicle face

We've been getting a lot of use out of our GoPro! We swam everyday on this trip, so there was a lot of opportunity for water pictures. Lexi started following Dec's lead and jumping into the pool! Such a daredevil this one! Here are some fun videos of the kids jumping and then swimming underwater!

Lexi Jumping and Swimming

Declan Jumping and Swimming

Lexi Swimming

The girl has got some speed!

Declan found an airplane by the pool and identified it as a Warthog. At first I couldn't figure out what he was saying. When I realized what the word was, it made me smile. I snagged some video of him saying it because it is so darn cute!

Get ready for picture overload!
 Post jump

 Underwater hug!
 Coming up for air!




This is probably a bad analogy, but the kids reminded me of labs - they swam until they were exhausted and even then I had to drag them out of the pool. So much fun!

We went down to the town square one night for pizza in the park! We even heard a little live music while we were there!
We made a stop to buy the kids some Prescott sweatshirts and entertained ourselves for awhile...
Onto pizza!
 And play time!

 A good old fashioned game of hide and seek with Pops

 Is this the home alone face??

 They think they are hiding! :)

 We finished the night up with a stop at the best frozen yogurt place ever! Complete with toy cars and all!
 Declan and I trying out some shadow photography
Declan is really into taking pictures these days! We're having a camera stand-off!
 He was very proud of this building he built all by himself, so we took a picture!
 The only picture I have of my mom and myself from the trip - he took!
Some park play -

 A little golf cart driving!

 Their first Klondike bar!

 Rock throwing and frog searching. Actually the only frog we found ended up being in the pool! Lexi spotted the poor little guy fighting to get out of the filter. We did some rescuing of course!

 Flower child
 Proudly wearing their Prescott sweatshirts!
 Happy clan!

Thank you Mimi and Pops for an incredible trip! We can't wait to do it again!

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