Friday, May 31, 2013

Her Underwater Smile {Lexi Swimming, Week 7}

Not much to report this week regarding swimming. It was a short week due to the holiday on Monday and much of our three days was spent making adjustments to her float. She has never really perfected the "quiet" float. She is always kicking her legs so that her float almost resembles more of a back stroke. Ms Kaytie had the brilliant idea to put some flippers on her feet to see if that would help. It did! We saw the quietest float we've seen in the last 7 weeks! I think that she may be ready for her tests at the end of next week! In the meantime, here are some adorable underwater pictures of her!
There is no doubt about it, the girl loves to swim!

Over the past few weeks she has really come a long way. She uses her legs and arms to swim pretty aggressively.

She does not love to float as much as she loves to swim.
And here is a little video of her quiet float in flippers! :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

8/52 {running circles around him}

and so goes the story of parenthood...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Peek at our Week

We squeezed in some of our Spring time favorites this past week. In no time at all preschool will be out, Lexi's swimming lessons will be complete, and summer will be here! Beach days will be our daily routine instead of a once a week gig, and sand will infiltrate every corner of our lives. We can't wait :)
Until then, we'll enjoy the final days of Spring.

Without a doubt, the most exciting thing that happened this past week was finding a birds nest with baby birds living in our front porch light! It hasn't worked since we moved in and we finally got around to taking it down last week, only to find...
 Aaaaahh - so cute! Declan was curious about the little creatures. He also immediately noticed the mom sitting on the roof next door chirping away.
 We went back inside and waited at the window and were able to steal a glance at the babies being fed.
So cool!
We put the light fixture back up. We figured we've lived this long without it, what's a few more weeks? I love knowing there is a nest of babies outside our front door.

Onto the usual stuff.
We met up with Jacob and Nicole for a play date at open gym.
We were excited to find some long over due new foam squares for the pit. It's the simple things in life.
 Bouncing girl
 And boy
 Declan and Jacob
Lexi looking a little panicked - "why are you taking a picture instead of helping me!?"

We met up with Jaimie, Micah, Kylie, and their cousins - Lisa, Luke, and Roman at Train Beach, where dolphins were in and our of sight the entire time we were there! Declan and Lexi were obsessive about spotting them. I'll never tire of the sight.


 Kylie girl giving Lexi some love
 There is always so much important work to be done on a beach day.

We enjoyed what will probably be our last strawberry picking outing. The berries were tasty, but sparse and small. Declan and Lexi picked more than they usually do. More often I am the one that fills up the buckets, but these two were on their strawberry game this day!
We loved meeting up with Samantha and Kady!
 Actually into the picking instead of the mud this time!
 Love that little head sticking up out of the leaves :)
 Kady and Declan enjoying the goods
 Our strawberry picking group - Jacob, Lexi, Lola, Samantha, Kady, and Declan - too busy eating to look at the camera :)

Memorial day weekend included lots of lazy days, which is just what we needed. We did venture out to the Zoo to try to catch a glimpse of the new Koala exhibit. We thought going later in evening allow enough time to disperse the crowds. We thought wrong. In fact, it was so crowded we didn't stay long at all and didn't even see the Koalas :( Oh well. Another day. Just a few pics from our shortest visit ever to the SD Zoo.
Lexi checking out a turtle (the least busy exhibit we could find).
 The kids on the Monkey Trail
 The coolest, and really only thing we saw the entire time we were there was a hippo chomping on a leaf. Can't win them all.
 Crazy teeth

We went over to G-Mom and Grandpops for dinner. The kids were so excited to go (especially someone named Declan). He kept asking every two minutes if it was time to leave. Literally. Enter in first lesson with a clock. I told him that when the shorter arrow was on the 3, it was time to go. He checked that clock by the minute. Poor guy - every time the big hand landed on the three his little heart got so excited. Needless to say it was a long morning. Why, oh why, do we tell him earlier than two minutes before getting in the car??
The kids wore their conductor hats the entire car ride over. Excited is not a strong enough word.

It was such a wonderful, special evening! Thank you G-Mom and Grandpop!

Sage, one of Declan's school friends has an August birthday. So she had an unbirthday party - complete with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Adorable! 

Karly and Declan at the unbirthday party :)
 Lunch time! Declan, Lexi, Karly, and Alyssa
 I love how similar Lexi and Alyssa's hair is - cracks me up.
 Sage, the aprty princess, surrounded by her princess entourage.
 Adore these cardboard box play houses!
 So focused!
 How many kids can squeeze into a tiny trampoline??
A fun party to finish off a fun week!

Monday, May 27, 2013

baseball bloopers

Saturday morning always put a smile on my face as I watch Declan and Matthew *play* baseball. Seriously - it is like an hour long comedy skit every weekend.

 Ball Players
 In ready position
 Entertaining themselves by making roaring sounds, putting their gloves over their faces, and running into one another -

 Boys just want to have fun -
 Strategizing with Daddy
 A serious run
 Always makes time to give little sis a hug
 Another favorite past time - throwing their gloves up and trying to catch them.

 Whether in outfield or hitting, the boys always want to grab the ball.

 It's usually a pile up situation
 Followed by victoriously holding up the ball. Note - not throwing the ball to a base, but you know, just basking in the glory of retrieving it. While every parent on the sidelines screams "throw it to first!!!"
 Future t-baller?
 Helmets that are too big require a run and hold technique -
Always a good game!
 These two are just lucky I didn't post the pictures of nose picking and hands in the pants...oh yes, I have those too. :)
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