Friday, April 26, 2013

This and That

A little of this and a little of that from the last couple of weeks. You know, one of those catch up blogs...

We thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Grandpa, DeeDee, and Rudi the dog (as Declan calls him) a couple of weeks ago! They arrived with birthday gifts which immediately had the kids excited.

Next up some goofy park play!

Declan adores Rudi the dog!

And the most exciting part of the day was an attempt at the two wheel bike!

Figuring out this pedal thing -

They spoiled us with dinner at Ruby's and frozen yogurt for dessert. Such a great day! Thank you Grandpa and DeeDee!

We recently celebrated Zack's 10th birthday! Ten is such a big one- like lump in your throat big. The boys enjoyed a game of flag football for the big day while the little ones busied themselves with ladybugs. It was a great afternoon and the perfect way to celebrate a perfect ten year old boy!

There was an incident...someone might have accidentally been pantsed during the game. I'm not naming who is to blame for this - but I'll post their picture:

 And I'm not going to say who received the pantsing (I pretty sure I am not spelling this correctly)...but I'll post his picture:

Declan wanted to play too. I love how gently Zack walks him off the field. Maybe when you are a little bigger Declan!

The birthday boy with his friends!

Dressed in her football support outfit and obviously quite taken by the excitement of the game!

A little love from the birthday boy -

The present opening entourage!

We enjoyed a fun day at SeaWorld with Lily and Ella last week -

 A new way to view the turtles -

Loving the circular sky ride -

And the gorgeous view

His new favorite exhibit -

The caterpillars we've been watching over the past few weeks turned into butterflies! The kids loved feeding them oranges every morning.

Last week it was finally time to say goodbye to our friends -

This was the runt of our group. I didn't think he was going to make it, but he ended up turning into a butterfly - just a little bit later than the others. He stayed in our yard for four days. Every time I went out to water the garden we spotted the little guy. Unfortunately I don't think his wings fully developed, so he was kind of stuck with us. Poor little guy.  Anyway - we love our little caterpillar activity!

On Friday we took advantage of the heat and met Katie, Lizzy, Lily, Ella, and Quinn at the pool. A perfect play date for a hot April Friday!

A group effort to warm themselves up!

We've also been enjoying Lexi's new birthday present - love watching these little artists concentrate so hard!

Lexi and I got to see our friends Ben and Holly at a little Barnes and Noble play date earlier this week -
Taking books off the shelf was the name of the game. Lexi was the instigator. Ben just enjoyed the mess:)


And that wraps it up.

We are more than ready for a little fun in the sun.
"Jaruba" here we come!
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