Saturday, March 30, 2013

hippity-hoppity, Easter's on its way

Easter definitely did its best to sneak up on us this year! We did manage to squeeze in a few festive activities to celebrate the holiday...

A few weeks ago we visited Irvine Park with Micah and Kylie to partake in some of the great Easter activities. We hit the Easter egg hunt up first. It was especially fun to watch how excited the girls were - as this was really their first hunt!
And now for an overload of pictures!
Group shot before the hunt started...they all look so excited! (ha, ha)
 Cute little Kylie
 On the go - it didn't take long for her to catch on!

 An old pro at this -

 Nice find!

 So excited with their finds!
 All in all - a great Easter egg hunt!

We stopped by the bounce house before hitting up the tractor ride -

And the tractor ride finished up our day.

Last weekend we walked across the street to watch the movie HOP in the park. This movie began a little later than the first one because of the time change - which turned this movie night into a pajama party! Every kid in the grass was pajama clad and in sleeping bags. So cute!
Within ten minutes of arriving at the park, Declan walks over to my chair with this little boy and says "this is my new friend mom". Then they went over to Kai's mom and repeated the routine. So adorable.
 This one loves movie night! After it was over she was like a broken record, constantly saying "That was fun! That was fun!"
 A movie snack on Daddy's lap

We love movie night in the park!
Our neighborhood made it so easy to be festive this year! 
This morning we headed over to the park again for an Easter egg hunt - complete with the Easter Bunny!
She was quite taken with the appearance of the Easter Bunny and kept saying "Hi Easter Bunny" - although she wasn't excited enough to have him hold her ;)
Declan, predictably, wanted nothing to do with him!

 And their off!

I'd say the two Herkert kids have had more than enough practice for the big day tomorrow!
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Celebrating Declan's 4th Birthday

For a month now we have been enjoying listening to Declan anticipate turning four. It is the first time he has shown interest/excitement about a birthday, and it definitely added a special element for Adam and I.

We started the day with our traditional birthday decorations - although the birthday boy was a little slow to come around on this particular morning. He developed a bad cold over the weekend and unfortunately was still fighting it yesterday.
He perked up a little after a pancake breakfast -
 Quite pleased with his #4 pancake!
 Lets try our birthday morning routine one more time - 
There it is - a great start to a fourth birthday!!
 Lexi had to get in a little practice for her birthday in a few weeks -
 Showing off his train birthday shirt -

 Having fun with the balloons before leaving for school -
 We made some cake pops to share with his class and Lexi and I were lucky enough to be invited to come back to school at snack time to sing happy birthday to Declan!
 I'm pretty sure this was my favorite part of the day. He was so excited when Lexi and I walked in! He loved wearing his birthday hat. :)
 After school a few of his preschool friends came over to play at the park and have pizza and cupcakes. We are doing a joint birthday party for Lexi and Declan next week (huge benefit of close sibling birthdays), but we thought a little get together with our preschool group would be fun on his birthday.

Greeting George
 The boys were all about riding their bikes. I had a hard time getting pictures of the park play - the kids were so spread out and I was busy chatting, but I did manage a few.
Declan and Matthew

Declan, George, Matthew, and Lexi
  Declan, Karly, Sage, Ryan, and Lexi

Karly and Alyssa, blue sister smiles -
Balloon fun!

Alyssa and Lexi must go to the same hair stylist ;)

 My best attempt at a picture of the five friends - surrounding Dec while he opened presents -
Karly, Sage, Declan, George, and Matthew
Daddy and Declan sharing some birthday tickles before heading out to dinner -


Next up on the birthday agenda - Ruby's - Declan's favorite place to eat. He had been talking about it all day! Here he experienced his first restaurant birthday singing group...
...which he absolutely hated, and showed them so by turning his back to them and then giving them a stare down. Luckily they all thought it was hilarious.


He quickly got over it. 

 Back to the house for some present opening -
The remote control car from a family friend was definitely his favorite -
 He stocked up on lots of Legos

 and was pretty pumped about a Lego train station he got from Grandpop and G-Mom

 A big surprise at the end - a new bike with pedals! We'll see how that goes...
 Playing with his new remote control transformer car

 And building Legos with Daddy before having some cake!
The best part of any birthday! He specifically asked for a blue birthday cake this year.

Make a 5th year wish!

 A great fourth birthday!
Declan, we had so much fun celebrating four years with you! It was a great ending to a terrific year. We couldn't be more proud of you. Happy Birthday Love.
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