Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the 90s called...

...and asked for its roller blades back!

 That's right! Jaimie and I rocked the blades today. A couple of weeks ago she told me that she got a pair and suggested I get one too. Twist my arm. Sounds like a great time! I believe her wording went something like this, "...and the best part is we won't look like dorks because we have kids". Now I'm not sure I believe that, but I'll go with it because it is seriously so much fun. Love that girl. We roller bladed for hours today up and down the Newport boardwalk. Declan and Micah rode their bikes and we pushed the girls in the stroller. We stayed out way past nap time because we just couldn't tear ourselves away.
Such a fun day!

The boys and their bikes
Stuck in the stroller - the girls got the short end of the stick today. But they hung tough.
We stopped at a park to play for awhile

 And stopped at the Fun Zone for lunch and ice cream treats ;)
 the girls checking out the Catalina Flyer
 So happy!
Taking a break from their bikes

 Some sand play before heading back to the car

 Kylie is such a wanderer - reminds me of Declan two years ago!
I'm pretty sure these might find their way to my feet with some regularity this Spring. Declan thinks its the coolest thing since he was introduced to ice cream. I have to agree - high socks and all ;)

1/52 {trains}

I'm making a feeble attempt to try a 52 week project again. Who knows, maybe I'll hit 52 - even though I'm starting 8 weeks late. Mainly because it helps me try different things with photography and it helps me focus on the little moments around the house that I take for granted, but will be happy I documented one day.

So, I'm starting the 2013 52 week project with one of the most prominent items in our house these days: trains. I have a love/hate relationship with these little guys. I love them because they bring our oldest so much joy. At times I find them overwhelming as I trip over them on a daily basis. To emphasize how big trains are in our lives - a little story: Recently Adam and I were getting a couples massage to celebrate our 7 year anniversary. During the massage I heard a train go by and immediately pictured Declan saying "traaaaaaain!". I knew Adam was thinking the exact same thing. After the massages we laughed as we talked about it. Adam said "I hope I always picture Declan saying 'train' when I see/hear one." I couldn't have said it better myself. Trains are the 5th person in our home.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

much ado about nothing

Our weekends have been pretty full over the last month, so when this weekend came along without anything on the books we sunk right into it. 
Adam had a short day on Friday, so we spent the afternoon at Legoland. It is like a whole other experience with two parents instead of one. Declan got to go on a lot of rides he hasn't been on before. Lexi didn't :( We were on the sidelines a lot, so she got ice cream instead. :) A fun, spontaneous afternoon and a great way to kick off our lazy weekend!

Lexi sitting on the airplane with me, checking out Declan and Daddy
Always a favorite ride!

High bouncers
Declan got to try the dragon roller coaster with Daddy! You can barely see Adam waving in the very back. Declan loves roller coasters!
The boat ride - technically Lexi should have been able to ride this one, but a disgruntled LL employee deemed her too short. :( I disagreed vehemently.
 Another airplane ride!

 Loving the helicopters
 So much fun seeing Daddy and Declan way up in the air!
 And the day wouldn't be complete without a train ride! Declan's trying to see the wheels and making Lexi laugh in the process.

On Saturday morning we headed to Palomar airport for pancakes and the Boo Hoo Crew concert. These guys really know how to put on a kid show! Costumes, props, and great music made for a wonderful morning.
 Lexi was a little bit shy at first.
 After the show and breakfast, a few of the kids were playing in bubbles for awhile. The Boo Hoo Crew's singer came right up and started singing a bubble song for the little ones - it was awesome! By far the best part of the morning...maybe even the weekend!

 The kiddos were having so much fun!
This one couldn't get enough of the bubbles and dancing!

 The private after-show :)
 And, we watched every airplane take off and land ;)
This morning we finished off the weekend with a trip to the Wild Animal Park. It turned out to be crazy windy, making it difficult to see a lot of the animals, so we cut our morning short. Still a fun outing and good to get out of the house for awhile.

Checking out the lions from high on Daddy's shoulder.
 Feeding the ducks

 Such a fun weekend - the perfect amount of relaxation and adventure -with just the four of us!

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