Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Breaking It In

We've only been here two weeks and yet it feels like this has always been home. It's so weird to think only a month ago we were cleaning up Christmas, getting ready to move. They say home is where the heart is, but I beg to differ: home is where your kids are. :) The kids adjusted great. In fact Declan, who has always been excited for whatever adventure is scheduled for the day, never seems to want to leave this house. And, whenever  we are in the car he continually asks, "can we go to our new house?" The only hiccup - if you could call it that - has been a repeated request by a certain little boy for me to paint his room orange. The jury is still out on that...but I'm leaning toward a yes ;)

Just a few random moments from the past couple of weeks -

Declan and Lexi love their jack-and-jill bathroom. They had so much fun one night putting stickers in random places and then running to the mirror to look at them.

 We couldn't really consider this home until we made some cookies :)

 The game of chase/peek-a-boo has always been a favorite, but has reached new levels here. Our downstairs is basically one big circle - that combined with the wood floors lends itself to some crazy games of chase. Add a red balloon to the mix, and you've got yourself a perfect evening activity. 

And the park is our favorite part of our new routine. We pretty much hit it every evening. The kids love it. I love it! We've met lots of nice people here too - all of which "warn" me about Halloween within the first minute of our conversation. I'm pretty pumped. Is it too early to start thinking of Halloween costumes? I kid, I kid.
 I can stand anywhere on the big open field and see him as he rides around the bike path - it is awesome!

We are absolutely loving this new neighborhood!

Monday, January 28, 2013


Way back in October we had our family pictures taken by Carey Clay of BellaGraceLynn Photography. In all of the holiday/moving busy-ness I forgot to post them. Better late than never!





 Outtake - Declan we said hug Lexi...not strangle her!

Time to update our photos in our house!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

it's raining, it's pouring

just a cute little moment of the kids looking at the rain this morning...

love this window seat and rainy day cuddles ;)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pearly Whites

It was about time to head to the dentist to get those little chompers cleaned. I could tell by the look on Declan's face that was not enjoying the experience at all. But, he put his brave on and finished without a cry. Little Lex, who was terribly concerned about what was happening to her big brother, comforted him during the cleaning.

When it was Lexi's turn, she did not put her brave face on. She put on her get me the hell-out-of-here, screaming face on. Obviously I did not take any pictures of this. This wasn't a big surprise to me, as every night I struggle with her to complete a brushing. All in all a good visit though. Both kids teeth are looking good - no cavities, and no repercussions from the thumb sucking. That put a big smile on my pearly whites ;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Preschool Play Date

I love this little preschool world we have so newly entered. Every Tuesday I look forward to reading the outline posted on the class room door of what Declan will be learning about during the week (this week it's penguins). I love when we are asked to bring items like rolls to school because the class will be making Stone Soup. And, I have enjoyed chatting with the other preschool moms while waiting in the drop off/ pick up line at school. For months we have been talking about doing a play date, and it finally came together today! After school a few of us met at a park for a post school picnic. It was fun watching the class mates play together while getting to know the moms a little better.
 Declan playing with Karly and sage on the slide
 Apparently Karly and Sage have become good friends at school...
As have Declan and Matthew
The highlight of the day was when the kids heard the train in the far distance. Every boy at the park 
(+ Lex) ran to try and spot it. I just know she is always going to be hanging with the boys, and I love it!
Matthew, Declan, and Lexi stayed the longest (by far) trying to see that darn train. :)


Lexi met a new friend too - Matthew's little brother Ryan ;)

Such a fun day ;) We are looking forward to more preschool play dates!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

feels like home

The last week has been nothing short of a whirlwind. It feels like we quite literally turned our lives upside down, shook them out and then put them back together again. It took us about a week to move. At the beginning of the week I was fueled by excitement. On Tuesday Lexi came down with a fever which she fought on and off all the way through Saturday. This definitely made the move a bit harder. On Wednesday Mimi arrived - phew! On Thursday we moved everything we own from our old house to our new house. I was kind of an emotional basket case on this day: sad whenever we were at our old house, excited whenever we were at our new house. By the end of the day I couldn't get the thought out of my head - how did we ever acquire so much stuff? Friday, Declan got sick, I got sick, and Mimi got sick. I am so over being sick. It seems like at least one of us has been fighting something for over a month. Yuck! Despite the said illnesses, we busted a move Friday, Saturday, and today and are pretty much done unpacking. I hope I don't have to move again for a long time.

But, now that the hard part is over I will say we are pretty darn excited over here. As I began unpacking the kitchen I was squeezing all of the cups close together, creatively storing to make the most room - as I have done for seven years. When all of a sudden it hit me - I don't have to do that anymore! So, although unpacking was a lot of work, it was so much fun creating our new space. And despite all of the sickness hanging around this house, there is a definite excited energy as we begin to enjoy our new digs. So much of our furniture had to be stored in the garage at our old house to give the kids room to play - now we get to use it all and it feels like new! I love my super-duper organized new closet. I love that the view from our bedroom window is of a big field and not the backside of someone's house. I love that Declan's room is still big enough to play trains in. I LOVE my new kitchen and all of its glorious space. I love that the TV is not in reach of sticky little fingers. I love the way the office/playroom turned out. It is my favorite room in the house and without a doubt where the kids and I will spend a lot of time. I love that I don't have to worry about where the kids are going to go to school anymore. I love that it takes me two minutes to get to the freeway instead of ten. Basically life is good. I am glad the move is behind us and am looking forward to a week of play dates and getting back in the groove of life...only from a new address!

On Friday night Adam, Mimi, Declan, and I sat down on the couches to watch a movie, but got lost in conversation instead. It wasn't long before Declan fell asleep in Adam's arms and stayed there for two hours. It was such a relaxing evening, and one of my first sweet memories of our new home. It was the first time the house felt like home.

And now those last couple of boxes are calling my name. :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Twenty-One Months

I hate how fast your second birthday is approaching. Soon these monthly updates will be a thing of the past. And it makes me sad. What a great month your twenty first was. You are becoming more and more independent every day. For such an independent little girl, it truly surprises me how much you love to be cuddled. It is a rare and fantastic combination. Thank you for another great month love. And now for your latest and greatest:

Favorite Moments-It's no secret that you are pretty fond of Declan. Every night when it is time for you to go to bed, I let you know by telling you to say good night to Declan. You never fight me, just walk over to him, stand in front of him and wait for him to lean in and kiss your forehead. We do this every night. One night this month, we arrived home late from being out somewhere and instead of our normal routine, I just took you straight up to bed. As I laid you in your crib, you said "I want Declan". So downstairs I went to bring your brother to you. Declan walked in your room, climbed up on your crib and kissed your forehead, saying "Good night Lex" without any prompting from me. It's like you both knew something was missing. It was such a sweet moment.

My other favorite moment this month was watching you play with your dolly on Christmas morning. I haven't ever seen you play like this before. Giving her a bath and hugging her. It was such a gentle, pretend play. It let me see a glimpse of the future and reminded me (yet again) how incredibly lucky I am to be blessed with a daughter.

How You've Grown

Stats - You had a crazy growth spurt during the month of December. When I measured you before we went to Disneyland (because I wanted to see what rides you could go on) you were just over 32". I measured you recently because some of your dresses were beginning to look shorter and you are now just over 33 inches! The scale at home has you weighing in at 24.5 lbs.

Making Inferences - I am starting to see you connect the dots. One Sunday afternoon we were playing in Declan's room and it began to rain. I said to you, "Lexi, look out the window - it's raining." You looked, and then you walked over to me and said jacket. So we went in your room and put on your jacket. Then you said "hat on" and patted your head. You walked around the rest of the afternoon with your jacket and hat on, happy as a clam. Now anytime I say it is cold or rainy, you wan to put your jacket on. I knew you connected going outside with your jacket, but not weather! Also, the other night as I put toothpaste on your tooth brush I said "It's almost gone Lexi". You replied with "More at the grocery store". I said, "What?!" because I was so surprised that you said that. You said it again. I am continually floored by how smart you are!

Gender Recognition - One night while I was bathing you I asked if Mommy was a girl or a boy. You replied girl. I wasn't sure if it was just a coincidence, so I went through all of the members of our immediate family and you nailed everyone. I asked you again later, and again you got it all right. So, I guess you know the difference between girl and boy!

Our Phone Number - When Declan and I practice singing our phone number, you have started to chime in. You don't get all of the numbers in yet, but you are doing pretty darn good!

Potty Progress - You continue to tell me you have to potty and use it at night before bath time. We keep potty time to this section of the day though. I'm just not ready to step into real potty training again. And, quite frankly I'm not sure if you're ready yet either. But, I'm proud of you that you continue to use/like the potty!

Problem Solving - There have been a couple of times this month when I have seen you try to come down from high places (your car seat for example). You make it mid-way down, realize the way you are coming isn't going to work, climb back up and start over again. This time trying a different method. I just love watching your wheels turn as you figure things out. I love that you don't get frustrated, but stay so calm. You won't let me help you. You really like figuring it out by yourself, and I really love that about you.

What You Like -
Jackets - Ever since that day you wanted your jacket on in the house when it started raining, you have taken a strong liking to them. You seem to like all things cozy. But jackets have risen to the top (not to outweigh the beloved blanket of course).  One night you even demanded to sleep in your grey sweatshirt - with the hood covering your head. What a funny girl!

Your Entourage - you have a tiny little entourage in your crib. A couple of bears, a bunny, sometimes your dolly. There are nights that you demand all of them be in there with you. If one of your peeps is missing, you specifically ask for it. And of course in the morning, when I pick you up out of your crib, you demand me to squeeze all of these stuffed animals in my arms and bring them down stairs. Oh what fun! No, seriously - you crack me up!

Baby Carriage - We bought you a wooden baby carriage for Christmas. It is supposed to be for your dolls, but you squeeze in there and love to be pushed around like a baby. I think someone loves being the baby of the family. :)

Tricycle - You just love cruising on your "bike", aka your tricycle. I think it makes you feel grown up as you follow Declan around the neighborhood.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear - You absolute new favorite book. You make me read it over and over again at night. I wish I knew what it was that mesmerized you about it.

Your Blanket - your love for your blanket has reached new heights. To be honest, it has me a little concerned because sooner or later we will have to break you of it. But, we'll save that challenge for another time ;).

Little Lex, I love that I was made to be your mommy. And that your were made to be my baby. I tell you everyday that you make me so happy.

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