Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Costumed Cuties

Mimi arrived yesterday - just in time to squeeze in our annual Halloween photo session at Bates.

Our little fireman, looking so very handsome.

 Our dynamic duo - an angel and a fireman

 Disclaimer -I may have gone crazy taking pictures of our little angel. I would have done the same with our fireman, but once my bride candy was gone, he had his coat and hat off so fast!

 Love this one in black and white


They loved the huge pumpkin in a wheelbarrow.
 Actually, he loved the airplane in the sky. She loved the pumpkin.
A little sibling love.
 They are oh-so-happy to see their Mimi!

Lexi loved the wheelbarrow so much, she cried when we took her out for the tractor ride. Declan on the other hand couldn't stop talking about the tractor ride.

A little game of chase through the empty parking lot ended our perfect evening at Bates.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Fun at School

Today the moms were invited to stay at preschool for a little while to watch the Halloween parade and take a few pictures. It was so fun seeing the excitement of the kids and sneaking a peek into Declan's mom-less world. What a wonderful way to start our morning!

Declan's class - decked out in costumes. Declan, second from the left in the top row wore his fireman suspenders, but that is it  - no hat or jacket. Although he loves Halloween and is excited about being a fireman, he doesn't seem to love getting dressed up in costumes.
Walking in his class parade
A few snaps of the kids in the classroom - Declan and Matthew, always sitting right next to one another
 Lexi desperately wanted to stay and play ;)
A quick swing on the tire swing before we headed off to Movers and Shakers
 Having so much fun dancing and singing! Not as much fun as a Halloween preschool party, but not too shabby.
 We are looking forward to a fun Halloween tomorrow!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Play

It seems the last few days have been all about pumpkins! We are getting our fix before October is officially over :)

On Friday we had a great time celebrating Micah's fourth birthday at Irvine Park. I can't believe one of our most favorite people is already four. It kind of makes me a little sad. :(

Lexi insisted on carrying Micah's present, until she realized that it was kind of heavy.
The boys were so excited waiting for the train
 And even more excited to actually ride it...
 as was this little lady!
 Lexi and Kylie waited outside while the boys bounced

 She developed quite the infatuation with this fallen tree.

 The boys - cute little photo op
 And, one of the best parts of any birthday party! Cake!!

 On Saturday night Brian and Isla came over to watch the OU/ND game. I was at a photo shoot for most of the evening, but was glad I got home in time to catch up with our friends for awhile. Apparently the kids played great the whole night, sharing and taking turns...leaving the Daddy's in peace to watch the game. Props to these little pumpkins!
On Sunday afternoon we headed to Declan's school to check out the Fall Festival. Although the kids were supposed to wear their Halloween costumes, we decided it was too hot to dress them up. No biggie - the kids had a blast going from classroom to classroom playing games and getting treats! Have I mentioned I LOVE preschool?!

Declan and Matthew - I'm pretty sure this is Declan's best school friend. He talks about him quite a bit. Matthew's mom told me that Matthew was very concerned about Declan having a pumpkin to put his candy in and wanted to buy him one when they were at Target. I'm hoping a play date is in our near future!
 Declan and beautiful cousin Lily
 Declan and his teacher Mrs. Hollister
 Tire swing fun with all four cousins!

After the festival we decided to head over to Shakey's for some pizza with the Abbott crew - such a fun way to end the weekend!

Today we met up with Ben and Holly at a pumpkin patch near their house. Lexi had her 18 month shots this morning and wasn't in the best of moods, so the visit was a bit shorter than we planned. Even so, it was great to see our friends. As an added bonus, we picked up a pretty good pumpkin for a great price!

The kid loves a good tractor!
 On the search for the perfect pumpkin!

 Well hello there Ben!
 We ended the day with a tractor ride - it doesn't look like it, but he couldn't wait to ride the tractor!
Baking pumpkin sugar cookies this afternoon for Declan's class party tomorrow rounded out our four days of pumpkin fun! Only two more days until Halloween - we're pretty pumped over here!

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