Friday, September 28, 2012

Little Sisters Time to Shine

The first couple of weeks of preschool were not easy for me. The second week was especially hard. After the third day I was putting Declan to bed and he said, out of the blue "Dedan (this is how he pronounces his name) is sad at school mama". It was like someone stuck their fist in my chest and tore out my heart. What do I do with that? But, somehow we made it over the hump and I am happy to report big brother is loving school. All smiles when I drop him off and excited to share his day with me when I pick him up. Phew.

Now I can really focus on how awesome the new rhythm of our life is. Last year about this time, Declan stopped napping. Cold turkey - kaput. That was an adjustment. Our life became very busy. Entertaining a two and a half year old in the house all day is near impossible. So out we went. Taking two kids on adventures everyday is fun, but a lot of work. Exhausting at times to be honest. This past year has been crazy busy. For the first time in over a year, life is feeling a little bit calmer. Tuesdays and Thursday mornings are kick back. I have time to do errands with just one kiddo (this is gloriously easy - especially with Lexi), we eat lunch at home so I don't have to pack food the night before, and most importantly I get to spend some alone time with my baby girl.

And, we have been having so much fun! We went to the Aquarium one day. We spent most of our time there on the slide - she was having so much fun.

I try not to make our time together about errands, but one that we do do every Tuesday is Trader Joes. But, we both have so much fun - it doesn't really feel like an errand.

I was taking pictures of Lexi this past Tuesday when a nice mom offered to take one of the both of us! (Only another mom would know how much this means!)

It really is ridiculous how much I love our Tuesday morning outings to Trader Joes. Something about those tiny carts and the fun food they have there. 

We headed over to the Botanical Gardens this past Tuesday for story time. I was so excited because I feel like I haven't been able to do very many story times with Lexi - Dec and I used to go a lot. We had fun singing songs and listening to the stories.
Then we headed over to the train and the play house - because you just can't go to the BG without stopping at the train.
Looking for the train - just like big brother does!

We potted a plant

and played in the playhouse

And then I realized that she probably wouldn't have a conniption fit if I took her away from the train area (like someone else we know) and so we decided to go exploring!
 We found a pond with tad poles that was so much fun!
We ran around with our shoes off
And wherever we go, we ride in style! Lexi loves this red car, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it is our only mode of transportation!
 Our final stop was the bamboo forest for a little treat
 and some more exploring

This time with Lexi is such a gift. I feel like I am getting to know her in a different way. Mainly because I am so much more relaxed, not having to chase after two kiddos. She is at the perfect age to really enjoy some one on one time together. Next week we start a Mommy and Me Tumbling class at the gym. I am so excited!

And, the one and only time you will see a plug on this blog:

Tomorrow is the 4th annual Touch-A-Truck. This amazing event is one of a kind in San Diego. Kids get to touch, climb on and in all kinds of different vehicles. The event has grown so much that the location moved from Torrey Pines High School parking lot (the last three years) to Qualcomm this year! Buy your tickets early online. All proceeds go to Childhood Cancer Research. The entire event is organized by the Mikulak family who lost their son Max at the tender age of 7 to neuroblastoma.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Herkert Happenings

We've been slowly switching to more fall-like activities lately. As much as I adore the beach, I am loving just packing our back pack and heading out the door. Life without sand and swimsuits is ridiculously easy.
Last week we met Aunt Amanda and Quinn at Pretend City for a play date. We haven't been there in so long. And it was Lexi's first time. The kids loved it - I can't wait to go back soon!

Playing grocery store

 Lexi trying to squeeze into the fire truck with Declan
 Saying hello to the baby chicks
 She couldn't get enough of this bridge
 The tow truck was a hit!

 She has a thing for rubber duckies...
 and phones
 Art time!
 More water table time!
 An indoor beach - apparently we just can't get away from the sand!

Although we are making the transition to the Fall, the reality is we've had 8 weeks of unseasonably HOT temperatures. So, we continue with our beach play dates. And despite all of the work getting there and cleaning up when we get home, I am a sucker for the beach. I just love watching the kids play there. On Wednesday we hit Califia with our usual beach crew.
Beach Babies - Kylie, Lexi, and Ella looking at the passing train
 Dec doing his train dance
 Beahc kids - Micah, Declan, and Lily
 The waves were huge that day!
 Kylie and Micah making themselves comfortable on Lily
 Declan and Alex
 These three had so much fun!

  Later that same day we met Krissy, Lily, and Ella back at the beach. Only this time it was Oceanside Harbor for dinner at Tin Fish and then a little park play after. It was a beachy kind of day!

On Friday it was just Dec, Lexi and I for a train and trolley ride downtown. I wanted to check out a location for a photo shoot and decided to make a day of it with the kids.
Lexi slept the entire time we walked around downtown. Declan looked for airplanes, trains, and trolleys. A little boys slice of heaven. Such a fun day!

We almost missed our train connection because I was taking this picture of the kids. I'm sure we were quite the sight running to jump on the Coaster.

 On Saturday we helped our friend Heather celebrate a big birthday! A pool party was perfect for this ridiculously hot weather!
Lexi always enjoys a good thumb suck - no matter where she is!
 Declan loved the noodle
 High flyer
 Declan and Isla - so cute!
We finished off the week at the Welk. Some swimming with the cousins was a perfect ending to a great week!

 Although I love Southern California living, I am so ready for some cooler weather! Here's hoping for a cooler week! To end this post, a couple of pictures of the crazy kids having fun on the tramp.

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