Thursday, August 30, 2012


Is what Adam and I refer to wherever it is that Mimi and Pops are staying. They have about three different places they stay when they come to visit, all within a mile of each other - and conveniently very close to us. But, it isn't where they stay that matters, simply the fact that they are here. Because they spoil all of us something rotten. The kids with lots of attention...and Adam and with lots of time to ourselves. They were here last week for a short visit, and although we love all of their visits, this visit was extra...vactionland-ish.
Their room was awesome - a little slice of heaven if your name is Declan or Lexi. It kind of reminded me of the scene from Friends where Chandler asks Joey, "Hot girl from the copy store, or a jar of jam?" and Joey responds "Put your hands together". Because if you stood on the balcony and looked to the left, you saw the train station, and if you looked to the right, you saw the beach. The end all be all in our kids lives - the train and the beach.

 plus right
= happy kiddos
Mimi and Pops discovered a new place to eat (like just opened last week new) at the pier called the Tin Fish. It was great because the outdoor seating allowed us to take the kids there and the food was so good. We ate there almost every night. Which led to walks on the pier afterward and playing in the grass.
 They give out these cardboard trains at the Coaster station - we have been there so much and I never knew! The kids enjoyed hours of fun with these things!

 Being careful not to walk on the lines

 Sharing a *small* frozen yogurt
We also enjoyed some swimming in the hotel pool

 some lounging

 and some flying
Later that evening we happened to stumble upon a Big Swing concert, so we enjoyed some dancing too!

Thanks for a great weekend Mimi Pops! We had so much fun crashing your vacation :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hot Fun in the Summertime

There is such a shift the last couple of weeks of August. You can almost feel summer coming to an end. The crowds start to disperse, the sun starts setting just a little bit earlier, and some of our friends have to go back to work. :( We made the most of their time left, and scheduled a couple of play dates with Ellie and Lola. Our first was lunch at Hot Dog on a Stick and then Open Gym at the YMCA. Such a great day! Just look at these kids and their bright and beautiful smiles!!

 Sitting at the kids table
Lexi, excited to hand off her entry ticket!
 Foam pit fun!
Lexi loved running down the long trampoline - just a few short months ago, she could barely walk on it.
And this last week the Mezzdri's were staying at the Welk, so we stopped by for a visit! It was Mimi's first day in town too, so it was double the fun!

We discovered jumping off the side of the pool!

 Hey Mimi - will you go ahead and catch all the kids while I stand here and take pictures of it? :)
Lexi lined up every time and waited patiently for Mimi to catch her. She is always part of the big kid action now.
The Welk was quieter than we have seen it in months, making the splash park a little more fun than usual. Especially for little one year olds. Lexi was crazy over the splashes that day! The girl could not get enough ;)

Lola and Declan barely left each others side. They were quite chummy ;)

We will miss seeing our good friends on a regular basis :(

We squeezed in one more summer night at SeaWorld, where we tried desperately to touch another dolphin, but no such luck.

We did get to say hello
 We decided to head to the Shamu bridge, which always happens to be empty, even on the busiest day.
 Saying hello to the big guys
We took a train ride with Ella and Lily. To keep it simple and inexpensive we just ate lunch at the train station, where we people and trolley watched.

 Cupcakes and trolleys - her idea of a great day!
We enjoyed an afternoon at  Heath and Michelle's pool, along with Dan, Holly, and little Ben.
On this particular day Declan decided, out of the blue to swim across the deep end. It was pretty cool. He is becoming so comfortable in water.
Declan and Cassidy, post pool time
 Is that a smile we see from Ben?
 Everyone is curious about the newest member!
And, we hit the beach, because that is what we do!
A day at Calafia with Alex and Gracie is always fun..but add some water guns and it is over the top!
 Lexi watching the train pass

Sand play
 Not sure what this face is, but I love it!
 Can't help but notice that both my kiddos like to stick their tongues out...a lot

 Sand burying
We also hit a new beach in Carlsbad with Quinn, Ella, Lily, and Daddy! Lexi went out further than she has ever gone before!
 Dec and Lily mixing it up on the beach

 Daddy's dig way better holes to hang out in than Mommy's do.
 Twinsie cousins
 Dec's turn to go out in the waves with Daddy
That's about it. We're making the most of lazy, hazy, summer days before we turn the calendar to September!
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