Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lexi's New Books

About two years ago I made Declan an ABC and 123 book by taking photos of familiar objects around the house and putting them in cheap little photo albums. I ended up liking the books for reasons I hadn't anticipated; not only did he love them, but they ended up serving as documentation for items he was fond of during the early part of his second year. Whenever I look at his books, they bring me back to baby Declan so fast.
I had so much fun taking on the same project for Lexi. Searching the house for items that Lexi loves right now and trying to decided which toys, food, and daily objects she would most easily recognize. A fun and insanely cheap project. So, without further adieu, her ABC book:

and 123 book:

The little one doing  some light reading:

Soon she'll be belting out those ABCs and counting on her fingers (ha, ha).

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Nights - Video

Over the last couple of weeks some fun events have encouraged us to ditch the bedtime routine (which we inevitably pay for), stay out a little later than usual, and enjoy the summer evenings. 

On Thursday we went to SeaWorld with Michelle, Cassidy, Jaimie, Micah, and Kylie to see Shamu Rocks. The show doesn't begin until 8:00, so we didn't get home until 10:00..yikes! Way past our bedtime! But, it is one of those events that is so worth it. We arrived at SeaWorld around 4:00 and enjoyed some of the exhibits. Declan, Micah, and Cassidy were fired up! I'm talking crazy, goofy. It was fun to watch!
While searching for turtles they spotted a fish that looked like Dori (from Finding Nemo). All three in unison kept saying, "Doooor -eeeee". Hilarious.
Kylie and Lexi looking for the big guy -
Lexi and Micah with Shamu
Just hangin' out
A blurry picture of our group coming out of the shark tank
Dolphin spotter
 The three kiddos decided they must hold hands...only they insisted that it be in a circle. They thought they were so funny walking around SeaWorld in a circle.
Lexi was her own kind of crazy that night. I think she was excited to stay up past her 7pm bed time.
Time for the show! Lexi loved every minute of it!

 Declan took awhile to warm up, but eventually got there.

We wiped these kids out! side note - Micah is obsessed with the minivan and informed his mom that he is saving his money to buy one! Ha, ha! I'm pretty sure it is the automatic doors that he is smitten with.
Next up, a Hulabaloo concert at the Botanical Gardens. This has quickly become one of our favorite summer activities. We met Aunt Kristin, Ella, Lily, Cassidy, and Michelle for a picnic, music, and dancing.
Lily and Declan hanging out at the gazebo

Our group of five spent most of their time dancing and playing around this door - mainly trying to see what was beyond it through the crack. It kind of reminded me of the book the Secret Garden.
Playing chase on our way to the car - Lexi loves this game! And I love that cute little smile ;)
Riding on the summer concert wave, we decided to hit up another one with the cousin crew last Sunday at Moonlight Beach. It was a fun afternoon of beach play, a picnic on the beach, and more music! 
Lily and Declan, always the groupies.
 Emma and Lexi, getting their groove on
 Emma loves to dance!
 I love this picture because Lexi looks so small dancing in between the adults
A little clip of some bootie shaking. I caught the tail end of a cute little Declan and Lily scene:
There is just something magical about being at the beach in the late afternoon, once the tide has rolled out. The kids took full advantage!

And finally, a welcome back BBQ for Zack and Emma at G-Mom and Grandpops. The night started out like any other - until Lily decided it was time to get naked. Of course this spurred a chain reaction with all of the cousins. And soon all 6 of them (Quinn had to leave early because she was feeling under the weather) were running around with their clothes off. Can't say I blame them. 

 Time to get naked!
And those were 4 summer nights worth shaking up the bed time routine!

15 Month Stats

A doctor's appointment on Friday revealed a tough little lady, barely making a peep, as she got her one year shots. And the more fun part was finding out her 15 months stats: 22.3 lbs (38th percentile), and 31.25 inches (71st percentile).
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