Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hello Summer...

...we are so happy to see you! In the last week or so it feels like summer has really kicked in - and we've been busy enjoying every minute of it!
Last Wednesday Declan and I headed over to Jen and Logan's house for a play date (Mimi and Pops were spending some quality time with Lex). The boys had a ball swimming while Jen and I compared photography notes! My idea of a great day!!
Boys and their jets- love their facial expressions

Logan showed Declan how to jump off the edge...
Declan hesitated at first, but finally took the plunge!
The picture is blurry because I didn't think he'd do and wasn't ready with my camera. But he did and then swam to the edge!
A beach day with Mimi, Pops, and Taylor so I could have some alone time - lovely.
 On Saturday we had a fun visit from Uncle Jeff
And on Sunday we headed to the Welk for a morning swim :)
Lexi sported her first two-piece
 Swing time with Daddy
Declan practiced his swimming skills
Making friends at the splash park
One of my favorite summer activities is seeing the night show Shamu Rocks at SeaWorld. On Monday evening we headed to SeaWorld to do just that. Unfortunately it doesn't start until 9:30 because the sun is setting so late. I knew the kids couldn't hang so we settled for the Blue Horizons show at 6:30.
It was Lexi's first show and she loved it! She kept clapping and making some very gleeful sounds. Declan wasn't as into the show, so we had to cut out a  little early.
While we were there we managed to say hello to a few of our favorite animals!
Sea Turtles!

In the shark tank
 So affectionate, these two
On Tuesday Mimi took the kids on a train ride so I could have another day all to myself!
We had our first official beach day on Wednesday. I'm talking hot sand, great waves, and lots of smiles. I love that we have a whole summer full of beach days to look forward to! Before we hit the sand, we hit the swings and the slides.

Off to the beach!

I love that she adores the waves as much as Declan
 Loving the water gun
On Thursday we met our friends at a new beach and loved it! I think we will be spending a lot of time here this summer!
These kids aren't happy or anything!

 The fact that the train flew by every hour only added to the excitement of our beach day!
We had some chaffing issues, so we had to loose the swim trunks near the end of the day (I know, WT).
 Can't stand how cute these ruffle bottoms are!
 Hello summer! I'm so excited we have months full of beach filled days to look forward to!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Bubble" - Video

Recently we are hearing more and more words from Lexi. Below is a video of one of her latest and greatest. The girl loves her "bubble"s!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Declan, Age 3 - Videos

 Declan John - I have been wanting to capture three year old you in a video interview since your birthday. But, I just don't think we're there yet. You either purposely choose not to answer my questions or become too engrossed with the video camera. So instead I recorded a few videos of you playing. I love three year old you by the way. Every week you seem to have a new saying. This week it is "Sorry, it's my fault" - which just kills me because usually there isn't anything to be sorry about. You also always say "please me, can I have _____" - your dad gets a kick out of the "please me" part (you can hear this in the third video). And we love how you call R2D2 "RD2".  Basically you're a pretty rad three year old - passionate as ever, happy as can be, and full of love. We love you little guy!

Singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star -
You sure do love your Daddy!
Playing tea with Mimi - you are acting a little crazy in this video because it was Mimi's first day here and you were very excited. And you'll see in the video, we are battling a spitting problem. Yuck.
Talking to your trains -
And I'd like to think you are perfect, but you are we do come across some tantrums. Here's a beauty.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fair Fun!

We've jumped in the San Diego Fair fun every year for the last three years. Every year I leave telling myself I am not going to go the following year. But for some reason the opportunity always presents itself and we decide to brave the crowds and heat for expensive food, loud music, and brightly colored rides. This is the first year I can say the crowds and cost didn't overwhelm me - we actually had an awesome time! 
Last week Mimi, Pops, Tanner, Taylor, Alexis, Lexi, Declan, and I headed off to the fair. But instead of driving in and waiting in the long lines we took guessed it - train! Yes, we are big fans of the train around here. But the round trip ticket also included a shuttle ride to the back entrance of the fair where we didn't have to wait in one line! It was awesome. Especially since we accidentally went on Kids Day (which is always insanely crowded). 
I don't think I even need to write that the train/shuttle ride (Taylor's first) was a fun little adventure in itself!
Waiting at the train station - always an exciting place to be!

We got off at the Lomas Santa Fe Station - one of the coolest in San Diego (I'm becoming a bit of an expert on train riding in our city).
Look at this group of dorks with their thumbs up. :) LOL
You've never seen three little people more excited to be on a shuttle. You'd think they were at Disneyland or something.
Arrival! Lexi couldn't be more excited by all of the stimulation. Declan couldn't be more overwhelmed. My kids - they look alike, but are so different.
The first ride we hit was a classic - the Merry-Go-Round. Lexi loved it! Unfortunately this was the only ride she was big enough to go on that day. :(
 Declan was still feeling apprehensive and wasn't into the Merry-Go-Round.

 Taylor and Pops - excited to begin the fair fun!
By the time we made it to the next ride, Declan caught his stride and began to really enjoy the day!
Taylor drove in the front of the semi, while Declan and I sat in the back
Taylor, Declan, and Mimi in the helicopter
      Poor Lexi wanted on the ride so bad
I think the airplane was both Declan and Taylor's favorite ride of the day.-
Hands in the air is always a good sign
Fair food time
On the way back we had some time to kill at the Lomas Santa Fe station so we bought frozen yogurt and hung out on the bridge looking for trains!
Here comes our ride home!
Thank you Mimi and Pops for treating us to a fun fair day!
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