Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Highlights

I'll begin with my big blunder this past week. I've only emptied our vacuum a handful of times - it is usually something Adam takes care of. The other day I was fiddling with it, trying to remember how it opens as I was walking to the garage. I pressed a button thinking it would open the top. Nope. It opened the bottom and all of the contents fell out on top of Declan's head. He thought it was the greatest thing since Popsicles and immediately started playing with all of the dirt that quite literally fell in his lap. Luckily my camera was nearby. But, even if it wasn't I probably would've walked to get it. I mean the damage was done. It was an early bath day at our house.

 Ugh - so gross. And I just finished vacuuming.
While we're around the house, I thought this was cute. Lexi is starting to discover small spaces. I love this stage. 

Daddy and Lexi watched the Draft on the iPad
 We had lots of fun family time this past week. First a visit from Aunt Emily and Uncle Jeff last Sunday.
Unfortunately we had to say good bye to Mimi on Tuesday :( Declan is starting to handle it better. Usually we have some kind of crazy tantrum after she leaves. I thought it was going to be really bad this time, but instead of a tantrum, there were lots of questions. I'll take lots of questions over a tantrum any day of the week. He kept repeating "Mimi driving to see Papa?" And I would reply "Yes, Mimi lives in Arizona with Papa, and Declan lives in California with Mommy and Daddy, and Lexi". I love watching him process information. In fact, I am really loving this age right now. It is so much fun!
We also saw Adam's side of the family quite a bit last week too. We squeezed in a couple of fun pool days at the Welk...our new favorite hang out (when the weather is good).
 So proud of himself after showing Daddy how he can swim
This little lady just loves to swim! I see some lessons in her future. :)
The big kid
We had a fun play date with Logan and Jen at PlayWerx. Jen and I were comparing photography notes most of the time, so I didn't really snap a lot of pics. But, this was Lexi's first time there as a walker, and she LOVED it! A whole new world opens up when you aren't asleep in the Ergo.

We hit up a couple of fun birthday parties! First Gracie Jo's 5th at Pump It Up -

 Quite frankly, I love these places!

 The beautiful birthday girl!
 He loves cake...almost as much as I do!
And we helped Luke celebrate his 2nd Birthday at Liberty Park -
More bouncing!

 Isla and Dec catching up
 Isla and the birthday boy!
Cake time!
 Isla was nice enough to share her cupcake with Lexi!
 And I think that about wraps up our week!

Chain of Events

It was a Monday night when Krissy and I took Lily and Declan to the Circus.
If we hadn't just gone to Disneyland a few days before I probably wouldn't have been suckered into saying "yes" at one of those perfectly-positioned booths right outside the Circus tent. You know the kind - where they promise you something cool (like 2 free Disneyland tickets and one nights stay at a Disney hotel!) to listen to their time-share pitch.
A few days after the Circus we booked a trip to Jamaica that we had been discussing for awhile.

The Saturday after the Circus Krissy and Mike watched the kids while  Adam and I headed off to pick up some free Disneyland tickets. Our plan was to get in and out as quickly as possible. Six hours later we left the Welk Resort as proud new owners of a time-share. 
Below is the picture they took of us to put in our super-cool owners manual. The kids are in it because I ran back to get them, not expecting us to be there so long that day! And the cheesy guy to the right of me is our sales person - Denny.
The following Monday we canceled our trip to Jamaica and started discussing destinations for our first time share trip. We are thinking somewhere in the Caribbean in early November, but haven't booked anything yet.
A few weeks later we watched Lily and Ella while Mike and Krissy went to their we have someone to vacation with because they bought one too!

Our adventures in babysitting day -

One of the best parts of owning this time share is that we get to use the Welk Resort whenever we want. I've mentioned in some recent posts going to "the pool". Our pool is now at the Welk, just a short drive from our house. We LOVE it! The pool has a beach entrance which is great for the kids, a water slide (they aren't big enough to go on yet, but Adam loves it!), and a splash park right next to it. 

So, we'll see if the vacation part is all it's cracked up to be. I have high hopes. In the mean time I see a lot of pool days in the near future! (Pending this bummer weather).

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A SWEET Birthday Party!

Two years ago when Declan and I helped the twins celebrate their first birthday, I knew for sure if I ever had a girl I would have to copy Stacie's Sweet Shoppe themed birthday party. Lucky me! I got a girl and the party!

On Saturday we celebrated with family and friends, our little Lexi's first birthday. I'm just going to say it: I am so bummed her first year is already over. It truly was such an incredible twelve months. I am feeling very melancholy and sad that it is gone. What I wouldn't give to hold that sweet newborn girl again in my arms and do it all over. But since I can't, we might as well throw a party!

I had so much fun planning this party - mainly because I had my mom to share it with. I've always been close to her, but became closer in a different way this past year through Lexi and the frills that a little girl brings. I only hope Lexi and I can have a similar relationship one day.

The Details

I bought Lexi these cute shoes to wear for her party. They stayed on for about two minutes - they are kind of big and she is still getting used to the idea of shoes on her feet. But I couldn't resist them...

The candy table. Putting this together with my mom the week before the party was so much fun. Adding last minute details, figuring out where to place the poms, watching it all come together - just plain old good, girly fun.

I forgot to take a picture of the finished food table, but snapped this about an hour before the party started. We had Hot Dog on A Stick, lemonade, chips, and fruit.

The Party

Originally I wasn't going to get a bounce house. At the last minute I decided one would be a good idea because the tramp can't really hold very many kids. It was a good move. The kids had so much fun running from the back yard to the front yard bouncing in the house and on the trampoline.
Even  Lexi enjoyed the chaotic fun!

Apparently Lexi likes loves corn dogs. Most of the day she had one in her hand. Who knew?
Some highlights from the day - 
And the best part of the day: CAKE! The girl is an old pro at this by now. :)

 My intentions were to open presents during the party, but ended up deciding against it. Mainly because so many of the kids were in the front yard in the bounce house and parents had to be out there watching them. It just didn't seem like a good idea at the time. So we had a little post party present opening. Lexi had a great time digging into her gifts!
Love that the balloon is bigger than she is!
A great day to help celebrate a very happy year!

One more time -
Happy First Birthday Lexi!
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