Friday, March 30, 2012

12/52 {bunny besties}

Last week Jaimie and I took the girls to a field in Laguna Beach to take some festive bunny pictures of the besties in their matching bunny onesies. We are taking full advantage of the girls being too young to say "No!" 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Beachy Kind of Birthday

Last Thursday we met up with our baby beach crew for a little fun in the sun. When I got a text from Jen saying she was running a little late I was kind of surprised. She is always on time and I am always late. When the Jen, Gracie, and Alex arrived they surprised us with cupcakes to celebrate Declan's birthday! The kid (and his cake-fiend-mom) were EXCITED!!

The littles - no cake for Lexi yet... (poor Ella was having a bit of a tough morning)
 It was an all around fantastic beach day! I brought our muddy wagon (from our adventures the previous day) down to the water to wash off.The mud came off, but with a little help from the kids I ended up with a wagon filled with sand and water! After sitting in the sun for awhile it was the perfect temperature for Lexi to splash around in.
Baby in the buff-
 Playing peek-a-boo, by far her favorite game!
The kiddos busy with their very important sand projevt ;)
Lexi ended up falling asleep in the Ergo which was extremely convenient. We ended up extending our beach stay about an hour longer than usual. The kids were just having so much fun. At one point it seemed like every kid on the beach was playing a game of chase together. They reminded me of a school of fish running up and down the beach. The look on Declan's face was pure joy. As I ran around snapping pictures he would look up at me with the biggest smile on his face. I LOVE days like these. 

 One more cupcake for the birthday boy before we leave!
Truly a great day!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Celebrating Three Years - Video

The celebrations began the minute the birthday boy woke up yesterday with streamers and balloons. We've decorated Declan's room for his birthday three years in a row, and it is always produces big smiles and lots of laughter - setting the mood for the rest of the day.
At 7:00am I sat outside his door with camera in hand anxiously awaiting his look of surprise. Unfortunately at 7:10 I had to open his door and turn on the hallway light to help wake the birthday boy up. We had to be at pre-school by 8:00 for registration, so our birthday kick-off was a little rushed this year. We still had a great time!

 Lexi was quite taken by all of the excitement!

Time for the streamer maze down the stairs!
 We had a very busy day ahead of us, so a hearty breakfast was necessary! A pancake in the shape of a 3 for my 3 year old ;)

I thought it was kind of funny that registration day for pre-school just happened to be on Declan's third birthday! It sounds silly, but I was so excited to register him. There were 96 three year old spots available at the school - we were number 53! So Declan is all set to begin on September 11th!
Registration forced us out the door early which worked in our favor. We headed over to the Wild Animal Park with Aunt Kristin, Lily, and Ella (also at pre-school registration) to meet up with Aunt Amanda and Quinn to check out the Butterfly Jungle which opened this past weekend. It is something I've always wanted to try, but heard the lines were horrendous. We arrived at the Wild anal Park early enough to beat the crowds. Declan was so excited about the butterflies. I loved that we were doing something new and exciting for his birthday.
Looking at a butterfly that landed on Aunt Kristin's arm
Lexi was lucky enough to have a butterfly land on her head!
 The kids were completely mesmerized by the beautiful butterflies

Quinn with the catch of the day!
After our seeing the beautiful butterflies we headed over to the play area where Declan and Lily ran around, we ate lunch, and indulged in cupcakes!
While the big kids played, we took the opportunity to snap a picture of these three brightly colored babies!
After lunch we headed home for birthday fun! 
Declan's present was too big to wrap so we created a wall of balloons to cover it up or attempted to cover t up anyway!)...
Time to jump!

The fun didn't end there! Later in the afternoon G-Mom and Grandpop came over to have some hot dogs and cake! Declan waited patiently all day for the train cake...
 Unfortunately the huge fire created by the Happy Birthday candles spooked him a bit!
He made a mad dash to the corner!
A little assistance from Daddy and Grandpop did the trick ;)
Much better! Declan loved the three on his cake and held it up proudly for everyone to see!
We ended the day watching Star Wars with Daddy (Declan's very recent obsession!). 

Every night before reading books we look for airplanes out Declan's window. Sometimes we see a few, sometimes we don't see any. Last night we saw a ton! It was the perfect way to end pretty perfect day!

Happy third birthday Declan! We love you!
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