Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Highlights

When Declan was about Lexi's age he got a kick out of these sticky hearts on his window. Being that it is close to Valentine's Day, I decided to bust them out for Lexi. She is just as taken with them as he was. Go figure. Such a simple thing that brings big laughs.
I'm sure I got this idea off pinterest or some blog. I was desperate for a chunk of time to get some work done, so I decided to spray shaving cream on the table (our steel table really lends to kids activities) and let Declan go at it with his cars. This is our best home activity yet! It definitely gave me a solid 45 minutes of time to myself! I'm going to need to invest in cheaper shaving cream!

We opened up one of Declan's Christmas presents this past weekend to see check out his swing ;) It looks like this little guy is definitely going to be a south paw. It was fun watching him swing - he made contact quite a few times... I'm not saying it was pretty...just that he made contact. Ha, ha!
Last week Jen and I got together to check out a possible new photography location, share info, and practice with a new prop I picked up. I'll admit, these play dates are unlike most others we go on. All of my other play dates are about the kids, and these are really more for Jen and I. So, often the kids get away with more than they should. Let's just say no mother-of-the-year awards would be given out on these days. Case in point: duck feeding becomes pond wading. Lovely. I think I've said it before - I always have a change of clothes for this exact reason. Boys are messy.
Happy and (somewhat) dry
WET pants. Love it.
We headed to the Zoo with Misty, Samantha, and Kady. It had been awhile since we saw the McHenry girls and it was great catching up with them!
 Lexi loved looking for the polar bear with Declan...
and hanging with the big girls
All the kids wanted to feel Lexi's fuzzy head. It was so cute! All hands on fuzzy deck! She didn't seem to mind ;)
We met up with Micah, Kylie, and Jaimie at Irvine Spectrum to play at the train table at Barns and Noble. Unfortunately, there wasn't a train table at that particular Barnes and Noble :( Oh well! We still had fun tooling around the store.
We spent a full Friday with Ella and Lily. Hanging out at there house, making another trip to Barnes and Noble (this time there was a train table), and of course finishing it off with pizza night!

Declan and Lily felt like spending some time in the linen closet. To each his own.
A picnic lunch
And, train table fun!
We ended our week with a visit from our good friends Dan and Holly. I meant to take a picture, but totally forgot. :( We were especially excited to see our friends because we recently found out that they are expecting! I can't wait to add another little one to our group of friends!


  1. Oooh! The shaving cream looks fun! We did the same activity today with finger paints. The boys LOVED it! Lexi is looking less like a baby and much more like a little girl. :)

  2. I just love the shaving cream idea - I think my little guy would love it too.
    Georgia :)

  3. Just did a post about our shaving cream play today and linked back to you :)


    Thanks again for the wonderful inspiration - my little guy had a ball :)


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