Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 Clicks to Canvas

When I was a (kidless) working girl I used to love to go shopping. The office I worked in was close to great shops and during my lunch break I'd hunt for bargains. By the time I quit my job, I had a nice little wardrobe...for a working girl. Now I wear about 5% of the clothes that hang in my closet. It is all about ease and comfort these days...and dark colors to hide mud, food, and spit-up stains. The item of clothing that I miss most are shoes, especially in winter. I love all of my tall, heeled boots. But lets be realistic -they are not play date friendly. So I usually throw on the same old pair of ratty, smelly sneakers that I've had for about 5 years and try not to look down. Until last week! My mom and I went to the mall to check out Toms. After trying them on I knew I would get a pair and was leaning toward a neutral gray...until my mom convinced me to go sparkly. I'm so glad she was with me to break me out of my boring box (and to treat me to a new pair of shoes). I'm ridiculously excited about these - I must be - I'm blogging about them. It's amazing what a new pair of {sparkly} shoes can do for a girl.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Highlights

Mimi has been here for a week (I'm so bummed she is leaving tomorrow). I don't  have a lot of highlights to share - mainly because I spent the majority of her time here catching up on boring projects around the house, work stuff, and appointments. The highlight of the week was touring the pre-school we will be sending Declan to next fall. I don't have any pictures, but it was fun walking around imagining him going to school there. I also felt terribly sad that we are already talking about school. Even though the week was mainly about checking things off my list, we managed to squeeze in some fun too.

We met up with Jaimie, Micah, and Kylie at the YMCA for a gym play date.
Declan saying hello to Kylie (who is already sitting and army crawling!)
Lexi and Micah - funny to think that Dec & Kylie could date one day as well as Lexi and Micah. Jaimie and I were already talking about how fun the weddings would be. No pressure kids. ;)
We went to the mall to do a little shopping and ride one of our favorite trains.
And we went to Poway Park for a picnic and to show Mimi our other favorite train.
All aboard the train! I think Lexi digs trains just as much as Declan.
I recently received some sad news that my previous place of work is merging with another office, so most of the people are being laid off. So, we decided to get together for lunch for one last gossip session. It was fun to see the Brookfield girls and to eat a delicious (kid free) lunch out at Crush (cool name).
Unfortunately near the end of the week Declan and Mimi came down with a bad case of the flu - both are still fighting it off. 
We decided to make home-made lemonade Popsicles for the sickies.
Our last day of Gymboree class was today. I am so bummed. It went by so fast. I loved having a little bit of Lexi time each week.
 This one is such a climber!

And to end, an adorable picture of Lexi trying on Daddy's hat. ;)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

4/52 {happy}

Lexi and I had fun playing peek-a-boo in her crib yesterday - evidenced by that adorable smile!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Walk This Way - Video

Our little Lex decided to use one of her Christmas presents today - her walker! I love watching her expressions as she figures the walker out. She looks so excited and proud!

I couldn't decide which video to post, so I am putting both up. I like this one because she waves at the end.

And I like this one because she is looking at Adam most of the time - her expression says it all, "Hey dad, look at me go!"

 It was fun watching her practice today. Declan was good most of the time, giving her her space. He would  sit on my lap and say, "come on Sexi, come on Sexi". It was so cute. Despite the fact that Declan and Mimi are both down and out with the flu, it was a good day.

Friday, January 27, 2012

She's Crafty

Having a granddaughter has sent our Mimi into a pinterest frenzy - and we are benefiting BIG time! She has always sewn. In fact every year she made our Halloween costumes and even some of our clothes. I remember when I was in about third grade, I desperately wanted a particular Guess button-up shirt. She refused to pay the exorbitant amount and said I'll make you one. At first I was so bummed, but she did such a good job on that pink and white striped shirt it quickly turned into one of my favorites. Lately Mimi's seamstress skills have reached new heights with tutorials she has found on pinterest and her spiffy new sewing machine! This visit she walked through our door carrying a big bag of hand sewn gifts for Lexi (sorry Dec, but I don't think you would really want a pair of bloomers!) Here are some of my favorites.

One of many pairs of baby legs, but chose to share the argyle because it had me swooning!

Polka dot bloomers - enough said. Look at those squeezable thighs!
Polka-dot bloomers with hand sewn roses. Oh my cuteness!!
We are sew lucky (pun intended) to have our own personal ETSY store. :) Between my mom, this lady, and this one - I am more than a little inspired to take a few sewing lessons from my mom. But, it has to be a back burner project for now. I'm just happy Mimi loves (and is so good at) adorning our Lexi.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's Up Doc?

Mimi's in town this week and we are taking advantage of her help! Our week is chalk full of appointments. One of which was a trip to the pediatric dentist yesterday. Declan did not dig the dentist. As I held him there, he kept calling for Mimi. Basically they were only able to put fluoride in his mouth and confirm that he doesn't have any cavities. I'll take it. As soon as he came out he couldn't stop telling Mimi about his mouth. No picture in the dental chair...only on the way out of the office.
We also recently took Lexi to her nine month appointment. Although we loved our pediatrician, we decided to make a switch to one located closer to home. What used to be a three hour event (driving and what not), took us forty-five minutes! Love it. Our little love is healthy as ever (and extremely proportionate these days!). 
Height: 28 inches (65.77 percentile)
Weight: 19 lbs 2 oz (56.06 percentile)
Head Circumference 17.52" (65.91 percentile)
Waiting in the waiting room
And here she is crying before her shot. She didn't cry during or after. Someone should really tell her how the whole shot thing works. Ha, ha!
Such the drama queen this one.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Highlights

When Declan was about Lexi's age he got a kick out of these sticky hearts on his window. Being that it is close to Valentine's Day, I decided to bust them out for Lexi. She is just as taken with them as he was. Go figure. Such a simple thing that brings big laughs.
I'm sure I got this idea off pinterest or some blog. I was desperate for a chunk of time to get some work done, so I decided to spray shaving cream on the table (our steel table really lends to kids activities) and let Declan go at it with his cars. This is our best home activity yet! It definitely gave me a solid 45 minutes of time to myself! I'm going to need to invest in cheaper shaving cream!

We opened up one of Declan's Christmas presents this past weekend to see check out his swing ;) It looks like this little guy is definitely going to be a south paw. It was fun watching him swing - he made contact quite a few times... I'm not saying it was pretty...just that he made contact. Ha, ha!
Last week Jen and I got together to check out a possible new photography location, share info, and practice with a new prop I picked up. I'll admit, these play dates are unlike most others we go on. All of my other play dates are about the kids, and these are really more for Jen and I. So, often the kids get away with more than they should. Let's just say no mother-of-the-year awards would be given out on these days. Case in point: duck feeding becomes pond wading. Lovely. I think I've said it before - I always have a change of clothes for this exact reason. Boys are messy.
Happy and (somewhat) dry
WET pants. Love it.
We headed to the Zoo with Misty, Samantha, and Kady. It had been awhile since we saw the McHenry girls and it was great catching up with them!
 Lexi loved looking for the polar bear with Declan...
and hanging with the big girls
All the kids wanted to feel Lexi's fuzzy head. It was so cute! All hands on fuzzy deck! She didn't seem to mind ;)
We met up with Micah, Kylie, and Jaimie at Irvine Spectrum to play at the train table at Barns and Noble. Unfortunately, there wasn't a train table at that particular Barnes and Noble :( Oh well! We still had fun tooling around the store.
We spent a full Friday with Ella and Lily. Hanging out at there house, making another trip to Barnes and Noble (this time there was a train table), and of course finishing it off with pizza night!

Declan and Lily felt like spending some time in the linen closet. To each his own.
A picnic lunch
And, train table fun!
We ended our week with a visit from our good friends Dan and Holly. I meant to take a picture, but totally forgot. :( We were especially excited to see our friends because we recently found out that they are expecting! I can't wait to add another little one to our group of friends!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

3/52 {you can't make me smile}

This is from a little snap jam session with Jen and Logan in the park. Declan had so much fun...although you can't tell by the expression on his face!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nine Months

Lexi, we had such fun during month number nine!
It was filled with moments watching your personality grow and shine.

Like your current display of excitement that we often see.
You flap your arms and bounce on your bum, happy as can be.

You've taken a liking to biting the noses of your stuffed toys.
You shake your head back and forth as you dive in, laughing with joy.

This month we celebrated your first Christmas and rang in the New Year.
And we started gymboree class - I love spending some alone time with you my dear. 

In a short two weeks we've seen four upper teeth pop through!
You took it like a champ, limiting the rough nights to just a few.

Because of the addition of these pearly whites,
We've given you more finger foods, which you love to bite!

Your new favorite activity is climbing the stairs.
We follow you up as you ascend each step with care.

When you reach the top you turn to us with a look so proud.
Of course we gives you accolades, cheering and clapping so loud!

You've become quite the social butterfly on our play dates.
Mixing it up with the big kids, you think being part of the group is great!

I adore observing as you explore and learn.
Watching your face light up with each new discovery makes my heart turn.

Like the day we went to the beach and you were mesmerized by the sand.
I loved watching your expression as you let it seep through your hands.

While watching Yo Gabba Gabba you started clapping your hands one night.
Your joyful expression as you showed off your new skill was an adorable sight!

Whenever you hear music you move your body in an attempt to dance.
It is so cute I can't help but pick you up; we twirl until we're in a laughing trance.

We just love listening to your new expressive sounds.
My favorite is "ba, ba, ba" as you crawl around.

Lexi Love, it's hard to find words to express how happy you make me.
Life with you is exciting; I know that Dec and Dad agree.

 Since month number nine inevitably has to end, (sigh)
We look forward to many more surprises from you during month ten!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Highlights

The biggest news from the last week is that Lexi broke three teeth in addition to the one that recently popped through! She now has six teeth in or on their way in! After Declan's long, drawn out teething situation, we'll take the all-at-once style any day!
Onto some highlights!
 Last week I was excited to get together with my new friend Jen after a six week hiatus due to a busy holiday season for both of us!
We took the kids to the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum - mainly to practice taking pictures. I was crushing over her Christmas gift - a full frame camera!
Here she is taking pics of the kiddos -
I love this picture of Declan that she sent me. She is fantastically talented! I am learning so much from her and am more than a little excited to get into the rhythm of our play dates again.

Last Friday really should be a it's own post. We had a fun, full day with the Abbott girls. It started with a train ride downtown. Although we arrived to the train station early, we barely made the train. Kristin realized that the train ont he other side of the tracks was the our ride and so we booked it through the under ground tunnel and jumped on just as the doors were closing. Phew! Good thing we made it because we had such a fun day!
Traintastic Crew!
After the train ride we walked to the New Children's Museum, where the kids had fun running around. A few highlights - these two had an obnoxiously good time riding these farm animals.
Rockin' cute babies!

Declan tried scaling the tire wall, but didn't quite make it to the top. Lily on the other hand was all about the tire wall! Declan preferred to watch a video about trash...not surprising. The kid loves the good old green trash truck!
The girl loves a good book!
Lexi gave the rocking horse a try
 Ella and Declan playing cars.
It was such a fun day, we decided to extend it into the night! Friday night pizza. Basically a mad house where the kids entertain one another while the adults kick back with some drinks and ignore the mayhem!

Lexi and Ella racing up the stairs
Four kids = chaos!

On Saturday we decided to do an impromptu day at the Zoo with Daddy. The weather was finally a little cooler so Lexi could wear her little bear hat :)
 She slept in the Ergo during most of our outing - I think all those teeth coming in finally caught up with her!
To change it up a bit we decided to ride the Skyfari which Declan got a kick out of.
We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the polar bear swimming!

Of course stopped for a quick train ride on the way out.
 Speaking of train rides, we had to run a few errands last week so we stopped at the mall to ride our favorite train and I brought my camera along this time.

It was fun having gymboree to go to on this rainy Monday.
Lexi and Ella, both trying to squeeze in the tunnel.

A great week. Especially considering we had some major teething going on. I am hoping she gets a little break! Three teeth at once has to hurt!
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