Friday, December 30, 2011


 This last week of 2011 was quieter than normal for us, allowing the most important priorities  to surface without competing interruptions. As I sat sifting through my hundreds (okay, honestly it's probably thousands) of pictures from 2011, I couldn't help but think how different this year would have looked without our friends. So I just wanted to thank all those awesome moms (near and far) who helped me adjust to the chaos of being a mama to two. Thank you for taking care of Lexi when I had to chase Declan, for understanding when we were late, or had to leave early, for rescuing my purse from a curbside existence, for the fun play dates, tips and tricks, and for all of the sharing and camaraderie. But most of all thank you for raising such good little human beings. We are better for knowing you and look forward to an exciting 2012!
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tutu Cute

It was kind of a last minute thing, but we decided to take the super seven's picture as a Christmas present for Adam's parents. The only day we could all get together just happened to be freezing, which didn't bode well for the shirtless idea. But the kiddos toughed it out and the moms were super organized to make this the quickest picture ever taken!
I just love these little darlings!
Emma (4), Ella (10 months), Zack (8), Quinn (6 months), Declan (2), Lexi (8 months), and Lily (3)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas - 2011

As I sat here going through our pictures from the last few days, deciding which ones are blog worthy I can't help but smile to myself and think, we did good! As they should be, the days leading up to Christmas and of course Christmas day are so chaotic (in a good way), it wasn't until I had a little time to recuperate and reflect that I realized just how special our Christmas was. I'll start from the beginning:

Christmas Eve
This year was Mimi and Pops turn in the Christmas rotation. It is the first Christmas I've spent with my mom since the kids were born, so it was extra special for me.
  Mimi and Pops rented a condo at the beach, so we headed down there during the day on Christmas Eve. Adam said good bye to his Charger season as he watched the team lose their way out of a chance at the playoffs, while we took the kids and explored the beautiful grounds. 

We fed the fish

We walked down to the beach
We tracked Santa on
But, the best part of Christmas Eve was the hour we spent wrestling with the kids. The laughter didn't stop - it was one of those special hours I don't want to forget (so of course I took a lot of pictures)!

I am quite sure that this hour of laughter had a lot to do with the fact that both kids fell asleep during mass later that evening. It really was a blessing, as the mass ran a little long and was a lot crowded. If they hadn't fallen asleep we definitely would have taken turns heading outside with the kids. After mass, we grabbed some pizza and after a quick dinner, headed out to Knob Hill to check out a festive Christmas house.
Declan, Daddy, Pops, Mimi, Lexi, Mommy, Uncle Jeff

Originally we thought it was a well lit neighborhood to stroll around, and were a little disappointed to find out it was just one house. But, was a house worth seeing and the shorter trip worked to our advantage, as we needed to get the kids to bed to get organized for the next day!

Christmas Day 
All month I have been pointing out Santa Claus to Declan, talking about him, reading about him, etc. Declan would say "Claus" when I pointed to the man in red and asked who it was, but that was the extent. We thought he would get it this year, and although he could point out Santa Claus, there really wasn't a lot of excitement there. After our present explosion on Sunday morning, he gets it. Now he voluntarily points out Santa Claus with a smile whenever he sees him and even makes the effort to say Santa Claus, not just Claus. So, I'd say we had a good Christmas!

Starting with stalkings -
Onto the bigger gifts - what is under the sheet?
 Declan making us breakfast in his new kitchen!
more kitchen play throughout the day (although I think his favorite gift was a trash truck)
Lexi loved her (recycled, sorry Lex!) music table :)

checking out this walker thing
 A monkey bread breakfast break to refuel!
Matching Polka-dot Christmas PJ pants (not planned, believe it or not!)
Mimi, Pops, and Uncle Jeff came over and brought Christmas to us. They absolutely spoiled the kids (and us too). Time for our second round of opening presents. The funny part is that neither Declan or Lexi was that into the unwrapping. Truth be told, I think Adam and I unwrapped most of the presents for them.

Lex wanted to get a better view from the top of the presents!
In her  "My First Christmas" shirt

Overall it was a great day. We all stayed in our PJs way too long and enjoyed a lazy day of playing and eating. Here is a fuzzy group picture shot.
At the very end of the day Lexi and Declan were playing so cute together. She kept touching his eyes and he thought it was so funny. It was the perfect ending to a day filled with laughter and love.

And just because there aren't enough pictures in this post to illustrate our day (ha, ha), I'm adding a couple of videos (compliments of Uncle Jeff!)

Declan was just as interested in Lexi's gifts as his own, and vice versa.

She loves eating the nose of this dog.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

I'm in my Christmas PJs
Listening to Daddy Claus use choice words as he finishes putting together the IKEA play kitchen we bought Declan
 taking way too many pictures of our presents under the tree

feeling the same Christmas Eve butterflies I felt as a child.

 Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
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